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Organic Vitamins: Clean Tablet Technology

Congratulations Margarita & Sierra , you are the winners for this giveaway!

Big thank you to everyone who participated!


The practice of making tablets from medicinal herbs and vegetables dates back to Ancient Egypt! That’s pretty darn neat! Back then, crushed herbs were bound together with flour and honey. These mixtures were molded into small tubes and pounded by hand into small hard pellets that could be easily swallowed.

Over the centuries, our scientific breakthroughs led to the creation of a robust world-wide pharmaceutical industry. To better service the industry of medicine- bigger and faster tablet machines were created. These machines could do things like apply extreme pressure to create a bound tablet. But despite the usage of machines, the actual method of making the pill changed very little: medicinal powders were blended and placed into a form.

To make these machines work more efficiently, engineers and chemists created a slew of synthetic chemicals that would work as binders (to hold the pills together), fillers (to add additional powder into a mold and “fill it up” so that each formula is kept to a standard size), and flow agents (to help the machines run faster and more efficiently). Extra chemical additives were also created to make pills more attractive by way of synthetic dyes and shiny coatings.

So when we set out to create mykind Organics, our goal was not to make machines more efficient. We wanted YOUR machine to be more efficient : ). We wanted organic nutrition capable of Empowering Extraordinary Health. What we wanted did not exist – so we created it.

That’s what our patent-pending Clean Tablet Technology is all about. It’s merely about using all organic plant materials that actually work to make wholesome, easy to swallow, and easy to digest Organic and Non-GMO Verified vitamin tablets. It’s patent pending because it’s never been done before. Can you believe that? No one has taken the time or energy to seek out another way of making vitamins- a healthier and more organic way. Therefore,  Clean Tablet Technology, like other innovations present in the mykind Organics line, was born out of necessity! After all, why would we go to the trouble to put the healthiest, most nutritious fruit, veg and herbs into our vitamins and then muck them up with hydrolyzed, fractionated, synthesized franken-chemicals like stearic acid, magnesium stearate (and similar vegetable lubricants), titanium dioxide and shellacs or resins?

Today I’ll be giving away some mykind Organics vitamins to 2 kind lifers. To enter, leave me a comment below telling me why your excited about mykind Organics and which ones your most excited to try!

I will announce the winners on Friday October 31st.

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  • megan norman

    I am already using the KO B-12 spray, which I love, and am most excited for is the D3 supplement.

  • Ana Silva

    I love your KO vitamins. My husband and I take your once multi plus the D12 spray. I was taking the prenatal but had to put a stop in my pregnancy plans for now. I sent a copy of your kind mama book to three of my sisters. Two are already moms. I hope it changes their life for the better like it did for me.

  • Crystal E

    I currently use the Prenatal and Vitamin D spray….love them both. Thank you so much for creating supplements I feel good taking. I am not one to take medicine….food is my medicine:)

  • alistaircrane

    Can you please make these products available in Canada? I called a few months ago but they weren’t available at the time.

  • tammy

    This is exciting for me – I have read and been disgusted with all the crap companies like Nature Made put in their tabs. Even artificial coloring – now why does something you swallow matter how it looks?……………………

  • Holly

    I’ve been using Deva vitamins and want to try something that’s closer to nature. I’d like to try the Woman’s once daily. Next step is a vitamin for kids.

  • Rachel

    Wow, this is so amazing!! I had no idea that it dated back so far! I cannot wait to try out the Vegan D3 and Organic B12, both of which I know I’m not getting enough of. Thank you so much for the chance to win some of your vitamins, super excited about them!! =)

  • Leila

    I was so happy when I first heard about your KO Prenatal vitamins that when I recently went to Florida I made a point of seeking them out and brought 3 months worth home with me! (Unfortunately, they are not available in Canada yet.) I love them! I’m so grateful that someone finally went through the trouble to create this positive, healthy vitamin. TY Alicia and Garden of Life.
    I’m still a little confused about whether or not to seek out a DHA supplement, though. Would love your feedback on that.

  • HR2088

    I’m excited about the Women’s One a Day and Men’s One a Day – my fiance has tried tons of other multivitamins but they seem to always make him sick within a week. My hope is that these will be easier on his body!

  • Amanda

    My husband and I use the
    once a day vitamins and the B12 spray. When we have children I will be buying
    the prenatal vitamins. I love these vitamins. I was never a person
    who took them before, but after reading about these I had to try them. We
    both love them! I’m hoping that you will come out with a kid/baby
    friendly line in the future.

