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Giveaway: Sydney Brown’s Cruelty Free Shoes!

Congrats Lizanna! You are the winner of this giveaway!

Big thanks to everyone who participated!!!

This week, designer Sydney Brown is giving away this wedge! It’s made of faux-nappa fabric bonded to organic cotton with the lining made out of recycled plastic bottles, and the soles/heels from sustainably harvested and reclaimed wood. These sophisticated and eco wedges will go great with a wide variety of outfits.

More about this eco designer!

After years of vegetarianism, Sydney Brown found herself conflicted about still buying leather shoes. Unable to find a quality alternative to designer leather footwear, Brown took up an apprenticeship in shoemaking. Now in her 7th season, she upholds her commitment to use no animal products, practice fair labor conditions, and keep production waste to a minimum. Her shoes are sustainably handmade by artisans in Brown’s Los Angeles atelier.

Sydney Brown’s shoes feature a core group of classic styles crafted to be essential wardrobe staples which are comfortable, durably constructed and timeless in design.  All materials are eco-friendly and include faux-nappa and cork bonded to organic cotton, material made from recycled plastic bottles, sustainably-harvested Alder wood, reclaimed wood, and eco-copper, coconut fiber and natural rubber.

Cheers to Sydney and her vision of sustainability and cruelty free fashion!!


To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment below describing your fantasy eco shoe 


I will announce the winner on Friday 2/27/15




  • Maria D

    To be honest these Sydney Brown Clogs are my dream shoes! I’ve been drooling over them for months, or more, and am so excited to see her get some love and attention from The Kind Life. All of her shoes are really incredible but these clogs are a modern classic and completely unique from all of the other clogs on the market right now. I’m also excited for vegan and sustainable footwear to become more and more accessible to veg shoppers, so we have options outside of petroleum-based faux leather fashions. Love the use of recycled materials and I know we’re just going to see more!

  • ap

    I just stumbled upon Sydney Brown shoes! My latest shoe obsession is warm brown leather-look “work” boots, with slouchy knit socks and leggings

  • Tania Hunt

    Fantasy eco shoe is cruelty free and respects the 3 R’s but is stylish and most importantly….comfortable!! Oh …and available in lots of cool colours and can be worn with anything.

  • celia

    I love wedge shoes! I think my ideal eco friendly shoe would be a wedge ankle boot made out of upcycled/reclaimed /sustainable materials!

  • celia

    I love wedge shoes! My favorite and ideal would be a wedge ankle boot made from upcycled/sustainable materials!

  • Heather Hart

    My fantasy eco shoe definitely needs to be stylish. So many of the eco shoes available just don’t fit in with my fashion plan, but I won’t buy non-vegan, totally awful for the environment shoes. These wedges are definitely in my fantasy shoe category!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    A pretty heel that I could wear every day and would match with everything.

  • Laurie

    My fantasy eco shoe would be a really comfortable, durable, stylish flip-flop.

  • Brittney Taylor

    My ideal cruelty free shoe would be eco friendly and made out of
    upcycle material also both femme & comfy < maybe a low wedge sandal

  • Brenna C Gay

    My fantasy eco shoe is a heeled shoe retro, 1930-1940’s, details! Something I can dance in or wear to work!

  • Bailey Irene

    My fantasy eco shoes would be the kid of shoes I could take my students on a field trip to the zoo in DC and after I drop them off at the metro, I could meet my friends for happy hour. Dress down, dress up, and go all day. Probably something I could ideally shoe off my red polished toes!

  • rayzilla

    those are so pretty! my fantasy eco shoe would be a pair of chelsea boots, something simple and classic :), and in black!!

  • felicia sidoma

    I love eco’s shoes. My best one would be a small heeled cowboy boot. As I live in AZ the boots would be perfect for the little ones.

  • Heather Cole

    Wow! It’s amazing what people come up with when inspiration strikes!! I’d love a pair of lace up booties that have the softness of suede without the cruelty!!

  • Elise Landesberg

    Would be easy to walk all day in the library as I am a librarian and with my salary can’t afford the prices of most good stylish vegan shoes! My dream shoe is comfortable And with a heel I can wear all day with all different outfits.

