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From My Closet Giveaway: Casual Tops & Necklace

Congrats Lorrie, you are the winner of this giveaway!

This was so tough! There were so many amazing organizations that I love or just learned about. Thank you so much for all you kind lifers.


These cute Vaute Couture tops are definitely a staple in my wardrop. I love the prints and colors so much. I like to wear these when it’s warm out since they’re so comfy. They look so cute with small shorts or as a sexy pajama with just your underwear. They will fit a S-M.

From My Closet

This Stella McCartney top made with organic cotton has a great vivid green color. It’s also so soft and comfortable. It will look really cute with your favorite pair of shorts or jeans. This will fit a size M-L.

From My Closet

This SoulKu necklace is simple and elegant. The opaline crystal is beautiful. Even more, 10% of Soul-Full of Light necklace profits go to Women for Women International, whose mission is to support women in war-torn regions with financial and emotional aid, job-skills training, rights education and small business assistance so they can rebuild their lives.

To win these casual tops and necklace leave me a comment below telling about a non-profit organization you volunteer for or donate to and why. 

I will announce the winner on Friday May 22nd.

With Love,




  • Laura

    I like to donate money to Mercy For Aminals whenever I can because I love the research they do and the work they do to bring awareness to animal abuse. I also donate to The Epilepsy Foundation because my son suffers from epilepsy. These causes are very important to me!

  • Leah Greenwald

    I donated to various collections in my town that help families in emergency need. I’ve donated money, clothes, books, and toys. We get a lot of things from my parents and i’m happy to pass along things in new or like new condition to those who need.

  • penny

    I volunteer every Saturday morning at Bountiful Baskets Co-Op. Through the power of co-operative communities, we’re able to bring fresh fruits and veggies to families living in food deserts. It’s so gratifying to present families with their weekly box of fresh produce. And -not gonna lie- I do enjoy getting a workout moving boxes of bananas and mangos!

  • teresa

    I volunteer/donate to PAWS. of western washington. Why? They not only help abandoned and homeless animals (dogs cats etc) but also injured animals. Even large animals like horses. They also help wild animals which are injured and need the help getting back into the wild etc. They are also about educating people and helping them to keep their own pets in their homes. I volunteer there because I enjoy being around and helping the animals that I can help. And I donate to make the funds possible to help all these poor needing animals. They are. A great group!!!

    • Katie C

      that’s great!!

  • Crystal Pierre

    I volunteer for the church food shelter, it’s an awesome thing to meet different people and see families getting fed well. My most recent donation was to the leukemia and lymphoma society in honor of my aunt who passed from leukemia, and it goes to support a friend running a marathon to raise money for them.

    • Katie C

      that great, all of these comments are great!! I am very sorry about your Aunt.

  • Blue Juell

    Why Not Now Ministries is a non profit that rescues children from sex trafficking in Vietnam. They have recently opened an orphanage for rescued children where they get medical care and education. Not to mention a safe place to heal and live and be loved by a passionate team of parents. The ministry is spear headed by Mark and Jessica Neitz, along with their two kids, who left behind their home in america to follow their passion for rescuing children. Not only did I have the pleasure of bwing ministered to by the Neitz every Wednesday in my church youth group, but even in my daily life they were always there. I know first hand their heart and passion for this. They have fought goverments and traffickers alike to open this home for these kids. And they do whatever they can.

  • Carly Pollard

    I choose to donate to the ASPCA because I think Animal cruelty needs to stop. Speak for those that cannot speak.❤️

  • Amanda

    I am on the board of directors for Northwest VEG, an organization in the Pacific Northwest that is dedicated to bringing awareness to the power of a plant-based lifestyle. We hold events all the time – vegan potlucks, dine outs, speakers – and I have met so many wonderful people in our vegan community. I love being part of this organization and I can’t wait for the Portland VegFest this November!

  • Janine Lamb

    One child matters, They Help poor children overseas get food and schooling.

  • Lauren Uter

    I am a volunteer for a non-profit hospice organization. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to serve people and their families during a difficult time in their lives.

  • Crystal

    There are so many wonderful organizations out there! I wish I could donate/help with more, as of now I donate to Gospel for Asia, Compassion International, and particularly, Redeemed Ministries. This ministry helps redeem/restore/minister to the ladies who were held in sex trafficking situations. To me, held in bondage to this type of situation is one of the worst to a soul. These ladies are given a second chance at life and it is remarkable at what hardships they must overcome to be able to live their new life.

    If we could all give, if only a little, what a change we can make!

  • Terry Mumma

    I need that shirt because bunnies! Pleeeeeeease????

  • amanda

    These are so cute! After watching the documentary ‘A Walk to Beautiful’, I fell in love with the Fistula Foundation. They do such amazing work for women and truly change lives.

  • Darby.

    Right now I volunteer for Greenpeace in an effort to stop Shell from drilling in the Arctic, where there is a 75% chance of an oil spill and 100% chance of environmental disruption. Not only are the lives of those working in danger, with 50-foot waves and thunderstorms, but the catastrophic aftermath of a spill would harm both land and sea creatures, many of which are already gravely endangered. The drilling site is located right in the middle of 3 difference species of whale’s migration paths, which will very well disrupt their path and pollute their waters. In Seattle, where Shell has parked one of their drilling rigs, we have been hosting many rallies and peaceful protests to demand Shell refrain from drilling, especially since they are just now cleaning up their previous spills in countries like Nicaragua from 7 years ago. We hope to at least stall the mission if not completely derail Shell from drilling this summer. We hope for a more sustainable future with safe and renewable energy sources and the best time to take on that fight is now.

