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Restaurant Review: Planet Raw

Planet Raw is a restaurant you MUST go to if you are in the LA area. It’s centrally located in West Hollywood with unreal food. The vibe is mellow and low key, but the food is out-of-this-world yum. Some of their dishes contain cheese and honey. I didn’t know about the honey part until after I left, so next time I will be sure to request items without it. I started off with the “Bubble Gum” smoothie, a ridiculously tasty blend of strawberries and vanilla. It has honey in it, but you can ask for it without. Then, my lunch date and I shared the “Dinosaur Salad” which came with kale, avocado, wild seaweed, nutritional minerals/flakes, and hemp oil. Next, we tried the “Cheezy Kelp Pasta” which included a Sicilian style ‘kreme of béchamel’, garlic, olive oil, and herbs. It was SO delicious. Honestly, I wish I didn’t share that one! Then we had the “Kamikaze” sushi roll, which came with avocado, ‘salm-un’ pâte, ginger, BBQ kale and a honey mustard sauce (you can ask your server to leave it out). Not surprising, it was also super tasty.  All of the rolls looked crazy good, so I am eager to return soon to try more. Lastly, for desert, we ordered the “White Chocolate Ice Kream Raspberry Cake”. It blew my mind. Yet unfortunately, all of their deserts include some honey. The best way to go if you refrain from honey is to notify your server and indulge in delicious smoothie without the added sweetener. But overall, the whole meal was incredible. I can’t wait to go back.


I have known Planet Raw’s chef, Juliano Brotman, for so many years. I met him about fourteen years ago at a raw food convention in Jamaica. We became pals. In the past I have assisted him at pop-up dinners set up at random warehouses as well as helped him out at private dinners like one in Malibu for Pierce Brosnan. What fun times. So on top of trying Planet Raw’s incredibly delicious food, it was great to see him. It must of been at least four years since I last saw him since he didn’t even know I had a baby! Regardless, I am thrilled his restaurant is doing well and that the food is insanely good. I definitely will be back soon.

Planet Raw
8951 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069


  • Cristina Herrera Sánchez

    no en chilito n tenemos este tio de restaurantes


    What a wonderful and inviting dish (the photograph above under the word “Delicious”…. I too have become enchanted with the application of flowers to meals…. Here in Houston, Texas, we have a Chinese Doctor (TCM) who offers an array of flowers for teas and meals…. One especially inviting and useful (although not so pleasing a taste) is a specific rose flower…, having antimicrobial value, protein, as well as a host of minerals…. You make me hungry… (and I just recently ate…).

  • Kimmie

    Juliano is the coolest guy! I’ve had the pleasure of hanging with him at his place on Venice Beach… He is always whipping up great food at home too!!
    Don’t forget he also has a cookbook simply called “RAW” … available here !!