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Giveaway: Fair Trade & Organic Certified Apparel

Congratulations Ariele! You are the winner of this Fair Trade giveaway.

SO much gratitude to all of you who shared your wonderful comments, there were so many amazing ones!


October is Fair Trade Month! I’m excited to celebrate Fair Trade because when you buy an item marked with it’s label, you know that the farmers or workers who produced it are paid fair wages, earn healthcare benefits, receive education, earn development funds to improve their communities, and practice sustainably. The Fair Trade Certification covers a wide range of items- from coffee to wine and flowers to moisturizer. By purchasing items with this label, you are truly making a difference with your dollar!

Fair Trade Logo

You may have seen the Fair Trade Certified label on your coffee or chocolate bar, but now you can actually find it on your clothing and home goods (like bedding and rugs).  Fair Trade standards ensure that factory workers have safe working conditions, a voice in the workplace, higher earnings and equal rights for women.  So in addition to empowering these hard-working people, Fair Trade empowers YOU to support the brands that are dedicated to better sourcing practices and improving the lives of factory workers.

In honor of this month, we have a fabulous giveaway featuring certified apparel & home goods!

The oatmeal colored cardigan is made by Prana with 100% organic cotton. This cardigan works great for going out, heading to yoga, or snuggling up at home. The black camisole is made by PACT and will go perfect with the black  Patagonia leggings. On top of this comfy and cute outfit, you will also receive a Boll and Branch cable knit throw. This throw has the double bonus of looking insanely cozy and being eco.

In order to win this awesome Fair Trade giveaway, leave me a comment below stating what excites you most about Fair Trade clothing and home goods?

I will announce the winner on Friday October 17th

With Love,




  • Nicholee Houle

    I love that I know I’m not adding to a chain of events that keeps yucky corporate businesses that treat people unjustly in business.

  • Erin Ellis

    I love that I can feel good wearing it, and I’ve found that Fair Trade clothing is really well made too. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  • Jaime Och

    Over the past few months I have taken a long hard look at industry and what all that means especially to me. There is so many things that we have taken for granted. And one of them is thinking that everyone is treated equally in big industry. What Fair Trade means to me, is that I know I am ensuring that everyone is treated equally. Employees are paid fairly, their voices are heard, and they are given the same opportunities that we have like a lunch hour. I try to ensure that what I buy has the Fair Trade Logo, and I also ensure that everything we buy in our household benefits not only us and the environment but those less fortunate.

  • Jenn

    I am 100% down with fair trade and believe that this is such a hugely important kind thing to pay attention to. Whenever you purchase a Fair Trade Certified item, that money goes towards building an entire community – meaning every purchase truly matters. Fair trade certification helps developing countries all over the world through the encouragement and development of skills that, in time, help improve the quality of life for families, communities and entire countries. Anytime you see the Fair Trade Certified symbol, know that these items have been produced in fair working conditions with fair practices, wages, and a zero tolerance policy regarding child labor. Buy fair trade and help make our world a kinder place! You can start by shopping at, where I work! ; ) We do all the screening for you…making your job easier. Peace on!

  • Esther in Baldwin

    I love knowing that the people who made my clothing are being treated properly and can live respectable, and respected, lives.

  • Chelsie Beck

    What excites me most about fairtrade clothing and home goods is that the people making the products receive a liveable wage. I did a lot of research about the banana industry and how important it is to buy fair trade bananas, and I believe the same applies to all products. How great is it that we can get a quality product and know that the workers are receving decent wages?

  • Natalie

    What excites me the most about Fair Trade is knowing that I am doing my part to help others,especially women.

  • Happy Vegan

    I buy mostly second hand to reduce my impact on the environment, but I love splurging for new items now and then. Fair trade products allow me to do so without the guilt that comes with buying sweat-shop made products. I also love the quality of fair trade products – thanks for sharing these sources for great fair trade products:)

  • Samantha Plotkin

    I love that Fair Trade products support a fair life for whomever made them. It’s hard sometimes to figure out where products are really coming from and what a company’s practices really are (despite flowery marketing language) so the Fair Trade designation is a helpful shortcut when I need something for my home or family.

  • Nicole Jordan

    What excites me about them is that they’re made with love. And to me, that raises the quality considerably. :)

  • Suz

    Fair Trade clothing and home goods are always made so beautifully!

  • Jessa Lytle

    I love that I literally FEEL BETTER in organic, fair trade clothing. It makes me feel at peace knowing that the fabric and such that I am snuggling in, meditating on, and surrounding myself with was produced with the upmost compassion and love for others in mind.

  • Ana Silva

    The best thing about fair trade is that you know that the goods you buy are made in a good environment for the workers. If I stumble on two organic ingredients I will always choose the one the one that is fair trade. Thanks for the giveaway and links!

  • Jennifer Cox

    Fair trade goods are my favorite — especially when they are also vegan. Knowing no animals OR humans were hurt to make my products makes enjoying them so much easier. I feel it is so important to buy fair trade and help eliminate poor workplace practices across the board! I am totally dreaming of snuggling under that blanket : ) ([email protected])

  • Jennifer M

    I have watched Fair Trade grow and grow as a certification. It brings our world together for change. It binds us to ethical standards, sheds light on what seemed to be hidden, and allows consumers to be accountable for where the money travels in the economic system. What a most splendid place to surround your human consciousness than in clothing and home.. close to our essence and hearth.

  • brit

    I love the idea of Fair Trade so that the person who made what I wear or use hopefully has a decent life and is fairly treated. I try to buy only Fair Trade items for personal use like Alaffia skin and hair products. I am in my 70’s so trying to do my best while still here on earth :)

  • Dana Christine

    As a vegan, I think the welfare of animals and humans is of the utmost importance. There is a lack of humanity in a lot of products being produced and we have to support the companies that believe this is an injustice and don’t produce their products unethically. Thank you for shining a light on the importance of the fair trade label!

  • Tessa-Jane

    I am really excited about Fair Trade clothing and home goods. Firstly, because it’s amazing that Fair Trade is becoming more and more popular. I’m very happy to hear that many people are becoming aware and more conscious about that issue. Therefore, the fact that we will now see products for our household (and not just on some of our snacks) with this label really makes me happy. Of course, I’m excited to start getting Fair Trade clothing and home goods for myself and for my own home. However, I’m extremely excited that the awareness for this issue is increasing every day! Hopefully, that means that the factory workers will have safer working conditions and better (and more reasonable) salaries. Hence, making quite a big difference in their lives.

  • Rachel Doellman

    What excites me most about fair-trade items is knowing that my purchases are going towards companies that create a positive impact on people’s lives, communities, the environment, and more!

  • Michelle Mallon

    Fair Trade home goods and products are the answer for many who struggle in impoverished areas. Not to mention they build up the qualities in a person such as esteem, leadership, ownership and accountability which are vital in any working situation and the human condition. It’s a trickle down effect that can help improve families and relationships.

  • Renee Scalise Mattson

    When you partake in fair trade you are telling all manufactures and sellers that you support fairness and the abolition of injustice and exploitation. Purchasing Fair trade items is your voice to make a difference in this world. I love that it gives everyone a voice to righteousness!

  • Megan

    I always try to buy Fair Trade whenever possible because I love supporting the local workers who put so much care and effort into making these products. It’s rewarding to have control over who benefits from the money I spend, and it feels good to support rights for workers and community development. I’m very excited to see the Fair Trade label expand into clothing and home goods, so I can continue to support this great cause!

  • Rplaporte

    I feel fabulous when I buy Fair Trade clothing and food because to me it is important that the women and men working to produce these goods are fairly compensated for their hard work. It extinguishes the guilty feeling of buying clothing you know workers suffered to make- and replaces that feeling with positivity- knowing your money is spent not on taking advantage of the tragic low quality of life of an underpaid worker, but going to a company that is supporting fair labor for all. It even makes buying clothing and food at a higher price worth it, because no one should have to suffer for us to have food and clothing. I hope more companies jump on this movement and people around the world can benefit from the amazing practice!!

  • Diana

    What excites me most about Fair Trade clothing and home goods is my growing realization that we are all connected in this earth – people, animals, plants – and we have a duty to take care of and respect all of it!

  • Leila

    Unfortunately, being in Canada I don’t think I qualify for the giveaway, but I’ll say what excites me most about Fair Trade is that it’s one of labels that I don’t have any doubts about when I read it. I love the confidence of seeing the Fair Trade certification and knowing that I don’t have to question it, like so many other labels and certifications (e.g. certain organic certification companies and natural claims). I can trust that I’m supporting something good.
    Q: If I have a specific question regarding your Kind Mama book and pregnancy, where can I go on the site to ask it? Preferably in a more private forum or email. Thx, Leila.

  • teresa

    What excites me is receiving education. Even in today’s world, we still have a lot of adults who are illiterate. This is made even worse by all of those coming to the US to seek better lives. I’m actively involved in a program that helps tutor the illetrrate. On top of that it provides them with the means to get a better education to get a better job and have a career. Education is such an important part of lives and a lot of people can’t afford it and often are not able to get the scholarships needed to go back to schhol. Even high school. Helping with it provides them a better life for themselves and their families. They can sustain a better life..There is nothing greater in life then knowing you can provide for the ones you love and a career can do this.

  • Lisa Anderson

    We have a store in Winnipeg called Ten Thousand Villages and they are dedicated to selling fair trade goods from all over the world. Last year and this year, for Halloween, I made a conscious decision to buy items from there to hand out; I bought fair trade granola bars and chocolate coins for the older kids and then bought bracelets, finger puppets, games and bookmarks. The girls loved the bracelets last year so I hope the kids enjoy the different items this year. It feels so good to purchase items that are made with love and kindness and that we can support individuals that are working hard to make a living using the resources around them and using their hands.