  • Kerrie Booker Schrack

    Breathable, supportive yet feminine- love the wedges shown!

  • Katy NYR

    Sydney Brown is the epitome of the ideal shoe designer. She considers both the animals and the environment in her creations, which shows she thinks about the bigger picture, something we should all consider in our decision making. Love all of her shoes and it would be an honor to own a pair and help promote her message.

  • Cassandra Sica

    My fantasy shoe is simple, stylish, chic, and environmentally/cruelty free. One of the best feelings in the world is when someone compliments your shoes, and you know that not only do you look good, but, more importantly, you feel good because no souls were harmed in the name of fashion!

  • Moya

    Cute, (because people think if something is eco it can’t be cute),Good support, breathable, sturdy, and well made for the money that you will be spending, and these look really good I would love to win these!

  • Leslie Jean

    My fantasy Eco shoe would be a stylish flat that is comfy and transitions from day to night seamlessly! Preferably black!

  • Laura

    Mine would have to be very cute and comfortable! The more recycled materials, the better. Recycling and up cycling are very important to me and that’s why I would love to have any Sydney Brown shoes!!

  • Julie Hernandez

    LOVE! It’s so difficult to find shoes combining ethically responsible materials and construction with style that’s modern and timeless. These Sydney Brown shoes tick all the above. I’d wear these till they literally fell off.

  • Julia Mazzucato

    My fantasy shoe is something that makes me feel beautiful, chic, and stylish, but still feel good about how I am affecting the world. A beautiful, cruelty free pair of shoes that I can feel good about myself in is my fantasy!


  • Dawn Pearson

    These shoes look so comfortable, I could were these all day long since they have a heel it should really help my feet, since my left foot had a spure and alot shoes hurt my feet, so I think these are perfect!

  • Judy Jackson

    My fantasy eco shoe: A stylish comfortable shoe that embodies the cruelty free gentle impact I wish to make upon our earth.

  • Kimberly M.

    My fantasy eco shoe is stylish, comfortable, feminine, environmentally and cruelty free because that is the only way it could truly be an eco shoe.

  • Lisa davis

    This is a wonderfully made shoe. I would love to be able to show my support for being vegan and show my community that this there is more beautiful choices than cruelty.

  • Jeannine

    A very comfortable and cute, scrunchy ankle boot, with a short heel (in black).

  • ReichhardtS

    This comes pretty close! Mine would be close toed so that I can wear it to work, cute, and functional so that my feet don’t ache at the end of the day!

  • Carolyn Mae Ladas

    My fantasy eco shoe is a piece of footwear that not only is stylish and comfortable but also leaves a healthy imprint on this planet.

  • elizabeth Sunderland

    I love products that are made by our recycled goods. Not so sure if they will hold up as well. my ideal shoe would have to be sturdy with good arch support (mesh on bunion side so area can have extra room.

  • Maria Gil Ulldemolins

    What a great opportunity, thank you!
    I am trained as a designer and love minimalist, understated styles that still have personality (much like Sydney Brown’s). So it’d be very plain and highlight the natural beauty of the material (like the wood here!).
    And of course, they’d be very comfy, not too tall, and match pretty much anything.

  • Fiona

    This is my fantasy eco-shoe! Would be perfect with my loved and trusted flares for summer x

  • Stacy W

    Something that is cute yet super comfy since I have a stand up desk at work.

  • Kirsten Antony

    Fantasy eco shoe would be comfy and cute, casual yet classy.

  • danab419

    My fantasy show is simple, supportive, classic, cruelty free and eco!! Would love to add these beautiful classic shoes to my wardrobe!

  • Stacia

    A faux leather clog would be perfect- simple enough to go with every outfit, but stylish enough to make things interesting.

  • Joy

    I have been a vegetarian for several years now, but I struggle with finding shoes that are cruelty-free, still look good and, most importantly, still breathe! “Pleather” is not comfortable! (and I’m sure bad for the environment) :) These wedges would be a dream – perfect for work or evenings out. And best of all, not made from animals!