    PS I love elephants :)

  • Jessica Hice

    I volunteered at Interfaith Community Services alot during 2013 and 2014…an amazing non profit that aids the homeless in San Diego!! They offer emergency housing during cold months, school supplies for children, daily meals for homeless vets and much,much more! Xoxox. Whenever I am in the area visiting family, I try to make it to their fundraising events and pop in to say hi to familiar faces.

  • Susan

    I support Farm Sanctuary because of the work they do promoting animal welfare and shedding light on the horrors of the meat industry!

  • Aurora Parlin

    I did a Volunteer Vacation with Equality Maine where I spent a week doing work to help them win gay marriage in the state. My dad is from Maine, I’ve lived there for a bit as well as vacationed there every summer since birth, and I’ m gay, so it was really important for me to see gay marriage legalized up there.

  • Katie C

    Hi Alicia! I love your website and everything you represent. I love animals, am vegan, and I work for a non profit cat shelter. They are called the Delaware Humane Association. Well, actually I don’t work there, but I volunteer as often as I can. I don’t know if you are still doing this giveaway–but I am a struggling college student and I can barely afford classes, so winning any sort of giveaway would be awesome!!!

    Thanks for the great vibes!! Love from Pennsylvania


  • Jennie Cake

    I help with the reunion parties for a community non profit circus skills program that provides free classes to kids. I also donate to Southern California German shepherd rescue because 100% goes to the pups.

  • Katie C

    Oops! I forgot to mention why I donate my time to the Delaware Humane Association…I hope this doesn’t sound stupid but I feel that animals have a voice that are unheard by so many. I would like to be the voice for them. It brings tears to my eyes to see a cat (or any animal..) enclosed in a cage. Sometimes these cats never get out of the cage to play. And sometimes, these cats live out their entire lives in the cages. I try my best to be at the DHA, even though it is kind of far from where I live, so that I can make sure that these beautiful creatures get to play outside of their cages. They get to socialize. When I first started volunteering I thought if I could just get ONE cat a home then I will have made a difference in a precious life. Now I have helped a few older cats get homes and that makes me feel so happy. In fact, I don’t even deserve to get any cool free stuff because of what I do at the DHE. I think that the work I do is not only the least I can do…but is reward enough. I have never corresponded with a celebrity but if you read this, Alicia, thank you so much for all of the work you have been doing. I love your book The Kind Diet, and look forward to reading The Kind Mama someday!!!!

  • Katie C

    Hi Alicia! I love your website and everything you represent. I love animals, am vegan, and I work for a non profit cat shelter. They are called the Delaware Humane Association. Well, actually I don’t work there, but I volunteer as often as I can. I don’t know if you are still doing this giveaway–but I am a struggling college student and I can barely afford classes, so winning any sort of giveaway would be awesome!!! I work for the DHA because I want to give animals a voice and get them out of their cages. (IM sorry if this is a repeat comment I had some trouble with disqus). I started volunteering my time there because I thought, if I can just get one of these precious animals in to a loving home and out of this metal cage then I can make a difference in their life. I have now helped over 6 older cats get homes (I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but its hard to get people to not go for the kittens!!) and have found many kittens homes as well. I also make sure that I put in time at the DHA to get the cats out of their cages so that they can socialize. I love being a voice for the animals and I have even adopted two myself. In fact, when I was first writing this comment I thought that I don’t even need to win these beautiful items because the work Im doing with these animals is not only the least I can do, but extremely rewarding. Also, I have never communicated with a celebrity so if your reading this Alicia then I would love to thank you for your work, and I love your book The Kind Diet. You put out a ton of positive vibrations, and for that I thank you. Gotta love the kind life :-)

    Thanks for the great vibes!! Love from Pennsylvania


  • Jaimie

    I donate to Greenpeace every month. I used to be a canvasser for them but I had to move away where there is no office close by. I believe they a good voice for things that don’t or can’t speak for themselves; like animals and forests. They aren’t afraid to go after the big corps and get things done. They’re a non-profit that actually means it. Only a tiny percentage of the donation goes to administration fees, the rest goes directly to the cause. They also walk the walk. All the paper products they use are recycled and printed with soy ink. I wish more people cared about the environment and the future.

  • Heather Hart

    I love the Sustainable Economies Law Center and have donated to help their efforts. I would love to volunteer for them one day as well! They help develop sustainable communities by empowering the people within it. It’s a wonderful organization.

  • Jane Thygerson

    Hi Alicia! I would love to win something from your wardrobe! I am a huge fan! Your book was really helpful during my transition three years ago. I donated recently to the ASPCA after they rescued 130 dogs from a puppy mill in my state, Alabama. This was in March 2015.

  • Lesley

    In Portland I volunteer at Urban Farm Collective. We take vacant lots and turn them into urban gardens. The organic foods then go to community members who otherwise would not be able to get local quality produce (Like local food pantries that handle donations). This helps in multiple ways, we build stronger communities, through volunteering people can learn how to produce food, and we donate the goods!

  • Frank Salazar

    I hope to win the organic shirt and give mom the necklace. i have volunteered for more than 4 years with the veteran Affairs hospital because veterans not only need their medical needs met but are also seeking compassion and assistance after returning from deployment.

  • Beth

    I have volunteered for the past 7 years with various feline animal rescue groups. My current one is located in my city called Operation CatSnip of KY. They go above and beyond to help the cat population and pet owners in the area. They offer free clinics for spay/neuter and volunteers can foster cats. I have fostered a mother cat with a litter of 5 and she adopted 2 abandoned kittens. It is still a wonderful memory of an animals love for her children, even adopted ones. My own cats where all rescues so for me, this is how I help homeless cats get new forever homes (just like my own did!).