  • Cee

    I appreciate fair trade clothing and home goods because shopping in this way can directly benefit individuals and communities, and it is also positive for the environment. It is a way for me as an individual to make–while small–an impact locally and globally.

  • Ryder Vann Morgan Brooke

    I always have a sense of pride for things that I purchase with this label. Every time is pass it in my home feelings of sustainability rise up in me and I start thinking about where else I can make changes in my life. Thank you Alexia for all your advise and resources you have exposed to me and everyone!

    [email protected]

  • Kathleen Cairns

    Fair trade is essential, like eating organic food! Fair, ethical, it’s just the right thing to do! It may be more expensive, but we can buy one fair trade item instead of more big industry items and give back at the same time! Pay it back and forward all at the same time!

  • Jillian Taggart-Sorensen

    I love fair trade products because they are not only better for the farmers and artisans who craft them, but also for their communities, the environment, and for us! They provide better, safer working conditions and allow the people crafting these items to have a sense of pride and fulfillment in their work and a chance to take control of their futures. The money that is made from this work can then be reinvested in their local communities for things such as education and health care. For the environment, fair trade supports sustainable practices and manages resources for a smaller impact on the planet. This ultimately is better for the consumer because they are receiving a better quality product that is hand crafted with care, learning more about other cultures, and making an investment that makes a difference in the life of someone you would probably never have a chance to meet first hand.

  • Ruth Dreier

    Fair trade organic clothes!…Wow! It is like wrapping my body in a sweet soft hug that has a double blessing woven within it…wearing those clothes and knowing that the company holds high ethical labor standards and practices is yet another beautiful message of love and kindness to show joyfully.

    • Jenny Dowling Forward

      Fair trade clothing makes me feel good bc its made with great quality products and i live knowing the workers are in fair and just working conditions.

  • Lindsay Martin

    Beautiful collection! Having met women who made beautiful weaving and clothing for a fair trade buyer when I traveled to a rural village Guatemala, what excites me most about fair trade is knowing that I am supporting women like them from all over the world – to feed their families, to contribute to thriving communities, and to continue to develop their artistry, all because of being paid a fair wage.

  • Courtney

    To me it’s exciting to know that more and more of what I own and use around my house aligns with my beliefs. I love supporting companies that have integrity and are conscious about doing the right thing, instead of the easiest, most profitable thing for them.

  • Carrie A Groff

    I feel great buying fair trade items, knowing that I’m supporting fair wages for the workers making these items. Everything should be Fair Trade!

  • Carrie Duran

    Those are some fantastic-looking pieces! What I love about Fair Trade products is that there is no downside to buying them. Everyone wins – the producers and the consumers. What’s not to love?

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    Knowing that the workers who make my clothes are treated fairly, are safe, and are paid equally, makes me feel good about what I am wearing.

  • Michelle Howe

    I love buying fair trade! I look for places that sell fair trade and would rather buy there since I know that the money I spend will help those people who made my goods. How can you go wrong with fair trade and organic!

  • Mary Ellen

    What a great giveaway! I know that one person CAN make a difference, so I really seek out Fair Trade food and coffee items. It’s great to know that I can do the same with what I wear!

  • Whitney Allison Shook

    Purchasing fair trade clothing is important to me because it not only creates a higher demand in the fashion industry to have ethically sourced clothing, it also addresses the injustices faced by the traditional market. As a person who has spent most of her adult life dedicated to social justice and animal welfare, having an ethically sourced wardrobe would be ideal. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to find these things at an affordable price. I have had to buy less clothing so that I can afford to purchase quality fair trade clothing. I am currently in Americorps, though, and as many people know there is not a ton of money in exchange for a year of service to our country. I would love to win this giveaway because it would allow me to have more ethically sourced clothing without putting a dent in my (already small) income 😉 Thanks Alicia!

  • cassidy

    Awesome collection! What excites me most about fair trade is it means what I buy matters. It mean that I am making a difference in other peoples lives, and that is a beautiful thing!

  • Andrea

    Most exciting is the outcome that people who historically didn’t have a voice (workers) are empowered when the fruits of their labour are purchased. It’s a balancing of inequity that was too long in coming. Also, so much in this life is unfair…’tis hugely appealing and hopeful to see people caring about what is right and good. :)

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I would be thrilled to wear something that not only looks incredibly comfy, but that would be created with respectful and compassionate ethics which I try my best to adhere to in my purchases. With Fair Trade ethics I stand behind I imagine the outfit being even softer than it looks!

  • Rhonda

    Everyone deserves to make a living wage to
    improve their quality of life. It is unfortunate that the clothing business pays workers such low wages in poor countries to produce fabric to make the clothes and textiles we purchase. I read an article on BBC News on India’s children working in textile factories and in the cotton fields for $2 US when they should be paid $7 for 12 hour shifts. I am thankful there are companies that are aware of this exploitation and source their products from fair trade businesses that will pay their workers more fairly. As we become more aware of these issues then we can make better purchasing choices with our dollars.

    I know that it is more pricey to pay for organic and fair trade products, so if we learn to live with less and buy just a few quality products each year, we can make a difference. I like your example Alicia to shop for recycled items. Since you put the stamp on it, I feel empowered to shop this way for most things as I know it is a greener way for our planet as well as on my pocket book. What I have been learning over the years is less is more. I do not need a closet full of stuff that I hardly use. Buy fair trade and help people trying to make a decent living.

  • Amy N

    I get excited about the fair trade label on any product because it’s like a little clue to the long process that took place before the item was placed on the shelf in front of you. As consumers we don’t always get to know the “behind-the-scenes” story, but when you shop fair trade you know that you are supporting those who are doing everything in their ability to treat humans and the environment with the dignity they deserve. Thanks for this chance to win! :)

  • Meg N

    I love Fair Trade because it’s doing what should already be done-treating people with kindness, doing unto others as we would want them to do unto ourselves-The Golden Rule, if you will.

  • Nathaly

    It subverts the evil capitalist, corporate, racist and definitely imperialist system that devalues the labor of “formerly” conquered peoples abroad so much that they are stripped of their natural resources and livelihoods for the benefit of that system and thus forced to work menial, low-paying, and even dangerous jobs for basically nothing. I hate that system, and am trying to do whatever it takes, especially as a young person with few resources within Western society.

  • Jenee

    I get excited (and super happy) about fair trade items because I know I am doing something good for the world, even though I may never meet the people impacted. I may never travel to some distant foreign land to help with aid, but by supporting companies that treat people fairly and safely, I can make a difference from my home town. I gain awareness. I feel responsible. I’m teaching my kids what is right. It’s a great feeling.

  • tammy

    I feel that the only real power you have is where you spend your dollar – I try to purchase as much organic and fair trade as possible – it costs more and we live off of less than $23k a year but the health of yourself, others and the planet are more important than buying crap and having too much junk. People need to become responsible for where their dollar goes and what it does after leaving their hand. Thank you for bringing so many important things to light.

  • Hailey Hodges

    I love wearing and dressing my baby in fair trade organic clothing; it is making a difference and a needed change for future generations!

  • Jeannine S

    I love that I know that the clothing was made by someone getting paid a fair wage to make it.

  • Starbelly

    The coolest thing for me is knowing that these people will be able to pass on their traditions to their kids and be able to live off of what they sell fairly. You can feel good knowing someone actually made it!

  • ap

    I’m already a big fan of all of these brands! I think it’s so important that the people who make our clothes and home goods are treated as well as they deserve to be! I’m not willing to produce textiles and make those things myself, so I want the people who do to be treated like they are doing me a great service, because they truly are!

  • Tanya

    What I love about the fair trade movement is that it has the potential to lift people, families, and communities out of poverty. This doesn’t always happen, especially since the costs of being certified “Fair Trade” and “Organic” are so high that they eat into profits. But for the few who do truly benefit, it is a blessing. I also appreciate the awareness that these movements raise, particularly in western countries. While we seek out items that are “fair trade” it reminds us that many other products are in fact, “unfair trade.” While this tends to put a negative spin on our consumerism, it does so for very good reasons. Sometimes to make a difference and see the good in the world, we need to be reminded how bad it can be.

  • Stephanie Kako

    What I choose to spend my money on can make a difference, even if it’s just a small one. I like supporting Fair Trade because it not only helps the worker but also their family and community. I also like that it’s easy to spot the Fair Trade logo on products. Even my kids know what to look for. I’m so glad to see more and more products that are Fair Trade.

  • Margie Pacher

    Every dollar we spend is a vote that is cast. My hope is that we all choose to spend our dollars wisely so that we’re voting for a more just, humane, and peaceful world for all people, animals, and the environment. Buying Fair Trade results in more sustainable crop cultivation while providing hard working people with safer working conditions, health care, and education. So not only do I benefit from the sheer joy of knowing my purchases help others but I can find pleasure in well crafted clothing, foods, and home decor.

  • amber

    Awesome! I like to know that a company I give money to aligns with my beliefs.

  • meredith

    I get excited about supporting products that are providing a living wage to workers – and the products are usually really quality materials like organic cotton which is really good for my sensitive skin!

  • Kate

    What excites me about fair trade is knowing that I’m not exploiting indigenous people. I think importing goods is just fine, but we have to practice equality as well. Just like here in America, other women, children, and business owners deserve fair wages.

  • Annie Kee

    What excites me about Fair Trade products is that I am not only purchasing high quality products, but we are all able to make a difference in the lives of the people who make the clothes or home goods. How we spend our money shows what we value.