  • katXtak

    This is exciting to hear about! I so much appreciate all the research behind this and have been wishing for a multivitamin and supplements that I can feel comfortable with. I’ve only recently learned about the lanolin used in production of D3, so I’d absolutely love to try that, plus the B12…and, of course, the multivitamin (for over-40 women). Thanks so much for working this out. My only hope is that it will come to Toronto, Canada. (Hope I’m eligible for the giveaway!)

  • Kate DeCanto

    I cannot wait to try the prenatal vitamins! I JUST found out my husband and I are expecting our first child and I only want to use the best! I already read The Kind Mama, got my body/diet all cleaned up, and can’t wait for 8 months of a Kind pregnancy with the new prenatal vitamins!

  • DeeDee Scott

    Sounds fantastic! I’m a new vegetarian, almost vegan, and I am concerned, based on what I’ve read, that I might need a B-12 supplement. So, I’d definitely be interested in that! Thanks bunches for always leading the evolution into (or back to – the ancients seemed to have gotten it right!) clean living. U rock!!!

  • Christine

    Amazing. I can not wait to try them!

  • Jess

    No fillers or synthetic products, now I can take a vitamin without feeling conflicted about the binders. I love that you teamed up with Garden of Life that already offered a food base vitamin.

  • Daniela

    As soon as I learned about your vitamins I got them for myself and my husband. I am a fairly new vegan and was looking for an organic vitamin that was vegan and did not have all those additives. There was none. But the timing was almost right because shortly after I found your new vitamins. To say I was excited would be an understatement. I just switched to your prenatal and am so happy because during my last pregnancy I could not find a good one. I would love to see a 1,000 mcg B-12 pill as well as vitamins for kids. That would be awesome. Oh and how about a DHA supplement. I know it’s not really vitamins but it would be great to get it from a trusted source.

  • Jordan

    That is so exciting. I’m currently fighting an autoimmune disease naturally (rheumatoid arthirtis) and I take extra iron, so I would be thrilled to try your iron supplements. Thank you so much for all you do to keep us educated!

  • marina v

    I need these :)

  • Megan

    I’m so excited to hear about Kind Organics!! It is so hard to find quality vegan supplements. I can’t wait to try the Woman’s Multi 40+ and the vegan D3!

  • Rachel

    I use the Kind Organics Women’s Multi and the B-12 spray. I love them both! Finally vitamins I feel good about taking. Thank you so much for this line of vitamins.

  • Amanda Williams

    I was taking Vitafusion prenatal vitamins (I breastfeed), but I did not feel good about them. I swapped to Kind Organics Women’s a couple of months ago & love them!

  • Rhonda

    I love the way you described the way medicinal herbs use to be made with honey. I think it is so exciting that you are working at changing the supplement industry. I recently bought your D3 product because being vegan I was happy to see your product was made from Lichen not sheep fur. I would like to try all of your products so to pick one would be your multi. I have been learning about the products I have been purchasing over the years, and when I read the ingredients, yikes! Fillers, isolated soy, hydrolyzed oils, additives, gelatins, sugars that I don’t want to ingest so why are they in our supplements?

    Thank you Alicia for the making a natural product.

  • kara rane

    Love the synergy of the formulas & the use of long practiced cultural farming…Kind all the way. Women’s or Pre-natal (blessed to have a kind soul on the way!)

  • Laura Jerina-Potts

    So exciting! Some other Mom friends and I were just discussing this topic a few weeks ago. My children and I both take vitamins daily. Finally, one more product I can feel good about. Thank you, Kind Life!

  • Lori

    I didn’t know that my B-12’s and D-3’s had so much yuck in them, yikes! Thankful for your efforts at keeping us healthy!

  • Frenchpetal

    I’m thrilled KO is available! It means a lot to me to spend my $ on complete, mindfully produced supplements! I’m looking forward to the Women’s and regular Multi. So glad to know of this brand!

  • Marie Krauser

    I’m so excited, I can’t wait to try them :)

  • Lindsey

    I love love love the KO B12 spray! I keep a bottle at home and at work. It actually tastes GOOD and feels so grounding and supportive to know its legit good stuff for my body! I don’t need other supplements currently (thanks to a rocking veg diet), but when I get pregnant I am so happy to already know where to get my pre-natal vitamins! Thank you KO!

  • Kelsey Thurman Burkemper

    I use the Prenatals and the B12 spray. The one I’m most excited to try is the one you hinted at in your last post about this product line: the children’s multivitamin (which I really, really hope is liquid :)!