  • Jacqueline Verrilli

    A shoe that would make me feel as though I were wearing none: like I was floating and weightless. My shoe would effortlessly match my style of dress for the day and elevate my grubbies to haute couture. My shoe would be made of nothing – be absolutely free from manufacture and yet protect my foot vigilantly as though I were Achilles. It appears that these are as close to this as anyone can get. I love them.

  • Chickie Brewer

    My fantasy shoe is eco friendly, super comfortable, cute and extremely durable.

  • maria

    fantasy eco shoes = comfy, stylish, sassy

  • Pam

    wow. i think this shoe is my fantasy shoe! i love vegan shoes. but it’s sometimes really hard to find a shoe that is cute, cruelty free, and fits well. this style is gorgeous. i would love to be the owner of a pair!

  • A Lamb

    My dream shoe would be a waterproof vegan sherpa boot that comes to the knee and laces up, like out of the hobbit films.

  • Lindsey

    Appropriate for work and play, Beautiful, Comfy, Doesn’t leave a blister, Eco everything, Fabulous, Graciously made, Hella cool, Ingenious, Just right! I could go on…!

  • Cheyla Martinez

    My fantasy Eco shoe would be super comfortable, affordable, stylish and easy to wear because I am on my feet all day. I also love that they ar Eco and currently do not own any Eco shoes but hope to one day. My first baby is on its way and I think these would be the perfect shoe to go in and out of the house and look good doing it!

  • Colleen Crawford

    My fantasy eco friendly shoe would have to begin with comfort, but with a twist of style as well. These wedges look fantastic, and would be awesome to own! Brilliant design! Koodos to Sydney Brown.

  • Rachel

    My fantasy shoe is simple and practical, yet cute and stylish. Eco friendly and cruelty free of course. Super comfortable but stylish! Not too much for a girl to ask for, right? =)

  • Phyllis Ida Concordia

    I feel a great sense of peace when wearing cruelty-free, eco-friendly clothing and accessories. My fantasy eco shoe… is going to be one that proudly lasts as long as the eco jacket that I purchased in 1999! It had cost me about $20 and is made from recycled materials (and sometimes I find pieces of tinsel in it, still and that makes me smile)… I’m wearing it today as a matter of fact. It’s a little raggedy at this point, but all through the years it has never let me down. With that said my fantasy eco shoe is something I can marvel at anytime I wear it and think of how proud I am to be wearing something that was cruelty-free in its manufacturing and feel a sense of peace in knowing not a single person, or living element was harmed in the process. I love helping people to understand the importance of not living in such a disposable society and I love when a well-made and nice-looking accessory opens the platform to talk about this. It’s important!

  • Lindsay Rider

    My fantasy eco shoe tricks everyone and looks like a non-eco shoe! a daring stiletto with a fantastic sparkle or shine which makes people ask “where did you get those?! I LOVE them!” any opportunity to tell more people about eco friendly options!

  • Erin Kristine Ehly

    These are the dream shoe! i love that they are made in los Angeles with vegan materials. Cute comfy and cruelty free is the way to be!

  • Nicole

    my fantasy eco shoe is one that is equal parts heart, style and comfort. these are gorgeous!

  • Madeline

    My fantasy shoe is sleek and stylish. a classic. It MUST be made of vegan materials and an added bonus would be a shoe that is made out of recycled or excess materials. Since I care so much about what I eat, I want to make sure the fashion companies I support care about the planet and our environment. My fantasy shoe is also comfortable. So in conclusion Sydney Brown shoes are my dream shoe! Thank you so much for introducing me to this brand I am now an instant fan of their footwear.

  • Jennifer Thayer Knight

    Love those shoes!!! They would help me to celebrate 5 years vegan. Maybe this is TMI but a fantasy vegan shoe would be one that does not make you feet sweat. Of course they need to be cute and comfy too.

  • Aldina

    Just Beautiful! My fantasy eco shoe would be super comfortable and hold up just as long as traditional shoes, but would cause no harm to animals and be made with sustainable materials.