  • Allison

    fair trade is awesome! important that every worker gets treated with dignity!

  • Felicia Malapit

    What excites me most is the thought of wearing/using goods that have been made eco-consciously and that by buying them, I can help better another persons life. It is a win-win situation not just for the people involved, but also for the world in a whole.

  • Jean

    I enjoy living conscientiously — knowing I am living a true, good life and not taking advantage of those less fortunate. People are people, like you and me. Give the world respect, and expect it in return. Thanks for the giveaway, Alicia… dreamy goodness! #thekindlife #fairtrademonth #fairtradeyear

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    Since surviving cancer in 2011 I’ve learned that life isn’t fair. We as humans combat this EVERY day by providing a little relief from life’s unfairness. Having Fair Trade clothing and home goods shows me we’re working towards a world that, while still harsh and unfair, breeds a species of humans that treats each other with respect and dignity. A priceless gift for a sweater don’t you think?

  • Pam

    What I love about the fair trade label is that, you know the people who have grown the crops and materials are being paid fair wages yes, but the companies listed here are large fair trade/environment conscious companies that are showing they can make quality, fair trade certified items and be a sustainable business. Hopefully they can be a model to the other companies and industries and that real change can continue to happen.

  • Rachael Kimball

    Fair Trade products give me hope that individuals can challenge a culture of corporate greed by voting with our dollars.

  • Vin Medugno

    “Fair Trade” takes me back to the days of bartering .

  • Beth Rapp

    I love this! It’s about respect too. Buying fair trade is totally exciting because you are respecting the hard work, creativity and talent of another human being by paying them a fair amount that allows them to continue to provide for themselves and their family.

  • Maurie Kirschner

    Things I love about fair trade are how it empowers more people along the line of production, it provides a positive means to create the world I want to live in, and it just FEELS better.

  • Kirsten Antony

    Synchronicity is working in my life today. I am reading “Life by the Cup” by Zhena Muzyka who founded Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. I just finished reading the chapter last night which describes Zhena traveling to Sri Lanka to the tea farm that supplies her certified fair-trade and organic teas. It is a beautifully written book that describes Zhena’s transformation as a person, businesswoman and strong supporter of the fair-trade and organic industry. A quote from the book: “We save each other by serving one another”. Fair trade is a beautiful thing.

  • Liz

    A Fair Trade purchase means I am supporting a farmer, artisan or craft person who has taken time and energy to produce a product and I can show my respect and appreciation by paying a fair and sustainable price for it. We both win! Thanks for supporting fair trade!

  • Jennifer Essad

    so many ways to help support the men and women in these communities, I appreciate their dedication and their workmanship. Such beautiful woven and embroidery in their designs. Wonderful foods, lotions/balms. I like to share w/my friends/family. I appreciate small businesses in my town that bring these goods to us so I can learn more and also support

  • Jaclyn F.

    I like knowing workers are being treated/paid decently. It’s good to know that there are some companies out there with integrity.

  • BA Mansfield

    Fair trade is exciting because it empowers everybody, from the artisans who earn living wages with safe, dignified employment, to their families who may gain more education, and to consumers who consciously use their purchasing power for the purposes of social justice and sustainability. It is my personal mission and passion to always find and use fair trade and ethically made products whenever possible. As a global citizen, I believe I have a responsibility for participating in this kind of circular economy that benefits all, and I eagerly share this message with others to excite them about fair trade, too. Thank you, Alicia Silverstone, for partnering with Fair Trade USA and using your celebrity power to do so, too!!

  • Clara

    I like the fair trade products because you know that the people who are making these products are well compensated. I hate the idea of utilizing a product that was made by men and women, possibly children that are paid a few cents a day; the thought is very troubling. It is almost impossible to completely escape purchasing non-fair trade products, so when given the opportunity to purchase products that are certified fair-trade, I’m on board. It’s very exciting too because fair-trade is becoming much more common, which shows us that more companies are listening to our concerns and are doing something about it.

  • Gary Harders

    I am excited to see a spotlight on fair trade. It helps the local workers on so many levels.

  • Erica

    I love Fair Trade because it is like saying “I respect you!” to the company and the workers that make the product!

  • Jenn Quaranta

    Because I believe rewarding good, fair and proper human behavior (paying people what they deserve, treating well) will make a difference!

  • Brielle Long

    What excites me most is the hope that my heart feels that we really CAN change our world thru the small decisions each of us makes.
    My husband is so sick with kidney disease. Watching him slowly slip away has been the hardest thing my heart has ever had to endure. I grasp onto any straw I can for that beautiful feeling of hope. Nothing made my heart hope more than the day we both decided to go Vegan and improve our health. Free trade products fill me with hope and peace.

  • Melissa

    I am excited about the well made items I can receive from companies that treat their employees well.

  • Samantha Stone

    I like fair trade products because it makes me happy to know that the workers producing them are being compensated properly.

  • Audrey

    It is so great to make a decision to buy something for yourself and it better other people’s live in the world instead of harm them or make it difficult for them to live. Thank you for all y’alls hard work in being a part of the solution :)

    [email protected]

  • Meridian

    I expect to be justly compensated for the work I do. I have bills, tuition, and paying for those things gets a lot harder if I’m not being fairly paid. It’s hard enough for me as a college student, I can’t imagine how hard it is for someone with a family to support. Fair Trade means that someone out there is getting fair compensation for their hard work, that they’ll have something substantial to take home and support their families with. It’s hard to feel good about buying something when you know that someone was cheated in the process, Fair Trade helps eliminate that problem by making sure I know which brands share my values so that I can support them. That’s what excites me about Fair Trade the most :)

  • Angel

    I love being able to buy from local folks and supporting their livelyhood. Fair Trade allows just that.

  • janet jules frazier

    I feel great about being able to help so many families and get great products in return! My heart feels warm just knowing I am helping in some way!!! Support Fair Trade!!! Thank You for all you do…

  • Darren Carswell

    Too many underpaid, underprivileged people working for nothing & for cornered companies monopolized by massive companies & western countries, global fair trade would be very welcome!!

  • Loni Kayleene

    I appreciate and enjoy fair trade products for their plethora of beneficial aspects. Not to mention, I would love to own something from Alicia Silverstone! Supporting a worthy lifestyle and an individual who beautifully supports such.

  • Ashley C

    The most exciting thing for me about supporting Fair Trade clothing and products is knowing that my voice is heard, though my purchasing power, to empower the common man and promote sustainability practices!

  • Trezlen

    Fair Trade make sure that the people who made the items I use are earning a living wage and treats them like humans.

  • Betsy Erker

    It is so incredible to see so many companies not only making the switch to high quality, low impact products but also enriching the lives of the people involved with the product. We must help educate and spread love and kindness. THIS is what excites me. What a beautiful collaboration.

  • Cara Little

    I love it when I come across products with the Fair Trade Certified logo. I get so excited about buying Fair Trade Certified products because then I know that I am voting with my dollar and contributing to companies that care about the environment and people and animals’ well being! :) Also, Fair Trade Certified products are always awesome.

  • Candace Nyr Organics

    All of my skin care is fair trade (NYR Orgainc) and I would love to start incorporating it into my wardrobe

  • Milotheantex

    I love fair trade because I believe it is an open door for making ethical methods a standard in the future and not something we all make an effort to find. We all deserve to make a living in comfortable conditions, to be treated in the most humane manner by our employers, and to be paid fairly for the efforts we have made.

  • emma boardman

    I like buying fair trade items because I know that im supporting a good and healthy economy that isnt putting children in sweat shops. I feel like im contributing to making the world a better place. The people making and producing these items are getting wages that are actually fair. Happy workers/makers/artisans = better products = happy consumers = better world!

  • Beth

    Fair trade is in my mind a guaruntee of happy workers and quality products. In society today so much energy is spent making things cheaper that the quality and the hands used to make the products suffer. It shouldn’t even be a question, if everything was fair trade the world would be better off!

  • Savannah McGhee

    I think it is a great step in the work industry (society, even) to see fair trade being brought to the spot light. I enjoy using and wearing objects that have been consciously made with the intention of love and respect for the Earth and her fellow children.

  • Olivia Huett

    I love supporting fair trade brands. I think it’s soo important that we as a country put more thought and effort into what we buy, not only to benefit ourselves and our family but the community and environment as a whole. Buying Fair trade is just another small but significant action that we all can do.

  • http://www.apeawithapurpose.wix/perrypea Michelle Voizin

    Leveling the platform world wide, impacting every choice, changing your buying habits…all while knowing your efforts make a difference. It is a small way with each purchase that you erase part of your permanent mark and merge with a eco-world we can all be part of. Food, shelter, home goods, clothing, and environment- all dancing together for the betterment of our world. It’s the small smile that creeps across your face when you participate and fulfill your calling, naturally. :)

  • Madison Cheek

    Thank goodness fair trade is becoming more commonplace. It benefits everyone when companies use ethical practices!

  • Kasey Alexandra

    Fair trade is exciting because it gives people a fair chance at ‘life’. It provides hope for a better future, better health, better opportunity and better education. Fair trade has the power to improve people’s lives permenantly and that is really, really exciting!

  • Felicity W.

    I want to see a world where we consciously consider where our clothes and food come from, how it was made, and who worked for it. I am a high school student, and I spend a few hours each week volunteering at a local Fair Trade market, where I often see how people are eager to support artisans once they learn more about the importance of Fair Trade. I want to make it a mission in my life to help others to understand the impacts they make when they make purchases. I think that Fair Trade products and giveaways like these are a good great step in that direction.