  • jtlittlelong

    A place called Hopesparks. It provides many services for families that need help with things such as counseling and especially children’s services like developmental disabilities. They provide in home services to help children under three leant how to speak or other delays so they can so better in school. There are many other programs. Without Hopesparks these younger children may not have the advantages kids their own ages and families have. I volunteer there to help those that are struggling and in need of it. This program also takes donations and helps out families at Christmas time.

  • Rachel

    I volunteer with Animal Place sanctuary on the weekends to show my love and respect for farmed animals, and I participate in Samaritans Purse/operation christmas child every christmas to get Christmas presents to kids in need.

  • Nina Vought

    Best Friends! Compassion is the best!

  • Jessica Cassidy Goodwin

    I love these tops and mostly the necklace. I love to empower women of other countries who don’t have the rights and freedom like we do here in America. Belonging to women of international business it is important they know opportunities are there for them. We personally give to Standford Children’s and Jacobs Heart to help children with cancer. We have two very healthy children we are so lucky to have. To even think of what the parents of a child with cancer go through is unimaginable. We also donate our time to Save our Shores here in Santa Cruz and clean our beaches. Thank you Alicia for all you do and to all the vegans who think of our earth and well being first.

  • Karissa Bowers

    I’d like to volunteer for the humane society of San Diego which gives educational speeches to classrooms of young kids to help them realize they can make a change in the world by going vegan!

  • Yulissa Cardona

    I am a member of the UNICEF club at my public school and we participate in many UNICEF events such as the Tap Water project. We also volunteer locally to help homeless children. I joined this club because I enjoy giving hope back to the people that need it the most and I feel warm inside when I volunteer :)

  • Lisette Ramos

    I would love to put on the tops on a summer day. I love the feel of organic cotton. You can tell the difference. I love buying organic cotton clothing for my boys.

  • Lynn Bonelli

    One of my favorite non-profits is the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who is working to stop the illegal ivory trade while rescuing and raising orphaned baby elephants. Dame Sheldrick is a saint! I also donate to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary where I plan on volunteering this coming fall (the helped rehabilitate and rehome many of the Micael Vick..or Vicktory Dogs). Their mission is to help end the killing of the more than 5000 cats and dogs every day in America…”Save Them All”.

  • Malaika Roemer

    I donate to Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff Arizona. They take in animals that are going to be put down in other shelters. They have one of the highest adoption rates in the state and work closely with the city’s animal shelter as a backup in case of emergency (which has happened). I love this non-profit so much, and if I lived closer I’d be there volunteering as well.

  • Teresa

    I volunteer at our local animal shelter. I help by cleaning up after the animals feeding then and just overall being with them. People do not realize how much it helps the animals just by being near them and showing they care. I wish every single person would volunteer one hour of their time to help a poor animal then maybe they would realize how much a pet really matters! I see so many heartbreaking stories that do not need to happen. I do it because I can give a little hope to that poor animal and hopefully create a better life for it at least temporarily!!!

  • Sheryl S Thibeault

    I donate to PCRM, ASPCA, my local animal shelter and the American Heart association. The first three because I’ve my love of animals and wanting to make a difference. And the heart association because my dad died of heart disease when he was in his early 50’s.

  • Michelle K.

    What beautiful tops and I love that necklace! Such a peaceful stone! I volunteered for a non-profit, Emerging Strategies in NYC. I taught personal safety to their parent company, Prepare, Inc. for years. Their non-profit branch brings verbal and physical boundary setting/personal safety classes to women and children in need. A beautiful, and for many, affirming and deeply healing and empowering experience. To help a woman or child feel as beautiful and bold and strong as the elephants on the t-shirt or as delicate, but powerful as the opaline crystal was a great gift. I carry the work with me in my heart to this day as a mom.

  • Monica Mansfield

    I love Vaute! These tops are getting me excited about summer weather!

  • Cassie Vaughn

    American Vets often get our money as my hubs is a veteran.

  • Erin Ellis

    I donate to our local animal shelter (Animal Friends of the Valley) because they do so much good for the pets in our community, and we always adopt dogs from their facility. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.


    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  • Megan

    Hi Alicia! I recently stopped flirting with vegan and became a full vegan!! I donate to United Way because they support and fund a variety of non-profit organizations that help families in need throughout their communities. The programs they fund vary greatly, and I feel I am helping the community by supporting United Way!!

  • joannieME

    I donate my time to my church Food Pantry, Church of the Advent Episcopal in Brownsville, TX, packing and dispensing food to local families. There is a huge need for food for the hispanic community in Brownsville, which is on the Mexican border. Working there with these families is one of my most favorite and rewarding activities. I think I am blessed more than they are.

  • Kristi Agee

    I donate to a thrift store that benefits battered women and children. This is a close-to-my-heart cause and I will always donate. We need to be activists for the two-legged variety of animals when they’re faced with cruelty, too.

  • GK Okuma

    My husband and I sponsor two animals we were lucky to meet at the Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge, located in Pittsboro, NC. My husband and I visited the Refuge during its infancy and we wanted to help support its growth. Lenore has wonderful plans, background with Farm Sanctuary, and the warmest spirit. Her goal to help the animals inspires us so much and we want to do our part in aiding her mission.

  • amy

    I like to support the St.Joseph Indian School. I just feel very connected to the children there~

  • Kelly Wood Harrison

    I donate items to Sunshine Industries in
    my hometown, by donating items to them it provides people with disabilities the
    opportunity to work and live as independently as possible. Vocational training
    includes sheltered, transitional and community employment programs. It is a
    great way to help out other individuals by them making money off the sale of items and give them opportunity to live, get trainings and live a some- what normal life.