  • Debi359

    My ideal Eco shoes would be stylish, comfortable, and cruelty free. The slides above fit the bill! Have a lovely day. :)

  • Shannon

    My fantasy eco shoe is cruelty free, constructed from all recycled/repurposed materials, and made start-to-finish by fairly treated workers using practices and equipment that don’t pollute the environment. Also really cute and super comfortable!

  • Emily Meath

    Love the idea of finding simple, classic staples in eco friendly and vegan options. There are lots of trendy shoes out there but always looking for timeless designs that I can feel good about wearing! These wedges look beautiful

  • Mary Elizabeth Strehl

    My dream Eco friendly, cruelty free shoe would be a ballet flat in a rosy pale pink color, and it would have a small bow detail on the front with a little gold bead or something on the bow tassels. This ballet flat would have a super squishy comfy inside so you can wear them all the time out running errands and saving the world one animal at a time!! They would also look good with everything from dresses to jeans and a tshirt!

  • Lizzy G

    100% biodegradable–no harm done to the earth <3

  • Suz

    Moto boots!

  • Alisha

    Breathable shoes that have don’t get stinky. Love the heel height of these. Sexy & cruelty free ❤️✨

  • Heather

    A shoe that fits your natural foot shape and is comfortable!

  • Rebecca

    I would say a black heel that would work for dressing up or look great with jeans.

  • ashley

    MIne would be a cute clog, that breathes, is fashionable but yet not very tall. It needs to be reliable, sturdy and not a waste of money. Quality! :)

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    That is my fantasy eco shoe. I love Sydney Brown !

  • Sheila Chaffins

    My Eco fantacy shoe would be diabetic shoes. I have to wear them and I am not aware of any that Eco friendly.

  • NCC22

    These are my fantasy shoe! Cruelty-free, sustainable, reclaimed, and great style!! Want want want!

  • Chelsea W

    Fashionable, comfortable, and a little bit edgy!

  • Sandy

    a beautiful shoe! Ticks all the boxes for a fantasy eco shoe: style, style, style, comfort, but most importantly, cruelty free

  • Courtney Kirkpatrick

    I would love an Ugg type boot. Something easy to slip on and comfortable. Something I could tell Ugg wearers about.

  • Cherie

    Oh my! I would LOVE if they made cute, bright, and spunky running shoes that are eco-friendly. I run a lot, and it’s nearly impossible to find eco friendly running shoes that offer adequate support and last a long time. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find some, by the way?? :)

    • Jennifer Rayl

      Asics are a good brand. They’re all faux leather as far as I know (the few pairs I own are at least). They also have great mesh ventilation, and great support. Hope this helps. :)

    • Sandra Whitlock Dwan

      vivo barefoot? I love them ~

  • Melissa Eben

    My “not so fantasy” eco shoe dream is a full line of equestrian boots and tack that are free of animal products! All of the highest quality equestrian gear is leather… so far the synthetic products fall into the lower end products. My dream is that the top level equestrian athletes, celebrities, and equestrians everywhere will align their love for horses with a love for all animals! I have a small equestrian store in Orange County, and with the right resources & support, would absolutely love to offer high-quality vegan equestrian tack, apparel, and horse care products! Melissa Reese, SoCal Saddlery, 619-571-9977

  • Don Pepe Paco

    I wish a shoes with a solar system, for run in the night with natural lights.
    Also with natural scent of pine, forever.

  • dgale2012

    I’m a beach girl…so my fantasy shoe is a platform stylish cruelty free flip flop with just the right amount of “bling”.

  • Lyndsie Compton

    My ultimate eco-shoe fantasy would be to see kind shoes become more accessible and affordable to all. I’m lucky to live in Portland, OR, where there is a thriving local economy, but it is still a struggle to afford all eco-friendly products, especially fashion items. Right now it is relatively rare to find cruelty free products that are sustainably made in the US, that is to say unkind products are much more common, and therefore much less expensive. If these products, labor practices, and sourcing materials become more mainstream perhaps they would become more accessible to all. So many of us who choose to live an eco-friendly and kind lifestyle also work for independent, grass roots businesses and as we know that usually provides only a modest income. For many of us $400 shoes would simply be out of the question financially even though they may be worth every penny due the kind nature in which they are made. We certainly know less is more when it comes to eco-friendly fashion. It’s better to have a small wardrobe of kind clothing than a giant wardrobe of cruel clothing, but it would be oh so nice to see eco-friendly fashion become available to kind-lifers on all budgets.