  • aprilmdaniel

    It’s a fact of existence these days that I have to purchase things, even though i homestead & grow things & make a ton of stuff & craft. Buying fair trade is what makes my heart sing when I have to make purchases- it’s a simple decision to me- there’s no other option. I love knowing that my dollars are supporting folks that are living life, giving good to their world, just as I strive to do.

  • Jess McGee

    I love buying fair trade because we speak with our dollars. I want my dollars to say “Everyone deserves to make a living wage under safe and ethical conditions and I refuse to support a company who feels otherwise.”

    When I look at the fair trade products around my home I see visions of the beautiful people around the world making them. Every product unique and all with a story. I also find fair trade products to be higher quality because no machine can ever produce a product better than skilled hands.

    This is an adorable outfit and I’d be grateful to win it. Thanks for the opportunity! ☺

  • MM

    I love fair trade month not only because it is in my birthday month (27th), but because it helps developing countries prosper and I like that it is something that essentially helps people and the towns that export it. Not only do people get to have something out of it but it’s buyers get to know that they are supporting sustainability.

  • Lauren Hennebury

    I love Fair Trade items. Not only are so many of the products unique, but they’re sustainable, and the benefits start with the lovely people making them, and just continue from there. I am always thrilled when I get asked about something Fair Trade and I can share a bit about it. So many people feel that as one person they can’t make a difference so why should they try? Certified Fair Trade is exactly a way that one person can make a difference!

  • leashyann

    The reason I love Fair Trade clothing is because I know families across the planet aren’t forced to live in poverty to make my clothing.

  • amber

    The great thing about fair trade is that everyone wins. Everyone should be fairly compensated for their hard work without risking their safety, and this way workers have rights, and consumers get a great product without having to worry that someone may have been harmed in the process. No one should have to suffer for a t-shirt.

  • Kalehua

    Fair trade helps me support my friends and connects me to them. It opens up a world outside of myself. It helps me respect and love the others around me. Keep doing what you do best Fair Trade :)

  • Mary Karl-Gruswitz

    I’m most excited at the artistic variety with fair trade items – not your run of the mill items, for certain!

  • Lindsay Plater

    What excites me most about Fair Trade is knowing that I can make a difference. I’m contributing to paying workers for what they do, not lining pockets of CEOs who use unsafe practices in order to make money.

  • generically.gypsi

    I love fair trade for the reasons it’s name suggests. It ensures no craftsman or manufacturer or labourer is paid less than deserved simply because the product originates in a less fortunate country.

  • Alexandra Hubbard

    What excites me about fair trade clothing and home goods is how well it represents the movement’s progress. 10 years ago, it was nearly impossible to find (and thus there be awareness for) fair trade edibles much less clothes and textiles. Now, I can purchase local, organic coffee beans from my neighborhood convenience store and it doesn’t take more than a google search to have an array of sustainable, ethical companies to purchase home goods from. What excites me most about this is that the labeling and certification on our every day items- from our underwear to our sheets- are no longer “fringe” ideals- they’re becoming a part of the mainstream conversation- and that represents real change. Seeing a fair-trade label lets everyone know they have an option to choose a garment or textile that provides living wages to the workers that made it and supports companies with sustainable practices. It educates our decisions and humanizes our consumer habits.

  • Rachel Laux

    I was not aware of this label so thank you for sharing this. I am thrilled to know that some of my favorite brands have received this certification, however I can’t say that I’m shocked! :)

  • Kristina Fukuda

    I love that people get paid a fair wage for their time and labor.

  • lauraaragon

    I am excited that I can feel good about myself while I look good to others!

  • Amy Hauptman

    It’s the right thing to do!

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I love the products and I feel great about supporting Fair Trade!

  • Portia Smith

    It makes me feel like the world is heading in the right direction :)

  • Kailey Mullin

    Fair trade is exciting in the sense of knowing your clothing was made in an ethical environment. There is no worry about where your clothing is coming from, or how it was made.

  • Anne Perry

    I love fair trade products because I know that the workers are being treated right and being paid a fair wage. I also love that fair trade is good for our environment too.

  • Heidi

    I am a big advocate for the fair trade movement! My father has been working with his nonprofit organization, Flutemakers Ministries, in Nicaragua to teach the villages how to grow, harvest, and sell their crops of vegetables to live a more sustainable life. The women of the village have been making purses and laptop cases out of coffee bags. It is rewarding to be able to support individuals that are reaching out beyond their cultural differences and restrictions to better their own environment.

  • Beatrice

    In a capitalist society the person who can sell the most products and receive the most gains are glorified. Fair Trade challenges that system and puts people and the strength of trading relationships first. I believe Fairtrade is one of (or perhaps) the first step to change the current economic system from greed to one of shared interests, respect for human labor, and a equal distribution of wealth, which in turns leads to greater healthcare and educational systems, as well as personal and political agency.

  • Juliane Sehn Gliesch

    I love fairtrade clothing because I know what I’m wearing haven’t costed someones life while being produced.

  • Pamela Gyory

    Fair trade needs to come 1st! We eat organically for our own health and well being, but when we buy fair trade we extend health, happiness,security, and prosperity out to the world! Nothing could be better! Namaste!

  • Kelsie Bedard

    I love fair trade! I have traveled quite a bit, and once you leave the USA it is easy to see the effects of our materialistic lifestyle in the poorest people. Fair trade is important because it helps to change that balance and make sure the people who make goods we use are able to live a good life in return.

  • Stef

    I would love to (and will strive to) support these brands that support fair wages in the garment industry; and industry in which there appears to be so much exploitation, which gets overlooked by most of us in favour of getting “a good deal”. I like to remind myself, especially because I am a twenty-something year old woman who loves clothing, that it probably involved the hard labour of individuals half way across the world earning far too little… Thank you for showing us that there are kind options :)

  • Heidi

    My parents immigrated here from another country. When I visit my relatives overseas, I can see the impact that fair trade makes on their lives. They were born into these circumstances where fair trade brings them equality and better quality of life, whereas we have been blessed to take it for granted. Kudos to fair trade.

  • Gintare

    Fair trade-possibility for people to earn their living by us getting eco-conciuos goods. Feel good by using and wearing fair trade stuff. Clean body, clean mind, eco conciuos products make the life a much better place. So wish to win this giveaway! Namaste

  • Priscilla Soria

    It’s so important to me that I use my purchasing power ethically. By buying fair trade products I can ensure that factory workers are indeed treated as human beings and not a “worker”. Safe working conditions and equal rights are common compassionate sense.

  • Stephanie

    The thing that excites me most about fair trade is that it challenges the status quo. Those who “run the show” in each country, whether it be governmental figureheads or big businesses, are forced to face the question of “What is fair?” Is it fair for one person to be paid a dollar a month just because his previous job was 25 cents a month? Fair trade starts a conversation about how we each deserve to be treated as human beings, and it brings to the forefront the uncomfortable reality that some of us have so much, while others have so little.

  • Rebecca

    Fair triad to me is simple: Humans loving humans.

  • Patty peters

    Keep up the positive energy! My fingers are crossed

  • Heather S

    I love supporting fair trade; it helps create change in the consumer marketplace!

  • A L

    PACT, Prana, and Patagonia are my top brands when I’m looking for clothing. Quality clothing that lasts. Thanks for featuring Boll and Branch also since I wasn’t aware of that brand before. Many people don’t think about where their clothing is from and how it’s made. By purchasing Fair Trade, I’d like to invest in companies with ethical values and practices.

  • elena solis

    The most exciting part of all of this is that ‘fair trade’ is ending its products. So we are able to support the right companies. I love fair trade organic chocolate, and coffee, so I think I would love these items… winter is coming ✴!

  • Catherine

    You had me at equal rights for women!

  • Susan C.

    Fair trade = better quality of life for all!

  • annifive

    Feels good to wear on a physical and spiritual level.

  • Jamie D

    I love fair trade products because it supports a natural healthier enviroments for the workers and brings awarness to a more healthier way of life for everyone. Plus it’s giving more jobs to women and everyone is getting paid, not being force to work for nothing. One thing i do think of when I think of Fair trade is clean mind + clean body = peace and happiness:-)

  • ILoveEgypt

    I love fair trade because it helps make life more fair for the people who grow and farm our chocolate.

  • A Lamb

    Because fair is fair and fair is awesome!

  • Laura

    I love fair trade because I know that the people working to make the products are treated fairly and they can be proud of what they’re making as well. It makes me very proud to buy these products and to know that they’re safe for me and my family. I also like that the clothing is soft, cozy, and safe! Wonderful products!

  • Nancy Martinez

    I love purchasing Fair Trade products similarly to the many reasons mentioned here as well but mostly because when you build a fair trade or Happy and sustainable community, the people who work to make and produce these products are happier and healthier. By them “building” a sustainable life, that beautiful energy is transferred to the community, food and clothing they make, making US a better world! We’re all connected by that beautiful energy <3

  • Debi359

    Buying from Fair Trade companies ensures that those who are making the products are treated properly, paid a decent wage and are working in a safe environment. Everyone is entitled to such! When I buy from a Fair Trade company it makes me feel like I’ve contributed to someone’s wellbeing. :)

  • Kristen

    I am so excited to see fair trade products popping up all over the place! I truly believe that it Will contribute to bring more balance and harmony in our world. Just the label alone brings awareness amongst people. <3

  • Jenna P. Lyons

    In Buddhism we practice the principle of ahimsa, which means we do no harm to any living thing. Fair Trade ensures that I can integrate my spirituality down to the fibers in the clothes I wear and in the things I use.

  • Kim

    This looks amazing!!! I love knowing that the items are providing people with enough money to live and eat.