  • Kathy Gray

    i volunteer at my local humane society thrift store. it’s a good use of my time and all money made at the thrift store goes to help local animals in need.

  • Tiffany Norris

    Public radio because my husband and I both used to work for them and because our kids love it!

  • Sheryl Stratman

    I value and give to an organization in Santa Barbara, CA called Network Medical…it is a service that assists people offering accurate information and important facts so a person/couple can make an informed decision regarding whether or not they will terminate a pregnancy….as an ethical vegan, I value life in any form. Two years ago, I was able to help a 16 month old baby and her daddy living in an RV (mom was mentally ill) to transition into housing and stable childcare. The baby, Ginger, is one of the most amazing human beings I have had the privelage to know and love. If it weren’t for the organization offering the birth mother their free servies, Ginger would not be here today.

  • Rae Broderick

    I have adopted an African elephant from the WWF. I also contributed to the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. Elephants are incredibly beautiful. I admire their strength, wisdom and gentleness. I’m not sure why I am drawn to them as much as I am but I really connect with their spirit and vulnerability.

  • Lisette Ramos

    I love the feel of organic cotton. It will be great for summer.

  • Lesli

    I am a huge advocate of Small Dog Rescue. I volunteer for them because 3 years ago I adopted my dog, Violet, from their organization. At the time she was 9 years old with only 4 teeth and she had been in foster care for quite awhile as nobody seemed to want an older dog with no teeth. She is a Chihuahua Papillon mix and is one of the loves of my life. Adopting her was one of the best things I have ever done. I am passionate about finding homes for older dogs–they still have soooo much to give. I love Vaute Couture! :-)

  • Diane

    I volunteer at Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ohio. I love to be outside and feeling one with nature. Animals and nature bring peace and balance back into my crazy hectic life! <3

  • Julie Anthony

    HI everybody!!! Super cute tops and beautiful necklace. Thank you Alicia for these awesome giveaways. I love the organization Women for Women International and have been a sponsor with them throughout the years when I can afford it. I love how you can build a relationship with someone far away and get to know who they are and what their life is like. While the monthly donation makes a difference in their lives it also made a big difference in mine.. Its an exciting and super rewarding sponsor program!
    Also for the past 8 years, I mentor at the elementary school near my house meeting with at risk youth once a week. Its a really wonderful program because you get to be with the same child for several years and get to be someone they can count on to be there for them to talk, play games and help with school work.

  • Sami Collins

    Right now I’m on the committee and volunteering for a GMO Free NC/March Against Monsanto to bring awareness to what these chemical companies are doing to our food, water, ecosystem and planet. We’re losing the bees at an alarming rate, and these pesticides/herbicides are in our water, air and bodies already. If we don’t reverse it soon, we may not have a sustainable planet for future generations. Not to mention what it’s doing to our health right now. There is a worldwide March Against Monsanto, May 23, 2015. There is a march somewhere near you. Please go to one. Help raise awareness to get our planet out of the hands of chemical companies before they completely destroy it. Thanks!
    Copy/paste the like below to find your country/state.

    I also give when I can to the MS Society. My brother had MS, so that charity is the primary one for now. Of course, animal shelters always need help too!

    Oh, and don’t get me started on the planes flying in criss-cross patterns in the air all the time now-spraying who knows what. It’s a rare site these days to see real clouds in the sky vs a thin layer of chemicals. It’s up there, so it has to come down (on us). Ack!

  • Becky Bjerke

    I live in a very small South Dakota town so I am limited to what I can do compared to larger cities dut to the fact that there are not a lot of organizations out here. But I know that it starts with just one person. I volunteer for a non-profit organization that I do on my own by helping people in need with food. I gather canned foods and dry foods from varrious sources and people to bring to others that need these items desperatly. Many people in our community are elder and have gone through much loss with hurricans, floods and bad weather that they don’t have the money to replace what they have lost. Our rural communities sometimes suffer from the lack of being close to centers that help provide clothing and food and shelter. Many people in these remote communities are so strong and have the best hearts and because they are survivers that do not complain and are thankful for the little help that they recieve by the small amount of food and clothing that we bring. To see the look on children’s faces as you bring them something to eat or a new jacket is the most furfilling thing I have ever done and its what makes life so important.

  • Amanda Spalt

    i donate to organizations like the ASPCA, Humane Society, and WWF. I do this because i care deeply about animals, and they can’t help themselves, so we have to,

  • jtlittlelong

    This needs to be fixed as no one seems to be able to leave a comment:(

  • Rhonda

    I use to volunteer for our local animal shelters and saw that there is so much to do on a daily basis. With the help of a couple of vegan friends we started our own nonprofit group, Grand Valley Pets Alive where we decided we would work on the ground level to promote and assist our community with spay and neuter to reduce the overpopulation of animals that end up in the shelters or living our on the streets. Our group continues to assist the other organizations with adoptions too. We know that we are helping many individuals and neighborhoods by breaking the cycle of producing more kittens and puppies. It is a lot of work but very rewarding knowing we are making a difference in saving lives.

    I also help to assist our local Vegan Life Colorado organization with monthly potlucks and luncheons. We also do outreach by handing out brochures at our local university every session. This week we are going to protest at all 4 circus events in our community.

    I have found that doing this work often inspires others to join in to help be a voice for animals as they see by your example. By stepping up and stretching beyond the discomforts of doing this volunteer work, I know we are helping animals.

  • Amanda*

    The Indianapolis Humane Society because it brings me so much joy to see sweet babies (often coming from rotten backgrounds and environments) get a second chance. <3 I also love witnessing the joy of those taking their new family addition home. I'm a rescue mama, myself, for life!