  • Melissa F

    I love that the products are made from real fruits, veggies, & herbs! I can’t wait to try the calcium, vitamin d, & b12.

  • Margarita Hansen

    I am thrilled to have read this and learn about Clean Tablet technology. It is good to know that there are vitamins without all those yucky ingredients we can’t even pronounce at times. I am very excited because I strive hard to put the best and healthiest foods and vitamins into my body especially because I suffer from temporal lobe epilepsy. I have achieved great success with controlling my seizures with a healthy plant based lifestyle and vitamins such as B-12, D3, B complex, etc. I am grateful to have found The Kind Life and always look forward to all the new things I learn about living a healthy vegan lifestyle. I am a proud Kind Lifer :). Thank you, Alicia. You and your family have a wonderful October.

    • TheKindLife

      Congrats Margarita! You are a winner of this giveaway!

      • Margarita Hansen

        Thank you so much! It is wonderful to be a part of the Kind Life community. Living life healthy and happy.

  • Jillian Lamoureux

    I love that the products are made from real food! Looking forward to the Women’s Multi, Plant Calcium & B12

  • gittie

    Taking supplements used to be so scary but now I can finally take a whole foods all natural vitamin! This is so exciting!

  • Kathleen Cairns

    I avoid vitamins because of the un-natural and un-healthy additives and formulas. I want to try a balanced B vitamin! Can this be real? How exciting!

  • Moya

    I like that there all natural I love the multi. 40 +, B12 and D3 I really can’t wait to try the Calcium Our health food store can’t keep my multi. in stock Your doing a great thing! Thank you

  • Danielle

    I would love to try the prenatals (my son is 14 months and I still nurse him) and I am crossing my fingers that you will have a children’s multivitamin soon :)

  • Ruth Dreier

    Wow! Today, after reading The Kind Life, I ran down to my local health food store and immediately found your Organic Plant Calcium tablet! Wow! I am so thrilled by the purity of the ingredients…the entire list is delicious! Plus it was brilliant to put the vegan D3 in the calcium tablet…means I get two essential supplements in one tablet!
    The size of the tablet is easy to swallow! Thank you and love to you! from Ruthie Dreier in Santa Rosa California! [email protected]

  • Lisa B

    I have always been wary of taking supplements because of all of the yucky stuff in them. So, I was very excited when I found out about your Kind Organics line of all natural supplements. I am excited to try the Womens Multi 40+ and the vegan D3.

  • Aneliya

    This is wonderful, we need quality and trustworthy supplements, and while diet is the number one source, vitamin B12 is the one I’m mostly concerned about. I’m also interested in prenatal vitamins and kids vitamins.

  • Andrea

    I am excited to finally have a vitamin that is so pure. There are so many that I have tried, knowing that there are other elements in the vitamin that I don’t want. I always just pray that the benefits outweigh the negatives. I am currently looking for a great D3 so I would LOVE to try yours! I am also not happy with my current multi-vitamin and will try that as well. I am so excited to support this vitamin line so that I can hopefully see it grow and provide childrens vitamins as well. :) Thank you for all that you do!

  • Alex Nygaard

    This is the first vitamin that hasn’t overwhelmed my body to the point of migraines and vomiting, but that I can still feel and see the effects of. I can tell it’s natural because my body has a natural response to it! So thrilled to finally be offered a product that works for my needs, rather than something that works for the efficiency of mass production technology. Thank you!!

  • Dani EL

    The reason why I’m excited about KO is because my mom is a health junkie and I would like to surprise her with a multivitamins, if I ever win. I love my dear mom so very much. oh and Alicia rules! >.<

  • Michelle K.

    I have been looking at the Kind brand the past 2 times I have been shopping at Whole Foods and would LOVE to try them! My youngest son is 17 months old, and I still nurse. I also have 2 older sons, who are 8 & 9 years old whom I would love to try a Kind children’s vitamin if and when it is available! Vitamins are one of the least regulated markets and such and important one too. I am excited for this brand, and hopefully to try the vitamins soon!! Thank you, Alicia for partnering and creating these vitamins!

  • Rebecca

    I’m most excited about the B12, as that’s something I know I don’t get enough of. I’m also very excited about the multi and the once-daily – I’ll have to look at each more closely to see the differences. Thank you so very much for creating these! How wonderful! For myself, I always hope my food is giving me lots of nutrients. However, to have these available and knowing you worked so hard to make them kind, organic, clean, and vegan, makes me feel there is actually a great product on the market that can help us get those extra boosts of vitamins we need that may be lacking in our regular day-to-day eating. So, thank you once again!

