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December 9th, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

How thrilled I was to hear – after several calls to their customer service line – that Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips are back on the market! Yay!

They’d been out of stock for a while now and can’t be found in stores – probably because they have no idea they are back in action – but these chips are definitely worth the hunt!

I know it may be silly to get so excited over baking chocolate chips, but these are something special. They use an all-natural sweetener made from malted barley and corn – so NO icky kind of sugar! This is the more ground, balanced sugar that is all natural without the headache or too complicated feeling.

Sunspire Grain Sweetened Chocolate Chips

So the next time you’re at your local market, see if they have them in stock. If they do, you’re in luck! If they don’t, reach out to the manager to let them know that you’d love for them to consider carrying them and that they will always have a loyal customer in you if they do.

If we can all get the word out, we might just make them a regular staple in all markets…Yum city!


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