  • Lindsay Martin

    Hi Alicia,

    This is such a great question and one I immediately wanted to respond to. I both work for and donate to the Center for Justice & Peacebuilding (CJP) in Harrisonburg, VA. CJP’s mission is to educate and train a community of peacebuilders who are leading the way to a more just and peaceful world. Right now, on our campus in this small town in Virginia, we have around 100 participants from over 30 countries taking courses in our Summer Peacebuilding Institute. Not only do they gain skills to transform conflict, they also build relationships and learn from each other. It is an amazing thing to witness and I am honored to be a part of it.

  • Stacy W

    I love the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keensburg, CO and donate to them when I can. They help rescue big animals like lions, tigers, bears, wolves, etc. from bad situations like circuses and backyard pets.

  • Brittney laas

    I would love to win one of those tops. Elephants have been my favorite animal since I can remember. To get a shirt from you would be epic since you are the one who helped me go vegetarian:)

  • Bri J

    I live in Plymouth, MI which is a suburb of metro Detroit. Detroit is really big now on urban gardens downtown. A lot of local restaurants get their produce from local Detroit gardens. A great non-profit is Keep Growing Detroit. They focus on supporting over 1,000 local farmers and urban gardens, and providing them with the resources to sell at area farm markets. Volunteer opportunities are great, you can actually go and farm with them!

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I have been volunteering to teach English to new Americans that arrive as refugees since I was 10 years old. I was asked by my 4th grade teacher to befriend to new students from Vietnam in 1990 and help them practice basic English during recess. The experience evolved into a lifelong love of welcoming new Americans and helping them to achieve their goals of learning English, obtaining their drivers permits and licenses, getting their GED and their first jobs in the US. I have volunteered and been fortunate enough to work for a variety of organizations in which I connected the community with the new American population. In addition to achieving their goals and working towards self-sufficiency, the most important part of the mission of these non-profits is to build friendship. Global Friends Coalition in Grand Forks, ND and Giving+Learning in Fargo, ND are two non-profits that I have worked and volunteered for. I hold them very close to my heart as I have had the opportunity to be instrumental in changing lives for the better and welcoming new neighbors and friends not only to the country but to North Dakota.

  • Jacque

    Hi everyone. I donate to a domestic violence shelter for women and children. Having been a victim in my distant past, i understand the fear, shame and hopelessness. No human should have to go thru this-ever! The effects are long term. This cause is close to my heart.

  • Katie C

    are these comments working? im sorry to post more than one but im having trouble seeing any comments. if anybody knows how to fix this I would love to know! thanks <3

  • Rachel

    Our family volunteers at a local food bank where we go and help sort the food that’s been donated. We feel that it’s a great way to give back to our local community!

  • Natalie Ramirez Cain

    I volunteer for Simple Changes Therapeutic Riding Center, a non-profit just outside of the D.C. metro area that helps disabled children with mobility, focus, etc. through horseback riding. I’ve been volunteering for four years, and the children’s progress, dedication, determination, and love of the horses never ceases to amaze me. I selfishly started volunteering to regain experience with horses (I interned with horses in college), and inevitably the kids captured my heart as well.

  • Ashley Chew

    I love to “adopt” a turkey from Farm Santuary every Thanksgiving it’s a much better tradition than having a dead animal on your table!
    BTW thanks so much for your past post about GIJ vegan bags I just got my Kingsley bag today & I LOVE it!

  • Tina Knezevic

    I believe it’s imperative that we always give back to our local community by volunteering our time to help others. I was team captain for the American Diabetes Foundation by raising funds and awareness to help individuals with diabetes. I also volunteer my time to local animal shelters and my favorite is the NJ Food Bank in Hillside, NJ. I love volunteering my time at that location in either the food, clothing and school supplies departments. Nothing feels better than helping those in need! Thank you

  • Krystyna Meade

    I volunteer at the San Diego Humane Society as a cat companion and also donate to Farm Sanctuary:) I have always loved cats since I was a child and have a soft spot for senior cats. It is relaxing for me to go to the shelter and just sit with the kitties. It is also rewarding to know that I can help socialize some of the cats and prepare them for adoption.

    I donate to Farm Sanctuary because I have been to their Los Angeles shelter and was very impressed by the farm. I am very inspired by their mission and hope that more people become aware of the abusive practices of factory farming.

  • Heather S

    I volunteer for a local non-profit helping women and young girls recover from violent pasts.

  • Brynne Wrigley

    Hey Alicia!
    I am writing in to talk about the Canadian Mental Health Association (CHMA).

    In June, I have the incredible opportunity to take part in the ‘Ride Don’t Hide Ride’ – a community bike ride which takes place across Canada. This event strives to raise awareness and help break the stigma
    surrounding mental health while raising essential funds to support
    mental health programs in our community.
    Since I started my campaign at the end of March, I have almost reached my goal of $1000.

    I am riding in memory of my best friend, who we lost in March 2013. He was my true friend, pure of heart and genuine (and vegan, like me). I believe that the Ride is the perfect chance for me to help Andrew’s legacy be remembered and to stand up for a cause I truly believe in.

    p.s I love love love all those things you posted. the necklace and shirts are so cute (also, I love everything you do – Braceface is my jam).

  • Nikki Dittler

    I work for a non-profit here in Tucson, AZ called BOND (Building Optimal Nurturing and Development). BOND is a grassroots initiative to increase awareness within our community about the importance of social and emotional growth and development of children (pre-birth to six years) by empowering their families and those who work with them through collaborative education, support and resource sharing. I truly believe that children are our hope for the future…and they need us to advocate for them. BOND educates parents, teachers, counselors, social workers, etc so they are better equipped to raise our community’s children to be healthy, vibrant and happy. What more could you ask for? Happy Tuesday.