  • Deanna Carradini Blow

    I’m excited about Kind Organics vitamins as I’m a sufferer of IBS and have been eliminating bothersome foods and preservatives from my diet for years. Everyday something else causes bloat. I’d like to try a multi vitamin and Super B group vitamins. Thank you for the website. I just found today. :)

  • Laura

    I currently use the women’s multi vitamins and I also buy the men’s vitamins for my husband. I am so happy to have clean vitamins to take, finally! I would really love to try the D3 and the vitamin B-12. Thank you so much for giving us this option! I hope you will offer some different vitamins for children later!

  • ravenj

    This is absolutely amazing! I was just talking to my hubby about vitamins. Neither of us take any because of all the additives and chemicals. I am currently breastfeeding my almost 2 month old and have been wanting to take a prenatal but haven’t found a good one. We’re pretty new to being vegetarian/vegan and still have lots to learn as far as making sure we’re getting all of the vitamins and minerals we need. Your books have helped us SO much in the process and I’m so excited about the vitamins!!! The prenatal and men’s multi will probably be the first ones we try :) thank you so much!!!

  • Jessica

    I currently work at Whole Foods Market in the whole body department as the whole body buyer for supplements. It is my job, when customers come in and ask about what the best supplements are out there, to answer the best to my ability. I let customers know what I think is better – from filler ingredients to where the vitamins in the pills are from – a lab or food. Ever since the the Kind Organics became available it has made my job so much easier! I am able to represent healthy and and bioavailable vitamins to my customers that I strongly believe in and know will make an impact in their lives!

  • Gigi Bella

    This is the first I have heard about “clean tablets” and you’re right, I can’t believe no one has come up with these before now. I often think that my hectic lifestyle could do with a boost but I’m not willing to compromise with toxins. These look perfect. Can you find them in the UK?

  • Label Doe

    All of this is like entering a Grand New World 4 me, I am honestly so optimistic to try anything from Your kind. I was intrigued by the post due to the mention of my ancestors, reading it filled me with direction & delight. I #doe not now what I would need to try as a new member to the community just wanted to return the positive vibes to Your day.
    Thank You

  • Sandy

    I’d love for my hubby to be able to try the once daily for men! Since we went vegan, I’m a little concerned he isn’t eating enough to get all of his nutrition. He says everything I have been making fills him up so much he doesn’t want any more! So I am thinking we need to supplement him to be sure he is getting enough of everything.

  • Sierra Kluson

    I have been looking for a vitamin I trust for SO long!!! Before I was always on the fence about taking one because who knows what’s actually in it! Looking at the ingredient list on Kind Organics is such a breath of fresh air because it’s actual fruits and veggies. The fact that these are vegan, organic, non GMO with no nasty chemical fillers or binders is amazing. So far I’ve tried the B12 spray and love it. Next I’m looking forward to trying the women’s muilti and the plant based calcium.

    • TheKindLife

      Congrats Sierra! You are a winner of this giveaway !

      • Sierra Kluson

        Thank you Alicia and thank you to The Kind Life staff! I love being part of this community :)

  • BC

    I’ll definitely be picking up the Men’s Multi and the Women’s Multi for my boyfriend and myself! Most likey the B12 and the D3 as well! I’m so glad these exist, it’s about time there was a vitamin like these without the chemical additives and other scary extras!

  • MM

    I’m ecstatic about these October 27th was my bday so hopefully I can win these. I remember tweeting you last week about finding out these existed and you I think favorited or retweeted it. I love what you’re doing I’m just delving into the kind mama for a second time with my own copy and I’m loving it. I’d love the prenatals as I am trying to renovate my baby house. Lol

    Be Kind,

  • Mandy O

    I am new to the Kind Lifestyle–6 months and feeling great! I have always been skeptical of using supplements because of the additives and chemicals that are no good for my body or the environment–I mean isn’t that why I started this journey in the first place?! I am really excited to try the B-12 spray! This is something that I have struggled to get a sufficient daily amount of in a clean and healthy way.

  • Jessica Goodman

    I check in here every time I feel my self discipline slipping… I feel supported and stronger each time.
    I am interested in “clean tablet technology”- I have looked in the food co-ops a number of times and am so overwhelmed by selection and what they are made of I never know what to pick. I trust the “Kind Life” and would love to at least know where to buy some. But… I WOULD LOVE TO WIN SOME!
    Thanks for being such an inspiration.

    Jessica Goodman