  • Beth Rapp

    Oh my goodness, THIS is my fantasy shoe!! Eek!! I have been having so much trouble with vegan shoes being a: not cute. Or b: not sturdy enough. This Sydney Brown shoe is made out of recycled plastic and wood?! That seems to me like it will hold up very well, and it is about the cutest, most versatile clog I’ve ever seen!

  • Cindy Batchelor

    A beautiful pointed heel with luxurious texture in a beautiful bright color!

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    Cute, comfy, cruelty free.

  • Bel Le Flore

    I really dig these Eco shoes! Fashion is fun but I would love to find some for work, in nursing when your on your feet for 12-13 shifts, great comfy shoes are a necessity! I have non leather ones but they aren’t eco like these.. Maybe someday designers will not only cute ones but different style for all occasions and trades.

  • Bayeb

    When I saw the Sydney Brown shoe I really Loved it! It’s fashion forward, and oh yea! Comfortable, cruelty free and sustainable! The lining made out of recycled plastic bottles, now that’s very clever! And cool! Jus Luv em! It’s my Eco fantasy shoe! Thanks for finding it for me, I’m going to get a pair!

  • Karolina Zakonek

    Designer Brown,
    gets the crown,
    for best clogs in town!
    Creates beautiful shoes,
    breaks all the rules,
    cures all non-leather blues….

    Lol, just goofing off. Anyway, awesome shoes! :)

  • ManenaM

    My fantasy eco shoe would be one that is not only cute and comfy but also affordable and available to everyone, so more people could wear them, in order to keep showing to the world by example, especially to my children, how to contribute to take care of our one and only Mother Earth.

  • Tina

    My fantasy eco shoe would be a killer high heel. An eco friendly version of Christian Louboutins or Manolo Blahniks. I can’t afford them, but this is a fantasy, right? 😉

  • olivia

    I would love a comfortable, stylish wedge that is made without animal cruelty! All of the heels or boots that I buy never seem to feel great on my feet. This Sydney brown shoe seems magical!!

  • Jaime Och

    I love the Sydney Brown shoe. I love that it is cruelty free! I am going to look into getting a pair. Slowly I am changing my closet to cruelty free and eco friendly. This would be an awesome addition.

  • Pippi Hepburn

    These are so nice. I would love this simple elegant shoe with a cork sole. I can add a gel insole to these, but I walk to shop for supplies in NYC and my feet are beat when I get home.

  • Jaime Och

    I love these shoes… I love that they are slip on. I am a beach girl and love shoes that slip on. Being a busy working mom of 2 kids who are very active I need shoes that slip on and do not look like they are my slippers… Now to find some running shoes that are cruelty free and that last….

  • theresano

    My eco-friendly shoe would be a casual I could wear everyday as comfortable as a tennis shoe, but not a tennis shoe.

  • Sandra Whitlock Dwan

    Cork and light untreated wood with ribbons ~ perfect combo!!!

  • Kathryn

    Well these are an excellent start! Mine are old school biker boots that are flexible, comfortable and durable.

  • patty

    If I won Sydney Browns shoes i would give them to my beautiful daughter in law (Ashley).
    My daughter in law and my son (jesse)are both vegan and they are expecting there first baby.WOOT WOOt.
    They both love animals and respect them.They have a cat named puddy he is there pride and joy.I know they will instill the same love and respect for animals in there new baby’s life.
    I think Sydney Brown should design i really cool shoe for mommies to be.I know my daughter in law would wear them with pride.I would feel awesome knowing her cute little feet would be comfy cozy.

  • Amy Winkler

    Durable, comfortable, vegan, eco-friendly, and super cute – what more could a girl want?