  • Florencia James

    ABA School is a non-profit for children within the Autism spectrum in Florida. I donate to them because these children and their families would otherwise not be able to afford the necessary therapies. Children on the Autism spectrum hold a very special place in my heart. I have lots of little buddies who have come a long way receiving a combination of these intervention therapies. <3

  • Carrie D.

    Alley Cats and Angels ( is an all-volunteer local non-profit cat rescue group that I donate to and have adopted two fabulous furbabies from!

  • Jess

    I volunteer for Label GMOs because I think people should know what they are consuming and a patented product should not be sold as “natural”.

  • Ellen

    I volunteer at an awesome local place called Bethany House. They help homeless women and children – they have houses where they take them in, help them go back to school/get jobs, find childcare and new places to live. It started with two nuns who just wanted to make a difference and they’ve expanded to five homes on Long Island.

  • Kristen Kitts

    I am all about animal plights. I have 5 rescues and anytime I see a stray on the street so do my best to either find its owner or find it a new one. Because of this love I donate every month to the ASPCA, Human Society of Tampa Bay, as well as Suncoast Animal League. Another of my lives is the environment so I donate to the Sierra Club and Oceana monthly as well. I wish I could do more personally. I would love to get out there and do more to get my hands dirty, unfortunately I need to work so I can eat, also so I can feed and spoil my five fur babies so for now I will continue to donate until I can get out there myself!

  • Zoestar

    Wow! I just read through other people’s comments on this thread, and there are some pretty amazing people out there. What an inspiration! Now I almost feel I shouldn’t post, cause mine’s kind of funny, but I will because I love my volunteer role. I am a guinea pig (cavy) fosterer for the RSPCA in England! Our family look after unwanted guinea pigs until they find someone to adopt them. My children give them lots of cuddles while they stay with us so that, if they’ve had an unhappy start in life, they become happy family pets. It’s the best job in the world! :-)

    • Zoestar

      Aww, I just spotted the bit that says no overseas peeps. Never mind. I’m happy to have shared my cavy love with you all anyway! :-)

  • Julie Brydon

    I volunteer for YesICAN, which provides resources and facilitated anonymous chat-based support groups for survivors of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I volunteer because I want to do what I can to help survivors heal from the horrible things that have been done to them, and I want to help break the cycle of abuse.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I am a member of VegNV a non-profit vegan outreach group in Reno, Nevada. We host monthly vegan meet up dinners, organize booths at local events such as Earth Day and other festivals, animal rights protests, and other events that educate the public about veganism and animal rights issues.

  • Nadia K

    My husband and I adopted our 4 month old puppy, Nyima from Empathy for Life (EFL) shelter in Goyang, South Korea. Nyima’s mother, “Bon Bon” was rescued from a dog meat farm. When the shelter rescued Bon Bon she had a broken leg and they learned that she was beaten daily by the owner of the farm (which has now been closed, thank goodness). Bon Bon was lucky enough to be rescued and gave birth to her only puppy at the shelter. Instead of waiting for a courier to fly our dog over to the states (which can take months to years) we took the extra step and flew to South Korea to pick up our dog. We also paid for Bon Bon to get spayed. When we flew over to Korea we packed food, treats, feeding bowls, leash, etc for the shelter. The shelter is nothing like the shelters in the States, it is just a fenced off dirt area in the country with cages. There are no heating or ac and they solely run it with the help/kindness of volunteers. On our way back to the states we were able to take another dog with us to be sent to a rescue group here in Seattle. We will be flying back next year to adopt Nyima’s mother, Bon Bon. She deserves to spend the remaining years with her only daughter.

    *Pic below is Nyima at Empathy for Life shelter in Goyang, South Korea.

  • Aida

    I volunteer for a local nonprofit, Miriam’s Kitchen. I do it, because it has wonderful both, short term cause, as feeding homeless people and providing space for therapeutic art, and long term, such as helping them to find supportive housing.

  • theresano

    The local animal shelter, I want to bring them all home.

  • Veronica

    St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital… I worked their one summer as a medical student, and I quickly realized that it is a truly magical place where miracles happen. SO much love, time, and care is poured into the lives of the sickest children. And all the work is funded entirely through donations.

  • Kirsten Antony

    We have volunteered as foster parents for animals at the Denver Dumb Friends League. It is a wonderful way to help the shelter until the animals are adoptable. It does pull the heart stings in a huge way and it is sad to let them leave the home you have made for them, but without foster families, some of the animals would be automatically euthanized.
    Our first dog to foster was in really bad shape with a history of seizures, but we nursed her back to health. Although she was 12 years old, she was quickly adopted. I thank all of those who adopt shelter animals!

  • Chelsea

    I donate to Farm Sanctuary because I think that farm animals are under-served in the animal rescue realm. I also recently became aware of a small farm animal sanctuary star-up named Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary. I am a big fan of farm animals in general and pigs in particular, so these charities really hold a place in my heart. Unfortunately I have not been able to donate my time yet, but I donate money and love to them whenever possible.

  • Luxellot

    I donate to Mercy For Animals because I believe in their mission to promote animal welfare, bring awareness to the issues, and to shed light on the cruel practices of the meat and dairy industries.

  • Gabby Perez

    I currently work for an organization called Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago. The organization works with youth 11-21 that are either homeless, abused or whose families are no longer able to care for them or are needing extra supports. The organization is a therapeutic residential program that gives youth the safety and structure that they are needing. Through my work with this program I have been able to meet organizations all throughout Chicago that are doing amazing work like Center on Halsted or the Dream Center which is a transitional program for sex trafficked youth.