  • Christina Thompson Mueller

    Simple: humans loving and respecting other humans. <3

  • Sydney Delvers

    The Fair Trade Certification is so exciting because it’s all about respect, one for another. It’s hard to imagine that things like safety and equality are absent from people’s workplaces, but it’s a hard truth. However, I am thrilled to see that many hard-working people are being treated as people, not just workers thanks to Fair Trade. As a eco-friendly consumer, I am passionate about educating myself on the goods and brands I have in my home and their affect on the world around me. We can all make a difference! It’s so amazing to see an economic cycle incorporate respect for a more beautiful world. Thanks to Alicia and The Kind Life, even more attention will be brought to Fair Trade.

  • MD

    I most love being able to buy fair trade items for gifts. So many of the people that we “have” to buy gifts for around the holidays don’t really need anything. It’s nice to think that the purchase is helping someone else somewhere though!

  • karen serafin smith

    This makes me wanna be a fair trader so I can make ‘Shift Happen’!!!!

  • Johanna

    Fair Trade excites me because it shows that there are ethical companies making positive changes in the world by setting up a healthier and fairer lifestyle for the worker or farmer. As a consumer I can make better choices that eventually help with ending child labor, education, poverty and the environment.

  • Heather Hart

    I love knowing that fair trade items I purchase are making workers’ lives happy, healthy, and prosperous. If I am lucky enough to have that, I hope that all other hard workers can too!

  • Ariele Foster

    bless this amazing Fair Trade labeling goodness for helping those of us with consumer options to live life in integrity. THIS is what excites me. In a world where (for example) you need a laptop, but none exist that have been ethically made, it’s HEARTENING to see the Fair Trade labels spreading to new industries. Treating other human beings the way we would want to be treated is fundamental: a kindergarten lesson that gets ignored by so many in the face of greed. Thanks, Alicia, for spreading the word!

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations Ariele! Check your email for further instructions : )

    • prAna

      Congratulations on your win!! Enjoy your Fair Trade goodies! :)

  • Robin

    Its the right thing to do….its that simple.

  • Jenna Albertine

    I will soon be closing on the purchase of my first house. I am excited about fair trade because it allows me the option to make my house into a home I can be proud of… where I can incorporate small things for me that make big differences for others!

  • Leanne Et Mark

    I like using fair trade because it is a daily reminder of the direction I want to see humanity moving in. It helps keep me accountable for my own actions and the products are usually great quality and unique.

  • Maiah Lawrence

    I’m a huge supporter of living a fair trade lifestyle from the food I buy to the clothes that I wear. A few of my favorites are; Equal Exchange fairly trade tea brand. Guayaki Yerba Mate, Canaan Fair Trade Oils, One Degree Foods, Patagonia, LateJuly Tortilla Chips, Dr. Bronners Soaps, Lundberg Family Farms, WholeSome Sweeteners, Bamboo Toothbrush, Alter Eco Prodcuts, Maggie’s Organic Cotton Socks. I feel best when I purchase these items because I’m doing my part in making the world a better place and supporting families and workers who make a huge effort every day to provide the masses with sustainably sourced products. I believe hard works deserves to be paid off and I’m more than happy to do my part in any way.

  • jessica

    I love fair trade because I know the products are made by people who received a fare wage.

  • Monica

    I strongly believe it is the right thing for our world economy and for the dignity of humans. And I love the products fair trade companies produce.

  • Camille Spillman

    Buying Fair Trade Certified goods is exciting because you know that your product was made by someone who is making a fair wage and is working in a safe environment. Thank you for promoting such an important cause!

  • Miss B

    What I appreciate most about buying fair trade is the knowledge that employees are happier, healthier, and safer. Having a fair wage, comfortable working conditions, and employers who care creates an environment of positivity, and that positivity flows into the product. Also, when you consider the diminished quality of life that often accompanies the makers of cheap, mass produced items, it isn’t really a bargain.

  • Mick

    What is so beautiful about fair trade is that the philosophy of its practice is rooted in a sound belief of the recognition in every day, artisan skills. It encourages us to revisit a time when placing equal and great value on cumulative, so-called “basic” tasks, is of the greatest importance because it is those skills which create products that often touch the most precious places and people in our worlds – our homes, our families, our friends. The very underpinnings of fair trade celebrate community, tribes of humans working together, greatness in simplicity and pureness in having a craft expressed in work as a part of ones’ soul.

  • Ayla Pier

    I love fair trade products because i believe that it is selfish to benefit from another person’s unfair working conditions. I think that our society is too materialistic as it is, and most people are not even educated about where their goods come from. I think that as consumers, we should respect the hard workers that create the goods that we normally take for granted.

  • Calli

    the 100% organic cotton excites me. I’ve been reading about some of the conditions that regular cotton is harvested under and I am on the lookout for organic and fair trade cotton now.

  • Lindsey Geyer

    Fair trade because every human should be treated with respect and every human should earn a decent living wage.

  • Maiah Lawrence

    I believe hard work deserves to be paid off because I’m doing my part in making the world a better place and supporting families and workers who make a huge effort every day to provide the masses with sustainably sourced products.

  • Cherie

    We are all family here on this planet, so if my brother or sister is being unfairly treated in his or her workplace (and in many cases, treated very inhumanely), then I must take action. In America, we are often blind to these practices, but as people get educated and wonder where to turn, it’s wonderful to know there are fair trade products that let us put our money where our mouth is. It’s actually all about loving one another, truly loving.

  • Dandi D

    I really like their products because I can rest easy knowing they are free of harmful chemicals!

  • Sarah Nevling

    While stores and companies have started making it easier to find healthy food and buy good, non-GMO foods, the one thing that is still hard to find is fair trade clothing and other ethical products like makeup and soaps. They can be pricey too when you do find them. But when I do, especially if I find it at a great deal, I not only feel good on the inside, but know I’ll look and feel good on the outside too! Fair trade is a no-brainer. It’s kinder, healthier, more beautiful, and totally worth it.

  • Lauren Maher

    I know that I’m buying responsibly when I purchase certified Fair Trade goods. We have a lot of power as consumers. Fair Trade goods support and provide equal opportunities to artisans. When we buy Goods that are certified Fair Trade, we are telling companies that equality and opportunity matter.

  • Jessica

    I love fair trade, because it makes people think about where things come from, not some endless, bottomless hole, but from people, places and resources from the earth. Fair trade is key in helping people undercover unfair, inhumane work places and to speak up for these workers, and or stop supporting these companies.

  • Cindy Weirick

    I’m excited about seeing the Fair Trade label on clothing & home furnishings because it makes mindful, ethical shopping so easy.

  • Riley Dee Jones

    I love fair trade because I’m able to know that my clothes, a basic human right to be able to cloth oneself, isn’t at the expense of another. I know for a fact that there is so blood on my shirt, no tears, no pain, no fear in the threads. I love Fair Trade because I know that people are for once being treated well, treated fairly, and treated respectfully. Thank you Fair Trade. Plus, I really think my girlfriend would love these products. (I already know she loves Fair Trade :)

  • Tiffany Nguyen

    What’s exciting and great about Fair Trade Clothing and Home Goods is that it’s providing fair wages for people who produce the items/products we buy, allowing better working conditions, and encouraging farmers to transition to organic products in efforts to protect the environment. As a result the people who created the products are able to earn enough for their families, provide communities with more jobs, and other positive influences within the community and environment. What I love most about fair trade is the idea of empowering farmers and workers to be innovators and make an impact all over the world about fair trade.

  • Yehieli Ocasio

    What excites me most about fair trade clothing and home goods is that even when I am at home for weeks on end sick and recuperating, I am still making a difference in someone’s life. That through the very things I buy, I am impacting the lives of others who may otherwise not be able to survive, let alone have fair wages, decent working conditions, etc. I get such a wonderful feeling when I see some of the items in my home and/or the clothes I wear because I know that those things have not only brought me pleasure but have helped someone to have a better life.

  • Wendy Kaufman

    I love knowing that my dollars are going somewhere that makes a difference in someone’s life instead of just to a greedy middle man. The Fair Trade designation lets me know that somewhere, someone is making a living from my purchase and others like it. My money could be helping a child, supporting a family, or empowering a woman. We don’t necessarily know exactly where our money lands, but if it’s a Fair Trade certified item, you can feel good about knowing that the person who provided your goods is being compensated for their hard work, and that helps me sleep at night.

  • Leah Tannehill

    I love fair trade everything because it recognizes that the people who worked to produce those products are exactly that: PEOPLE! I makes me sick to think about people basically being worked as slaves to produce things that I love, anywhere from food to clothing. I makes me love that product so much less because of the lack of compassion and humanity behind it. I’m all for fair trade and do my darndest to buy it whenever I can! All living beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and that’s exactly the notion you support when you buy fair trade. There honestly isn’t anything better than that!

  • Angelica

    I love fair trade because I feel is important to bring ethics and compassion into all aspects of life, including the clothes we wear the food we eat. It is important to support fair trade companies so that one day the demand will be great enough in the sport will be high enough that people of all incomes can afford the superior products. Incorporating compassion and kindness for the earth and for fellow inhabitants of earth is critical if we are to survive and thrive. As a young person, I strive to make my life a positive impact for the earth and part of how I do this is making responsible purchases. Being a wise consumer and thinking about all steps of production is so important. This contest is very exciting to me because any publicity for a good cause will help make a difference. Thank you for offering this unique gift!

  • Keelia McGuire

    Fair trade is an example of how the world should be, and by supporting it we are making a difference in hardworking people’s lives and taking care of our planet. When we do good we feel good :)

  • Kelsey Lynn Cloyd

    Fair trade shouldn’t be a term we even need to use. Every person from every corner of the world deserves to be paid fairly for their services. All jobs take time, skill, and dedication. Often times fair trade products are the same price as other products. Fair trade shifts the wealth from the high up CEO to the people who deserve living wages for the amazing work they accomplish for their company.