  • Caroline Macfarlane

    First of all I adore your shoes! It’s still difficult to find simple, contemporary, edgy vegan shoes. I am so glad to have discovered your designs. My ultimate Sydney Brown shoe would be a classic Chelsea Boot, with a teeny heel and some recycled wood. I will dream about it tonight….

  • Vina Tchokreff Lewis

    My fantasy Eco shoe would have a footbed that could confirm to My Footprint; with a stable arch support, (because I am a pronator) and it would also have a feminine exterior of the shoe so it coordinates with skirts or slacks.
    :) thank you

  • Denise Beuter

    A modern mary jane with a wide strap and 3 inch wedge!

  • Rachel

    My fantasy eco shoe would be nice vegan leather dress shoes, without a heel

  • Becca

    These are pretty good looking clogs! That is hard to find. I would say my dream eco shoe would be something that looks a little dressy but feels as comfortable as slippers :)

  • Amanda Tran

    Shoes that I can bury and let biodegrade after I have used them. Wear them into the ground. LOL smiley face

  • Liz

    I became a Vegan 8 months ago and find myself still purging my closet of any non Vegan items. It is a slow process so winning these beauties would greatly help! They are so pretty and I have seen some not so pretty non Vegan items.

  • Justin Castillo

    Just comfortable and recyclable

  • Michele Johnson

    My fantasy eco shoe would be cute AND comfortable!!!

  • Dina Banks

    I would love some cozy Eco sleepers. And winter boots! This looks like so much fun and stylish at the same time)))

  • Summer

    My fantasy shoe is very comfy that you can were it every day and feel stylish. Made from recycled materials with small details of wood and fruit nuclei. Love eco –
    its wonderful !

  • Sabrina S Holland

    I want a conversation piece! I want my perfect eco-shoe compliments to begin an unusual conversation (Not, “oh… vegan shoes… ok…”) that goes beyond the shoes to, “Those are amazing! And vegan? Why are you vegan?”). It takes a special shoe to be seen as more shoe than vegan, which leaves more room for the WHY. And just for specifics, I would love a pair of heels with a hidden platform in a really fun color. Thank you for the opportunity to share and win these!

  • Tanya

    These are cute! If they’re comfy, then they’re a winner! I love the idea of cute, fancy shoes, but in reality, really (really) comfy stylish slip-ons are my dream shoes.

  • HS

    Cruelty free flip flops! To wear inside and outside!

  • Jessi

    Ahhh I love these!! My fantasy eco shoes would be knee high boots with a kitten heel – as a 6 foot tall lady who also loves fashion, it’s SO HARD to find sexy, cruelty free, not sky-high boots!

  • tweetyscute

    I love comfortable wedges.

  • Robin Mozingo

    I would love a stylish, eco-friendly ankle boot with a stacked heel, Durable rubber outsole and breathable leather liner. It would be great in a black or dark brown.

  • Meena R

    This actually sounds a lot like my fantasy eco shoe. I want a shoe that has been made in the most ideal conditions in terms of workplace, labor and materials. These shoes seems exactly like that. I would like to also see tennis shoes or boots as well!

  • Trina

    My fantasy eco shoes are versatile. They can go with dressed down casual clothes or a nice dress. They would also be very comfortable and allow me to run around with my three kids.

  • courtney

    Sole rebels kind series!!

  • Cindy Aiton

    My eco friendly shoe would be a faux leather sandal clog with reclaimed wood or cork heels. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.


  • Michelle Howe

    Something bright and flirty but eco friendly too! It would need to be comfy enough to wear all day. And open toed!!

  • Mama Tummy

    This would actually be my fantasy eco shoe! I have found that wedges are best for me and no matter what shoe I wear I always get blisters on the back of my heels so this is perfect! I love the simplicity and the materials it’s made out of.

  • Lizanna Pompa

    These are actually really cute, I’d wear them! :) All I want is stylish eco/vegan friendly shoes and although there are a few it seems to be a bit challenging to find the right ones. No animals need to be harmed in order to have a super cute shoe! :)

    • Don Pepe Paco


  • ellen schull

    I would like something that would help the arthritis in my feet better, and wouldn’t make the all sweaty, and would look cute and stylish.