  • Rachel

    I volunteer and raise money for a local humane society. They’re a no-kill shelter, which I think is wonderful, and take in many stray animals that are in need of a home. I love seeing how much the dogs light up when ever someone comes to play with them or walk them. Donations of cleaning supplies, blankets, towels, and food are vital to shelters — but I think more than anything those animals need love. Therefore I try to bring a bottle of bleach and a warm heart :) (though it can’t be too warm or I end up wanting to take everyone home hehe).

  • Sandra

    I support Operation Love Mary Lea out of North Hollywood, California. They are spaying and neutering Tijuana street dogs as well as going to the areas of TJ that are incredibly poor, and providing large bags of food and flea / tick medication to help sustain them until the next time the foundation can return to provide supplies. Operation Love Mary Lea also, when the opportunity arises, bring dogs across the border to adopt out to loving families here in California. Yes, we have a need here in America, but as the founder stated, once you see just how vast the problem is with your own eyes, how can you turn your back on these animals who find themselves in this situation by no fault of their own. This is a small charity, making a difference one dog at a time. How grateful those dogs must be.❤️

  • hillary hubacker

    What great tops! I’m a sign language interpreter and teacher of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Every fall I go the annual auction for the Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services, it’s a great nonprofit that helps women who think they have no voice.

  • Barb

    I donate to Sea Shepherd, saving the oceans trying to stop the whales from being killed, dolphins being hunted in Taiji Japan (The Cove) and other places in the world, and put into captivity for people to swim with, watch them do stupid tricks for food..this also includes Orcas and Beluga whales..they educate people to know why this is not right. They do so much for the oceans and all the species that live there. Trying to put an end to captivity of marine mammals that are smarter and more emotional than people…

  • Jennifer Offenbach

    I donate to Farm Sanctuary. I love that they rescue farm animals and spread awareness about the meat industry. And they let people know that animals have feelings too! Animals are smart and loving and beautiful and we don’t need to eat them! The videos and stories they post of the animals on facebook are so heart warming. I hope one day to visit the Farm Sanctuary in Orland.

  • Moya

    I give to PETA, I help with a Indian reservations in OK. and a local food bank

  • Lorrie Roehm

    Since I was 10 years old (56 years) along with my Grandpa and Dad helped to rescue Off The Track TB’s and other horses from slaughter, abuse and neglect. I adore Safe Haven Horse Rescue in Cottonwood, CA for their 20 years of helping horses in need. I live near Animal Place (600 acre farm animal sanctuary) in Grass Valley, CA I love watching the cows from dairies and feedlots that are living their lives out in a wonderful natural environment. I have been a Vegan for 40 years and love receiving recipes from Animal Place and The Kind Life. I donate to both of these non profits and know my donation will benefit the animals in need.

  • Natalie Swart

    Me and my family volunteer our time to the Humane Society where we take animals up for adoption to the beach and our home to play with us for the weekend. We try to expose them to other families and people letting them know they need a home. It has been very rewarding for our family especially when we find a home for our friends!!

  • Diana Nguyen

    First off, I wanted to tell you that your book The Kind Diet has changed my life completely. I recently converted to a vegan lifestyle after years of eating poorly, and now I feel happy and healthy (I am 5’5″ and 100 lbs and petite my entire life, but going vegan has made me more active and vibrant in ways I can’t describe!). I plan on getting married soon, and we have spoken about having a baby, so I am anxiously waiting for your book The Kind Mama now in the mail!

    A nonprofit I continually donate to and have spent time volunteering for in the past is called Unite For Sight. I am a career changer; former tv news reporter turned optometry student. Unite For Sight works to provide ocular disease care for those who cannot afford it in underdeveloped countries. Because of donors like myself, families in Ghana and India are able to receive eye exams and even cataracts surgery for those going blind. We also provide reading glasses and eye drops to help where we can. Imagine your life without being able to see clearly or see at all. I spent 2 months in Ghana going from village to village to help conduct visual acuity exams and distribute eyewear. I encourage others to volunteer for something they are passionate in as well. In the future, I hope to volunteer with elephant rescue programs and stop pouching of all kinds.

    Great posts everyone. I can see The Kind Life in all of us. :)

  • Renee Lilley

    When I donate clothes to Value Village, it helps support their non-profit partners, specifically The Canadian Diabetes Association through my local location.

  • Lisa

    The ASPCA because animals deserve better.

  • BC

    I support several different local animal rescue groups as I can. I used to manage a resale shop that the proceeds went to to over 20 rescue groups or shelters, people donated their items and chose which group they’d want the money to go to when it sells. Wonderful business. I’m also a large supporter of other groups like Pinups for Pitbulls, Food Empowerment Project, Vegan Outreach, and 10
    Billion Tour.

    I definitely will be looking into Why Not Now Ministries after reading about it from a post on here!

    So many great organizations written about here!

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    There is a shelter for women and children here in Kenosha called Women and Children’s Horizon that I bring personal cleaning items to and they have a resale shop that I go to often also.

  • Megs789

    I donate to Rabbit Rehab and Rescue, the New York City chapter of the House Rabbit Society. RRR is pretty self-explanatory–they rescue rabbits in the NYC area and foster them until they can be placed in a forever home. They also educate the public about rabbits. They do a lot of great work for rabbit welfare, and the organization is especially meaningful to me since I found my pet rabbit Baby through RRR a little over two years ago.

  • Terrymoomy

    I donate to st Jude’s children’a hospital. The number of little children with cancers and other diseases nowadays is so heartbreaking I have three kids of my own and know how hard medical expenses can be. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to pay the bills of a child with cancer! I just want to help make that child’s life a bit easier. They need their parents by their side not out having to work extra and worry about how to pay the medical bill. I wish I could volunteer there. But st Jude’s is one of the best places for my money to go!