  • michelle

    Fair trade may mean paying slightly more for certain goods, but in the long run it means a more equitable and sustainable future for everyone. Simply put, the quality of life improves for everyone when everyone does well.

  • Elishewa Shalom

    What excites me the most about fair trade clothing and home goods is that it represents the massive shift in consciousness that is happeningpeace, love, compassion, unity are becoming embraced in areas that otherwise have not had any concern for those values. fnally, I can relax, in my fair trade organic clothing and enjoy a cup of fair trade organic tea in a ft OG mug, feeling clean on every level, consciously knowing what went into those products and feeling good in my heart and soul that not only the Earth was not harmed in the process of creating them, that humans and animals were also not harmed.

  • Becky

    Amazing prizes! Love fair trade products!!

  • Jenny Ballou

    I am a Jenny Ballou and Co-Founder of ecospire. We are a start-up launching this November and we will soon change the way clothes are made by connecting brands to emerging sustainable resources that are certified, trusted and credible. This global collaborative platform is the first of it’s kind, bringing sustainability to apparel and business opportunities to sustainable resources around the world.

    As a passionate sustainable fashion designer and merchandiser by trade as well as mothers of young girls, my business partner Angela and I wanted to start a company that could help apparel companies and designers create products that leave the lightest ecological footprint and are the safest for consumers. ecospire is a visual and inspiring community. Users can journey around the globe to source farms, find textile suppliers, discover manufacturers, learn about recycling in a closed-loop circular economy, measure ecological footprints and beyond. While sourcing, you learn about the organic farmers who produce raw materials, the factory who has safe working conditions, or the fair-trade village who makes beautiful textiles. ecospire empowers users to incorporate sustainability, by allowing them to pick and choose their sustainable resources and connect directly to the source.

    With our recent collaboration with Fair Trade USA and PACT, we are excited to connect everyone who is on a similar mission and to disrupt the current ways of apparel business in order to create a better tomorrow for future generations. Please join us as we launch next month. Our goal is to collaborate with all like-minded people who share a similar vision. I am a huge supporter of your Kind Organics Multi Vitamin. It has truly changed the way I feel and I am blessed that you have created such an amazing vitamin line. Thank you Alicia and we look forward to connecting with you!

  • Aimee

    I love fair trade because it helps create sustainable economic growth in communities and families. People are shown that they are worth something and are not just another disposable cog in the greater machine of business.

  • Kim M

    It’s like wearing love, spreading love, emitting love. It’s just the right thing to do. Warm and fuzzy, sensible, brilliant, responsible, glorious. Period.

  • SSR

    I love buying fair trade items. Makes me feel good to support company’s that care! I love Prana clothing!
    Thanks for the doing this giveaway!!

  • Melonie ham

    To summarize, I love that it empowers but especially empowers women to have have a strong voice and making this world better by the example they set for the next generation. :-)

  • Sonja Hilton

    I love it cuz its vegan fashionable and fair trade

  • Shelly Brown

    I need to learn more about fair trade and what that really means and I need to do so in this outfit!!

  • Raine Dawson

    I find it exciting that it has spread into so many industries. I’ll admit that I knew Fair Trade was important and I would buy food items and more that were Fair Trade but until I read your post I didn’t know how much it truly helps. Thank you for the detailed information that I can now share with full knowledge what it means to people and communities when you buy with the FT label. I’ll be on the lookout now beyond food.

  • Lynaya

    I am still trying to educate myself on making more ethical and sustainable choices, but have been focused on how I eat and the skincare products I use. This post opened my eyes to start examining the choices I make in how I dress and decorate my home also and inspires me to examine all areas of my life where I could make better choices. I APPRECIATE THE AWARENESS AND AM EXCITED TO TEACH MY SON HOW TO MAKE KIND LIFESTYLE CHOICES SO THAT THIS BECOMES THE NORM IN OUR FAMILY!

  • Christa Kerber

    Fair trade is about reclaiming the beauty of life! It helps to reconnect us all by valuing the work and craftsmanship of the producers while discouraging consumerism. Buying fair trade lets us fill our lives with beautiful things, while enabling others to do the same.

  • Momma Paris

    Fair Trade is important to me because it is a simple act I can do to make change in the world by the power of how I spend my $$$ through concious consumption.

  • Jeanine Gagliano

    Purchasing fair trade items is an opportunity to make a difference and show our support for companies dedicated to sustaining and improving the lives of their employees. I enjoy knowing that the money I spend on a product is being shared fairly with those that actually made the product. Every dollar counts !!!

  • Limari Colon

    Providing safe working conditions to the employees

  • C Hazan

    Fair Trade is so exciting in that it connects one with the source of their purchases and gives talented artisans and workers the opportunity to share their talent without being exploited. It is refreshing to know that these purchases are directly helping another and making a difference. Moreover, Fair Trade’s focus on sustainability is great to see in a time of rampant environmental problems. I truly hope ethical shopping will become more and more pervasive.

    Thank you for spreading the information and the chance for these lovely items!

  • Megan

    I buy fair trade to give women & girls what they deserve—-equality, empowerment & a fighting chance.

  • Kristen

    As an employment lawyer, I help people exercise their rights under the laws we have in the US to protect workers. In countries that don’t have labor laws, or don’t enforce those laws, the certified fair trade label lets me know that the products I’m buying aren’t being made at the expense of the workers. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly. I’m excited to see the label on clothes and home goods.

  • Renee

    Cotton is one of the largest grown crops and most heavily sprayed. To ignite efforts and efficiencies toward organic cotton production would be a huge impact on our environment and it’s potential would be vast!
    With such a large crop, it obviously employees a significant number of people! Less chemicals, fair wages; the impact would be significant on so many individuals and all their families!

  • Ashley Elizabeth Lorenzo

    Supporting the fair trade movement means that we are also supporting the positive livelihood of others and our planet. We are so highly connected to each other that it is comforting to know that fair trade supports a high quality of existence for myself and others to better enjoy the beautiful planet that we live on sustainably. Yin and yang <3

  • Diana Cote

    It’s exciting because it means people are not being treated unfairly in the making of these goods, it means no slavery, unsafe conditions, unfair pay, no child labor. It means paid healthcare, an education, a family or individual with a chance to flourish and develope them selves, families and communities. :)

  • Marisa M.

    I love buying and wearing fair trade products because I know that my money is not only going to support an ethical business, but also the people that are actually at the core of that business. People are what’s important. :)

  • Emily B

    I feel empowered that by promoting Fair Trade, I have given someone else the empowerment to build successes. By supporting Fair Trade, I am showing an outward commitment to what I believe in. Humanity is respect and support for one another.

  • saniel

    i know i am supporting a great cause not just for the company but for the person who made it. a lot of times we forget how items come from the source and who procoduced them/picked them. It empowers the farmer/worker

  • Marissa Weeber

    Spreading Fair Trade ideals and practices further into the commercial world and directly into homes is an exciting venture which will increase awareness of the movement and hopefully, increase a demand for products with the Fair Trade approval stamp, catalyzing cross-industry corporate social responsibility to be taken seriously. As a consumer of Fairly Traded goods, being able to feel good about the products I buy and the clothes I wear encourages me to seek out these goods in more and more categories.

  • Amanda Williams

    There is harmony in knowing that no life has suffered in the making of our supplies.

  • Christine

    Being a part of doing the right thing versus always feels good.

  • Madelyn Hudson

    It’s really exciting to see brands like those listed above actively addressing the socioeconomic and environmental implications of producing a product, which is why FT certification is such a great tool to promote sustainability and improve the livelihoods of farmers and employees alike. Alicia, thanks for increasing the awareness around just trade relations. Let’s continue to celebrate the improving environmental, economical and social conditions of these communities all month long!

  • Jennie Sanderson

    I had no idea that fair trade clothing existed until last year, what a beautiful idea! I think that everyone who produces something should be given respect and a comfortable life.

  • Katie Gluck

    As consumers we can often feel so disconnected from the things we buy. Just seeing buying groceries, clothes, and house hold items as another thing on a to do list. When in reality these things are often directly linked to slavery. Fair trade is so powerful, because it gives consumers a vote and directly connects you to someone who created something with love and intention just for you. In choosing fair trade we are choosing to let others live in a humane and dignified way while getting a product that is often times higher quality, more unique, and better for the planet. I especially love that Nelson Mandela quote that says: “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. There are over 27 million slaves in the world today (more than at any other point in history combined), none of us are free until we are all free. Supporting fair trade is just one way we can get one step closer to a world where slavery is nonexistent.

  • Lanni

    When people ask me what I’m wearing, I can tell them, even if just for a moment that no one was taken advantage of for my shirt. It plants a little seed in thier mind and hopefully that seed will grow.

  • Madelyn Hudson

    It’s really exciting to see brands like those listed above actively addressing the socioeconomic and environmental implications of producing a product, which is why FT certification is such a great tool to promote sustainability and improve the livelihoods of farmers and employees alike. Alicia, thanks for increasing the awareness around just trade relations. Lets continue to celebrate the improving environmental, economical and social conditions of these communities all month long! I see my consumption habits as a great way to support the efforts of these companies.

