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Ingredient Must-Have: Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips

How thrilled I was to hear – after several calls to their customer service line – that Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips are back on the market! Yay!

They’d been out of stock for a while now and can’t be found in stores – probably because they have no idea they are back in action – but these chips are definitely worth the hunt!

I know it may be silly to get so excited over baking chocolate chips, but these are something special. They use an all-natural sweetener made from malted barley and corn – so NO icky kind of sugar! This is the more ground, balanced sugar that is all natural without the headache or too complicated feeling.

Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips

So the next time you’re at your local market, see if they have them in stock. If they do, you’re in luck! If they don’t, reach out to the manager to let them know that you’d love for them to consider carrying them and that they will always have a loyal customer in you if they do.

If we can all get the word out, we might just make them a regular staple in all markets…Yum city!



  • Sue G

    Not silly! I’ve been waiting and waiting for these – thanks for the heads up!

  • Kristi Agee

    Perfect! I love these sooooo much! Thabks for sharing!

  • Alaine Shrewsbury

    I have loved and used these chips for over 20 years – and Alaine’s Bakery always used them in L.A. and now Green Heart Bakery here in Tucson….but recently, I had to switch to the Enjoy Life chips (sweetened with cane) because we use no GMO’s and Sunspire cannot/will not say that the corn sweetener is non-GMO. So, in order for my bakery to sell at the March against Monsanto, and then at Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival (both were in September), I could not use Sunspire. (I had to provide documentation that my ingredients were organic, or at least non-GMO.) It gets tricky…..

    • disqus_cDrTUfz6HS

      The corn turned me off too, since almost all corn is GMO. Thanks for mentioning the other brand. I do like the Enjoy Life brand, had no idea they made chips. Thanks…..

  • ZuZu Rose Feder

    Just be aware that these are NOT gluten-free because they contain barley malt, so if you’re gluten-free or cooking for someone who is, steer clear of these.

  • Zoe Emmerson

    We don’t get the grain sweetened ones in the UK just the regular sunspire drops, but they are the best for baking and kiddo snacking – a small tablespoon and the kids are delighted!

  • Rebecca Havens

    If they aren’t organic the corn is most likely GMO. Organic cane sugar is def. safer than anything GMO.

  • AJ

    These are discontinued…again!! I’m heartbroken. Does anyone know of another brand that makes grain sweetened chips?? Or sweetened with coconut sugar?