  • mjmoore

    I love Operation Christmas Child, because it’s a wonderful way to get my kids involved in helping other kids around the world! We love not only filling the shoeboxes with Christmas gifts, but also learning about the lives and needs of other children. I also love International Sanctuary, because it helps women who are survivors of trafficking learn marketable skills and build their own lives.

  • etirv

    We just had a major fundraiser for the Foodbank.. no one should be hungry!

  • Rachel Nicole

    I volunteer with House of Charity in Spokane, WA through the nonprofit club “Homeless Outreach” at Gonzaga University, where I go to school. Serving the homeless and those less fortunate is something I am passionate about, since I have been so lucky growing up to have such a supportive and financially stable family. I realize that not everyone is as lucky as I have been, and making a difference each day when I visit the homeless helps to put things in perspective.

  • Lauren Maher

    Ride to Fly is a great non-profit that provides equine therapy for kids and adults with disabilities.

  • Shelly Brown

    I have worked my whole career as a psychologist at non-profits working with homelessness, drug additciton and mental health issues. It often feels like my job is one big volunteer commitment. But I have to say my favorite organizations to donate to and volunteer at when I can are the ones that help farm animals. The animal sanctuaries. When is LA I loved Gentle Barn and Animal Acres/Farm Sanctuary. Here on Maui I love Leilani Farm. Alicia you should come visit here with your hubby and Bear!! You all would love it and love Laurelee!!! My heart breaks for animals all over Maui but here they are happy and loved. I will support it in every way I can.

  • Shawn Silver

    I volunteer for Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW). CLAW is at the forefront of urban wildlife advocacy. Mountain lions, coyotes, hawks, owls, bobcats and deer are some of the diverse Los Angeles wildlife whose natural habitats are threatened by urban development and toxins that disturb the ecological balance of our city. Current projects include establishing wildlife habitat linkage zones in the Los Angeles hillsides and eradicating rodenticide poisoning in Los Angeles by introducing Barn Owl nesting boxes in our hillsides. CLAW’s mission is to protect wildlife and their habitats, educate citizens about the fundamental importance of these creatures and implement solutions to restore ecosystem balance so that people and nature can thrive.

  • Nichole Levesque

    The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen NY is an amazing organization that rescues farm animals from certain death, rehabilitates them and gives them a lifelong home, safety and love at their sanctuary. I live 7 hours away but I went to visit them last October as a birthday gift to myself and would love to make the trek an annual thing. I do a monthly recurring donation and urge everyone to do the same! What they do for these animals is incredible and being able to meet them in person and hug a cow and rub a pigs belly is beyond amazing!

  • Laine Driscoll

    I donate to Kiva, ASPCA, natural disaster relief efforts, but I love donating to PBS because Big Bird. Because Mr. Rogers. Because Muppets! I love the idea of public television and think it’s so important and special! 😀

  • Sierra Kluson

    I donate when I can to Farm Sanctuary. I believe they play such an important role in educating people about factory farming and going vegan. When someone is able to see and touch an animal they usually associate with food, it is so powerful.

  • ellen schull

    I belong to the Animal rescue Fund that pays and neuters pets in t. Joseph Cty, Michigan. We also supply pet food to those I need.

  • Peg Haust-Arliss

    Hi! I volunteer and am on the board for ARAUNY Animal Rights Advocates of Upstate NY. We advocate for animals by educating the public on all things vegan. We do many various educational events including a yearly peaceful circus protest and organizing movie showings like Peaceable Kingdom and Blackfish. I believe when we know better we do better.

  • Christina Clarke

    My friends and I support a local Los Angeles organization called Share A Meal! They have an awesome all-vegan food truck that services Los Angeles: Hollywood, Skid Row and Venice and provides water, vegan burritos and small essential items to those that are homeless. Pictured below are just some of my friends and I with the food truck. I had always wanted to participate in not only helping animals but helping people and I couldn’t think of a better combination to do both. What is really special is that we approach those that need help , they do not need to leave their belongings and go to a soup kitchen, we personally hand out items, drive around and say hello.

  • Jendria

    “Fruit Tree Planting Foundation”; cuz it’s an awesome idea!

  • Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

    i regularly teach yoga benefits for the Give Back Yoga Foundation, which supports yoga classes for veterans as well as yoga in prisons.

  • Schuyler Bright

    I am fifteen and I am halfway through the Kind Diet. I am have been vegetarian for a few months now, and on my way to vegan. I donate to several different animal shelters, one including Dakin whenever possible. I do this because I love all animals very dearly and hate to see them lonely, killed, or hurt.
    Love you, Alicia. You are an AMAZING woman

    Excited for these giveaways, for I just found this site today.
    Lots of love <3

  • Lorrie Roehm

    Thank you very much looking forward to receiving my prizes! I encourage everyone to visit in person or via website, donate, volunteer two of my favorite animal rescue groups and they do have animals for adoption! Safe Haven Horse Rescue and Animal Place both located in Northern California!

  • Judy Ranalli

    I am involved with
    the Beagle Freedom Project, which is a great org that rescues animals
    (mostly dogs and cats) from laboratories and exposes the animal research industry.
    I have recently virtually adopted a laboratory cat from Identity Campaign. The
    Identity Campaign is a way to give all lab animals what they deserve a Name,
    not a Number, and a right to a home where they will be loved and respected as
    an individual. Through the campaign I adopted a laboratory cat, which I named Jello
    Biafra (after the DK singer) and became the advocate for his freedom.