  • Katie Gluck

    As consumers we can often feel disconnected from the things we buy. Buying groceries, clothes, and household items as just another thing to on a to do list. When in reality these things are often directly linked to slavery. But, that’s where fair trade comes in! Fair trade is so powerful because it gives consumers a vote and directly connects you to someone who created something with love and intention just for you. In choosing fair trade we are choosing to let others live in a humane and dignified way, while receiving a product that is often times higher quality, more unique, and better for the planet. I love that quote by Nelson Mandela that says: “For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. There are over 27 million slaves in the world (more than at any other point in history combined – many of which are directly linked to the things we use and buy on a daily basis), none of us are free until we are all free. Supporting fair trade is just way we can take a step closer to a world where slavery is nonexistent.

  • Lo Lane

    As a recent college graduate and newly established masters student, there is so much craziness in life, craziness that you can not always control. Papers, projects, presentations, classes until 9pm, internships (ahhh!! My head is about to explode!) …. it all seems like such a whirlwind. But I am in the drivers seat when it comes to what I put in my body, what I wear and how I react to stations that seem to never slow down. I have realized that small steps can be taken to live a healthy life for myself, for my precious husband and supporting standards that make for happy people and happy environments; an environment I will be proud to one day bring a life into. Fair Trade gives you the power of choice and as a young adult wanting to make a change in the world through social work, I know choice is a beautiful and invaluable commodity in this world. Every purchase with a Fair Trade stamp empowers me as a woman and gives me hope that more and more individuals will turn towards these soulful and trustworthy practices.

  • jtlittlelong

    There are many good things about fair trade. The best is it helps prevent poverty by giving the sellers ( such as farmers) the chance to set fair prices as opposed to what buyers set the prices at. It allows the sellers to better pay their employees as well. If we could all work in this type of fair trade atmosphere somehow, we could prevent poverty. Russia has some of the highest fair trade in the world here’s a tip. October is fair trade month

  • Candice

    Some of the most successful non-profit programs are ones creating Fair Trade and microfinance opportunities for small-scale producers. If others only knew how purchasing a simple product such as Fair Trade raisins from Afghanistan can bring calm and happiness to a farming community devastated by war.

    After working in some of the world’s poorest countries I naturally switched over to a plant based diet that included FT products. I also focused on purchasing FT apparel for my family during holidays and special occasions. Such gifts make trade part of the solution to poverty, not the cause.

    Thank you Alicia for giving such an important topic a voice! Your post allows everyone
    to be an advocate for the policies that give people hope for a better, safer world.

  • Tara

    I love the unique items!

  • Tina Pico

    The most exciting part about fair trade is that it gives everyone the opportunity to help our brothers and sisters in so many ways! By purchasing fair trade, you know that you are contributing to alleviating poverty, ensuring workplace safety, supporting environmental conservation, allowing access to clean water, prioritizing food safety for everyone, educating children, and empowering women. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? EVERYONE should be paid a fair price for the work that they do and be afforded basic human rights. As an environmental engineer, I have dedicated my life to helping people by helping the planet, and buying fair trade is just one way to further support the cause and really make a difference. What could be more exciting than that?

  • coupontammy

    What excites me about Fair Trade is that I know that the person who made the item is receiving a Fair Wage. It all goes hand in hand to help improve their lives. It also improves my life by using their products. I like knowing that I am helping to improve the economic balance through out the world.

  • Joyce Pugliese O’Donnell

    Everyone benefits from purchasing fair trade brands…it’s exciting because it’s a win win situation!

  • Lauren Uter

    I like that when I purchase fair trade clothing and home goods I know that I am not supporting a system that I don’t agree with. I know that I am purchasing something that wasn’t made by an exploited worker in unsafe conditions. I know that the jobs not only improve the workers lives but also the lives of their families and community.

  • Jessica Schmidt

    Fair Trade is my life! I work at Ten Thousand Villages’ store and I see how important having Fair Trade options are to us everyday consumers. I love this contest!

  • Sweeper2000

    Knowing that by wearing Fair Trade clothes that I am supporting fair wage and working conditions for farmers and factory workers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    I love purchasing fair trade goods because I know that the person who made this wonderful item available to me is getting a chance to live a great life in their corner of the world, too. We all deserve to be fairly compensated for good work, and fair trade certified items has finally given the affluent world a way to make sure we are voting properly with our dollars.

  • Jordan Dunne

    I love fair trade because it’s based on ethical foundations and aims to empower people and small businesses. The quality is often much better because more time and care is put into fair trade products, plus you can feel good about wearing them!

  • Emily N.

    I’m excited about Fair Trade clothing and home goods because it shows valuing the employees making the products as fellow human beings.

  • Noreen

    I like that you can wear the clothes with a clear conscious

  • Katie Roberts

    Awareness and compassion spring to mind when thinking about Fair Trade. As consumers in the West, we all have enough ‘stuff’ and so we have a choice about the next purchase we make. Do we really need it? Is what we’re buying going to help the person that made it? What are the ethics behind the product? Buying Fair Trade can help spread a feeling of compassion to ourselves, our fellow beings and the planet. And lets be honest, who wouldn’t want to live in a world where compassion is trending to the highest degree!

  • Emily

    For the last year, I have been striving to swap out my cheap and quick buys for thoughtful and supportive, conscientious purchases. Being a college student has its perks sometimes, but an excessive budget is not one of them. I love this collection for being beautiful and affordable and wonderful for all those involved. I would love nothing more than to add these Fair Trade goods to my budding collection.

  • Inez Groff

    It’s so important to be conscious of what you’re bringing into your home, spending your money on, and filling your life with. This is our vote in consumerism. I’d much rather put my vote into quality products that were manufactured following basic ethical principles rather than looking around my home and seeing tons of meaningless possessions.

  • Nadia

    Humans are responsible for bringing a lot of harm onto this planet, especially to one another and the environment. Doing something as simple as buying an item with this little green logo means taking back some of that responsibility and making a positive change instead of a negative one. Buying fair trade supports a cause that is so much bigger than we can comprehend in our small world! Often small, innocent, and peaceful communities are taken advantage of by greedy and power-hungry countries that only have the best interest of the bottom dollar. The item purchased carries a weight of equality and peace because of the mission of fair trade: to help small communities grow and flourish on their own, without mega-corporations breathing down their neck. It means empowering workers by being socially, economically, and environmentally responsible, which is truly a refreshing perspective in a time of so much destruction and hate. In a time where a dollar doesn’t go very far, it’s exciting to know that a fair trade purchase not only benefits myself, but also an entire community of people that are making headway in bringing peace to the world, one item at a time. Om shanti, loves ॐ have a wonderful day

    nadia k., 17
    richmond, va

  • Nadia

    Humans are responsible for bringing a lot of harm onto this planet, especially to one another and the environment. Doing something as simple as buying an item with this little green logo means taking back some of that responsibility and making a positive change instead of a negative one. Buying Fair Trade supports a cause that is so much bigger than we can comprehend in our small world! Often small, innocent, and peaceful communities are taken advantage of by greedy and power-hungry countries that only have the best interest of the bottom dollar. The item purchased carries a weight of equality and peace because of the mission of fair trade: to help small communities grow and flourish on their own, without mega-corporations breathing down their neck. It means empowering workers by being socially, economically, and environmentally responsible, which is truly a refreshing perspective in a time of so much destruction and hate. In a time where a dollar doesn’t go very far, it’s exciting to know that a fair trade purchase not only benefits myself, but also an entire community of people that are making headway in bringing peace to the world, one item at a time. Om shanti, loves ॐ have a wonderful day

    nadia k, 17
    richmond, va

  • Lina

    Investing in Fair Trade is a way of practicing justice, one small purchase at a time

  • Lacey O Dias

    Everything about Fair Trade excites me – it’s part of a shift in our world that I really love and support and wish to see everywhere. You’re facilitating this, by showing it can be done with respect to the Earth and the living beings that inhabit her – it’s empowering and beautiful! It’s not a sacrifice to be conscious and aware, it’s a gift to shine light on the people who work so hard to provide beautiful products that we’ve all taken for granted at times. Thank you for giving that power back to the people, I proudly support Fair Trade <3

  • Bridget

    It is so great to see the fair trade label extended to more items. We have looked for it in our coffee and chocolates for years, but to extend it to more items really allows us to show companies how we feel about the way they source their products. Simply donating can be like putting a band-aid on the problem of exploited workers. Showing companies that we care enough to look for products produced in a fair and sustainable manner can be a big step towards solving the actual problem :)

  • Hannah Nicholson

    Fair trade is the only way to guarantee a sustainable future for ourselves and our future! I have been focusing on what goes in my body, but it is also important to focus on what goes ON it! Supporting sustainable trade and fair wages is the best way to affect change in the world we live in!

  • heather sue

    What excites me about Fair Trade month is spreading the ideas and vision of Fair Trade. It’s about respect we all deserve and should strive for, for ourselves and for others.

  • Tara Kuzma

    We can only see the plants grow from seeds we sew. I was in the store and carefully choosing coffee, avoiding artificial flavors and then I found the perfect one – bonus: it was also fair trade! I exclaimed my excitement that it was fair trade and next to me was a couple also choosing coffee. The man said, “I too would rather buy fair trade,” and grabbed it, looking equally satisfied. I never knew others were so world conscious but if we live by example, so will others learn from it.

  • heather sue

    I’m excited about Fair Trade month as it promotes awareness of the ideals of fair trade. Fair trades is about respect, respect for others and ourselves. Cheers to us and making a better life for us ALL.

  • edraft

    Fair Trade Certified feels great on the outside, but feels amazing on the inside! Everyone wins! ♡

  • Susan

    Fair Trade excites me because it makes me feel like I personal have a choice in something that can help the global economy.

  • Sierra Kluson

    I found the most impactful statement on my life so far was the fact that we “vote with our dollar.” With every purchase we are voting for what we support. Therefore having Fair Trade options available is very exciting because I am getting the good I want while supporting practices I truly believe in.