  • Sara Lynn Livingston

    I would love an eco shoe with a bamboo wedge and faux leather upper with some laser cut designs! Something perfect to wear with a summer dress or a pair of skinny jeans and a cute top!

  • Jennie Cake

    I’m pretty simple and love comfy chucks and other tennis shoes. Winning these would up my cute shoe side of the closet and they still look super comfortable and easy to walk in.

  • Heatherem

    A tall platform shoe with a real chunky heal, in bright blue – these would be my dream wedding shoes (for my something blue)
    Its so hard to find fun shoes with a serious message!

  • Jordan Nicole

    I love really natural looking shoes. Like a simple sandal with Hemp similar in look to the “Teva” sandals. A flower child shoe 😉 Of course I live where there are 4 extreme seasons so I do need some cute vegan boots for the snow! Anybody know of a good place?

  • christine marti

    These are really cute! My design would be a multi-colored strappy sandal for the up coming long awaited warm summer season.

  • samantha heard

    oh my
    goodness. Eco friendly shoes?! where do I start? shoes that leave behind zero carbon footprint. maybe even with some sort of bottom that has something made into it to help nurture the grounds we walk on.

  • Liovani Nazario

    My dream eco shoe will be short booties that I can dress up or down depending on the ocassion 😉

  • Jenn

    My dream shoe would be an Eco-friendly version of the UGg sweater boot. When I am training for marathons, I love to slip on some comfy flip flops after to let my feet breathe. But in the later fall it is too cold and I want something soft for my foot that is still acceptable to wear out. Kudos to Sydney Browb and this great comfy, everyday shoe that is animal and enironment friendly!

  • jtlittlelong

    My fantasy eco shoe would be one that children could create using all eco friendly crafts in school. Maybe a boot as I love boots! But they tool arts and crafts out of so many schools that it would give the kids the chance to have arts and crafts learn about being eco friendly and create something cruelty free everyone could feel good about wearing

  • Velder Tweedy Dixon

    casual comfy pretty-that dont hurt my toes

  • Anastasia Lynn

    I love the cruelty-free leather. As someone who knows how durable and strong quality leather is, I am overjoyed to find this pair of shoes! The cork heels are durable and comfortable, and matched with the black leather they will go with any outfit. As a lover of leather *and* a vegan, I would love this pair of shoes! =)

  • Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

    my fantasy vegan shoe would be an eco-friendly/vegan hiking shoe that is as comfortable as it is fashionable (yes, a non-hideous hiking shoe would be awesome) — so hard to find those!
    my other fantasy shoe is a vegan and eco-friendly knee high everyday boot. i love my boots — they are all second hand and man made, but probably not super great for the earth. i love boots, love wearing them every day spring fall and winter but want some ec-fashionable vegan ones so i can represent conscious, cruelty free style!

  • Lynette

    comfort and style, I have a high arch and finding comfortable cute shoes is hard.

  • margaretporter

    My fantasy shoe would giveme good support and help ease the ache of my plantar fascitis. My feet and legs ache every day

  • Amy Tebow

    My fantasy Eco shoe would be a snazzy pair of sandals that I could walk along the beach with confort and ease.

  • rebecca

    I think the shoe shown is my ideal shoe. It’s perfect, it goes with everything, it’s guilt-free. It’s appropriate to every age range. I love it!

  • lshumack

    Mine would be a sandal because unless there is now on the ground I pretty much live in mine!

  • Megan

    I want to feel like I’m not wearing any I love the way these look! Very trendy! I would show these off everywhere I go and my friends will drool! :)

  • Melissa Shaulis Mazzur

    My fantasy eco shoe would be stylish, fun, colorful, with great comfort!

  • meganngu

    Eco heels that are easy to walk in but so stylish? One can hope

  • Lisa

    I love these shoes! I’m short, so I like a comfy heel with support.

  • Anna Haggerty

    I would love a good comfy sandal! I wear them a lot!

  • Jes

    What could be better than starting the day with positivity. Being connected to the earth physically by something that was made with love, responsibility and style.