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March 21st, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

Last year I got thinking about the similarities between the Passover and Easter traditions. Jewish people search their homes for leaven before Passover starts to get it out of the house (since chametz or “leavening” isn’t allowed in the house during Passover). Christians celebrate Easter by searching for eggs (the egg is seen as a sign of renewed life or resurrected life by breaking out of it, relating to Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday). So both holidays have this tradition of searching…
I thought, why not celebrate the new season, the holidays, and the outdoors with a scavenger hunt? Create a series of clues that lead the kids around your yard or park to a final “prize” that could be physical like a yummy treat or a little gift, or intangible, like the chance to pick a fun outing for the family. You can tailor the clues to your kids and family and make it fun! The clues could be about the garden like asking them to find different plants. My favorite-smelling flower is jasmine (which is in bloom right now and smells so yummy!) so I might write a clue like, “Find your next clue at mama’s favorite smelling flower.” Bear is too young for a scavenger hunt, but I thought this was a nice, festive idea to share.
Here are some more ways to celebrate a Kind Easter and Passover season:
Rescue an animal in need
• Visit an animal sanctuary
Go for a hike where spring blossoms are blooming. Find out what great trails are near you here.
• Give out vegan treats or cook a delicious vegan feast. If you’re having brunch with your family, I recommend the Traditional English Breakfast (p. 198) or Mochi Waffles drizzled with Lemon-Walnut-Rice Syrup (p. 286) from The Kind Diet. Yum!
• Plant flowers or vegetables to harvest later in the year.
• Take some time to meditate or think about spiritual renewal.
If you’re curious where more of the Easter traditions come from, I talked about it in my previous Easter Blog.
I’m going to be sharing a little kid-friendly craft for creating a fun eggless Easter basket so check back for that soon!
In our little family, we will probably just enjoy the outdoors and love each other up like we always do. We aren’t planning anything for Easter or Passover, but I wanted to come up with ideas for those of you who do celebrate the holidays so you can have a kinder one. Because buying eggs and dying them? That ain’t kind! Let’s give traditions a makeover—kind style!
Will you try my scavenger hunt idea?
What ideas do you have for a kind Passover or Easter?
Is it important to you to celebrate these holidays?
Photo source: / Alex E. Proimos

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