  • Julie Rhodes

    I love to support businesses and products that speak to my own ideals. Organic means chemical free crops; cotton means no synthetics; fair trade means that it is made by people who are making a fair wage to produce the product. Bringing all three into a single product means that I can meet many of my personal shopping goals in a single item. This is an example of how an individual can make a positive difference in the world, environmentally and socially!

  • Grace Jin Kim

    Fair trade is important in my evolution because I am not engaging in the fear or suffering of another being. I know that I am wearing or using a product that supports higher ideals for the benefit of all beings and the planet.

    As a Chinese Medicine practitioner I am also being mindful in what these products hold as far as energy goes. The more I purify my energy within, the more I purify my energy without. The purer I am, the more healing is facilitated.

    Yay for fair trade!! Thank you.

  • Rebecca Murphy

    Fair trade is exciting because it’s kinder for everyone 😉

  • MargaretAnn Rice

    I firmly believe in respect and dignity for all == Fair Trade is awesome.

  • cezovski

    I love Fair Trade because I know what I am getting was made by people who are treated compassionately and fairly.

  • Catherine Roccaforte-Probasco

    What excites me the most about Fair Trade clothing and home goods is the fact that we are all on the right road to self-improvement and world improvement because of it!! I sign up every year as a volunteer for the Chicago Green Festival. It’s exciting walking the walk, not just talking the talk!! :)

  • Jackie Wise

    It just makes me feel good, knowing that my money is going to the people who work so hard to produce a product. The people who are most often overlooked and forgotten. Thanks for bringing attention to this!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I love the style and colors and materials of the clothing. I would feel great wearing and purchasing from fair trade. :)

  • Amanda Wallace

    Fair Trade does more than provide clothing and other goods, it provides an income to individuals across the globe who make the income they deserve, not what can be exploited. By paying folks what they deserve for their products and hard work, we can all benefit and have a good conscious about the practices in which we choose to engage.

  • Jenn Logan

    I support fair trade everything as much as possible. It recognizes that the men and women who produce those products are treated as PEOPLE and makes sure they are compensated well. It also ensures that they work in safe conditions. Fair Trade, Organic, and Vegan are all products I’m willing to shell out extra money for because I know it’s worth it.

  • shaina

    Seeking out Fair Trade goods and clothing leaves me with a genuine, guilt-free feeling of excitement. Knowing that the company I am purchasing from is an ethical company whose values align with mine makes me feel all giddy inside! My purchase becomes about more than just material; it helps me feel connected to people around the world who are trying to make a difference.

  • shaina

    Seeking out Fair Trade goods and clothing leaves me with a genuine, guilt-free feeling of excitement. Knowing that the company I am purchasing from is an ethical company
    whose values align with mine makes me feel all giddy inside! My purchase
    becomes about more than just material; it helps me feel connected to people around the world who are trying to make a difference.

  • Sophia | Mystic | Scribe

    I ❤ Fair Trade because it means that people are valued for their efforts and treated decently, a fair wage for a day of work. I am most excited about how Fair Trade promotes both safety for workers and equal rights for women (experiences which not everyone had). Thank you for the contest! x❤ #FairTrade #love

  • Kim

    I believe in buying fair trade products because they make a difference in the lives of workers and craftspeople. It shows that we value their work and their worth, and are proud to support individuals and communities that can sustain themselves.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I love Fair Trade Certified products because not only are they quality products but the employees are being paid higher wages in a safe workplace with equal rights.Wonderful giveaway.I have purchased products from all of these sponsors before and I was very pleased!

  • Melissa Tol

    What excites me about Fair trade, is that it is beneficial to both the worker that created the item and the consumer. When we support fair work practices it improves conditions globally. The world is so much more interconnected than many realize. I hope that the more Fair trade is supported, the more we will all see positive global impact.

  • Katie Grafelman

    I love knowing that the products I use were made/picked/grown by people earning a wage they deserve and can live a healthy life on<3

  • Lisa B

    I look for Fair Trade and organic items when shopping. Not only are the products better quality, but the people that produce these items have a better quality of life because they are paid a living wage and are able to take care of their families. I don’t mind paying more for Fair Trade and organic products. It’s better for the environment and better for people.

  • Emily Meath

    Yay what a great giveaway! It can be so easy to walk into any store and just buy what’s in front of you and readily available. It takes more mental investment and energy to be a conscious shopper, and brands that are upfront about their practices and methods make it easier. It’s always better to be kind to other humans and to our planet, and buying fair trade and organic is what I always prefer and strive to do 100% of the time!

  • Heather

    I’m excited by Fair Trade because that means that a hard working person is compensated appropriately for his or her hard work!

  • Rachel

    Fair trade is exciting to me because it gives people a chance at making a future for themselves! I love to see people striving for better in their lives!

  • Jackie Turner

    I love Fair Trade products because I can buy without guilt. Its so easy to buy things without thinking about the possible hardships that took to make the product– and with Fair Trade products, I know that I am not contributing to dirty business practices. Its a way of passing on kindness.

  • julie1351

    Feeling good about I buy and wear is win/win. Love supporting Fair Trade.

  • Cathryn

    I’m excited about fair trade clothing because it allows buyers to make healthy conscious choices with their money. It also brings about a movement of change to stop companies from exploiting its workers.

  • Danielle

    i love fair trade for what it stands for – i love the idea that I’m supporting artisans and not factories dtdady at gmail dot com

  • Christine

    I like to know that I’m helping to make a difference, since every little bit counts. I also enjoy showing our 8 yearold daughter how to help make positive changes in the world. It’s important for kids to know what’s happening in the world and how they can help make a difference too.

  • Barbara Kurt

    One of my favorite quotes is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Fair trade clothing and home goods are exciting because by purchasing, wearing and decorating our homes with them, they allow us to be that change – to embody it at home, work and play. They provide us with another dimension to live our values and to share them with others. We may not all have a platform to effect broad change, but through our actions – what we eat, what we wear, what we bring into our living spaces, how we spend our dollars – we make dozens of choices that reflect who we are and what we care about.

  • Dana C

    I love that what I’m buying, what is coming into my home, entering into my body or snuggling up against me, has integrity. I love that Fair Trade means someone got honest pay for honest work and allowed that person to live with dignity. I love that it gives me a stronger connection to where something came from–I think that energy passes through to you. You are such an inspiration Alicia–thank you!!!

  • Barbara Kurt

    One of my favorite quotes is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Fair trade clothing and home goods are exciting because by purchasing, wearing and decorating our homes with them, they allow us to be that change – to embody it at home, work and play. They provide us with another dimension to live our values and to share them with others. We may not all have a platform to effect broad change, but through our actions – what we eat, what we wear, what we bring into our living spaces, how we spend our dollars – we make dozens of choices that reflect who we are and what we care about.

  • Linda S.

    I like the idea that I’m having an impact with my purchase choice; that I’m buying from people who emphasize safety and a living wage, and that I’m sending a message to big companies that exploit their workers that they will not get my consumer dollars. And I like supporting small businesses, rather than megacorporations.

  • Frenchpetal

    Fair Trade levels the playing field in a way that not only includes humans, but the earth and all our inhabitants. I love knowing that honored hands were involved in the production and distribution of products are are fairly traded. Thank you, Alicia!

  • Erica

    Fair trade is so exciting to me because it prevents people from being taken advantage of. Everyone who works hard deserves the full impact of that work.

  • Megan James

    Finally the global market is starting to balance, with more and more people in developed nations buying fair-trade goods. It’s important because creating and promoting sustainable markets in less fortunate countries helps the citizens provide for their families. Not to mention that since the price for such products are substantially higher, the quality is higher than similar products made in China.

  • Ali Johnston

    I work in the coffee industry and often travel to producing countries to visit cooperatives. The company I work for has been highly supportive of Fair Trade for many, many years, so I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time and work with Fair Trade USA on these trips. It is so inspiring to see how empowering this movement can be. It’s not about handouts or charity – it is about providing the infrastructure to enable a community to not only self-sustain, but to thrive. I hope to see even more supply chains adopt this mentality, and am so thrilled to see this becoming a more common practice in apparel manufacturing. This idea is so in line with the Kind Life beliefs – be kind to yourself, animals, the earth, and your fellow humans!

  • Pamela Hale

    I will be 60 yrs old in four days. I am sorry that I did not know about how my actions, such as what I eat and what items I purchase, can affect others around the world. I now try only eating Vegan and purchasing items/goods sold from Fair Trading. I am passionate about making decisions that have positive effects on everyone/everything. Thanks to Alicia Silverstone for sharing her insights to a Kind Life which made me conscious of what I eat and buy can change not only me but the earth. Bless her for caring!

  • ★Ⓙ∑ⓃⓃⒶ!★

    Fair trade excites me because it means my fellow humans are being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve! [email protected]

  • etirv

    Fair trade is empowering, authentic and exciting!

  • carrio

    Safe working conditions for the workers, fair salaries and benefits, and equal rights for women

  • Krysta

    The more chemically dependant our society becomes the sicker my family gets. The chemically and genetically modified big businesses consume more and more small community trade farms or trade groups. It’s sad to watch and debilitating to expereince. It’s nice that people are standing up to support small businesses and people who cannot keep up with the chemical age.

  • Kelly Sopher

    People often talk about their carbon footprint. I’ve started talking about my “suffering footprint.” I’m trying to make sure that everything I do from what I eat, to how I behave, to what I wear hasn’t caused any suffering for another being. Fair Trade is one way that I can assure that animals, humans, and the earth have not suffered because of me.