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Organic Vitamins: New Additions to the Line!

Congrats Kishori, Melissa, Tammy, Scotlyn, & Katie! You are the winners of this week’s giveaway.

Big thank you to all of you that entered, this was a tough decision!


I am so thrilled to announce there are 6 new additions to mykind Organics! They include: Prenatal Once Daily, B-Complex, Organic Chewable Vegan D3, Plant Iron & Organic Herbs, Vitamin C Organic Cherry Spray, and Vitamin C Organic Orange Spray!

Not sure what does what? Written below are brief summaries of the goodness inside these organic, non-GMO certified, synthetic-free, whole food based vitamins. Want to know what lead me to team up with Garden of Life to make these clean vitamins? Check out my post, A Vegan & Organic Vitamin, to learn all about it.  mykind OrganicsPrenatals are what triggered this whole vitamin endeavor when I was pregnant with Bear! My midwife confirmed that I was pumping all kinds of healthy awesomeness to my baby, but she recommended taking a prenatal as an “insurance policy.” After all, sometimes I’d be traveling or working crazy hours, and even though I’d be eating kind, I wasn’t always able to take it to that supercharged superhero next level. After much research and realizing that nothing on shelves was truly clean, I was determined to give pregnant women something I was willing to take.
mykind Organics

I am psyched about the B-Complex! B-Complex is said to bump up your energy and supports your metabolism and stress response. B vitamins are your best protection against elevated levels of homocysteine, an amino acid produced in the body that in excess can increase your risk of mood disorders, poor mental performance, and Alzheimer’s disease. Of course you want to eat up on foods high in B’s – from oats, nuts, broccoli, lentils, mushrooms, avocados and more. But for extra support I am thrilled we now have a B-Complex. 

mykind Organics

These Vegan D3 Chewables are pretty darn yum! Even more, this organic raspberry lemon flavor has no sugar or stevia! Take that! D3 helps support immune system health and calcium absorption for healthy bones. D3 is a hard one to get. We all stay inside far more than we should! Our access to sunshine can be affected and compromised by everything from latitude to climate to pollution to even our work schedules. In some cases, physical characteristics like old age, or darker skin tones have more difficulty getting enough Vitamin D. Because of any combination of these and other factors, some of us Kind Lifers might not get as much Vitamin D as we should. If you think this might be the case with you, it’s easy to have your doctor give you a simple blood test that can screen you for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, including Vitamin D. If your looking for a supplement, we offer the D3 spray or this awesome chewable. 

mykind OrganicsIron supplements usually tastes a little nasty, so I’m happy to say our cranberry lime flavor is way better – with no gross aftertaste. Iron helps support your blood health and provides energy to the entire body. If you’re low on iron, then your body cannot make sufficient healthy red blood cells, resulting in iron deficiency anemia. Anemia is commonly associated with extreme fatigue, body temperature dysregulation, and immune system impairment. All of those things are no good, so be sure your getting enough iron via your diet or supplementation if needed.


mykind Organics

I’m probably the most excited about these vitamin C sprays! They are so yum. Do you remember Tang? I use to eat it like crazy… and this orange tangerine spray tastes a bit like it. The cherry tangerine spray is my new obsession, I carry it everywhere cause it’s like candy – only no sugar! I get so much C from my diet so I know I don’t need it but it’s too yum to resist, and being the cold season, just can’t be without it! Vitamin C helps support the immune system and promote skin and tissue health – so if your feeling a little under the weather or haven’t been eating as clean as you’d like to, vitamin C is a super handy one. Kids go nuts for these sprays, and clearly I do too!

This week I’m excited to celebrate the launch with a mykind giveaway! To enter, leave me a comment below telling me which vitamin you’re drawn to and why. We’ll send you 2 bottles of the one your most excited about!

I will announce 3 winners on Friday, December 18th.



  • Tammy

    I recently found out I have the homozygous C677T MTHFR mutation, and yesterday I just suffered my second miscarriage in less than a year and a half. Your prenatal vitamins would be perfect as we try again for our rainbow baby.

  • Carissa123

    I am so excited about the vitamin D3, I am VERY deficient. My doctor even put me on an rx one but it was fish organ based. Yuck! This is amazing!

  • megan norman

    I am most excited about the Plant Iron and Organic Herbs. I am currently taking an iron supplement, but I am not a fan. Just seeing your post that there are new additions to the line and realizing that iron is one, made my day! To be able to take a kind iron, and in a spray, no less, will be AMAZING!

  • Missy Carling

    Once Daily Prenatals!!! I took the 3 a day mykind prenatals though my first trimester, but it was difficult to remember to take all of them. I would love to have the one a days! I’m 18 weeks with my second vegan baby.

  • Brandi Young


  • Jackie

    I’m most drawn to the prenatal once daily! I was so bad at taking the three throughout the day that I would take all three at once. I’m tandem nursing my three year old and six month old and ran out of my mykind organics prenatal vitamins recently and desperately need more! I keep waiting for whole foods to put them on sale but haven’t seen them on sale lately. They used to be all of the time! Anyhow, I am so excited to see them in a once daily form now and just need these!! <3

  • D.Roc

    I’m so excited to try the Plant Iron & Organic Herbs. I just had some lab work done and my Dr. said I’m low on iron and it’s probably because I’m vegan. I want to prove him so wrong while improving my health!!! I’d love to try the plant iron! Thank you!

  • Sierra Kluson

    I am very excited for the chewable D3! In winter I feel that I am so deprived of the sun. I wake up and it’s dark, then I leave work and it’s dark again! So, I know that vitamin D is something I should be more aware about

  • Melia

    I am most excited about the D3! Just this morning I had a doctor tell me I may need to take a D3 supplement to help get my asthma and allergies under control (waiting for blood test results to verify). How timely! I’ve been using the B12 spray for a month or two now, and it is delicious!!

  • Laura

    I am so excited about the D3 supplement because my son and I could both really use it. We do use the spray but we don’t like the way it tastes so we don’t use it as often as we should:( Also my sons doctor keeps telling me how much he needs one of their horrible supplements! Not happening, we only use real supplements! Thank you Alicia for these wonderful options!

  • Linda O

    I would love to try the 1x prenatal vitamins instead of having to take 3 a day! I love my B and D Kind Organics spray but I don’t always get to take 3 prenatals a day.

  • kstickradt

    I’m already taking my kind B – 12 spray and love how easy it is to use plus very tasty! I now need to add D-3 as a supplement – will use my kind, whether I win or not. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  • Lizzy G

    so excited about the iron supplement! I am anemic and most iron supplements aren’t gentle on the body ): looking forward to trying this cranberry-lime one!!

  • Katie Kowalczyk

    I am anemic so the iron supplement for sure as well as vitamin b for my severe digestive issues

  • Jordan Schanda

    I love the prenatal! Even though I’m not trying to get pregnant, I like taking it just in case 😉

  • Linda

    I am already using your B-12 spray and love it, and with the winter cold season upon us, I would love th orange vitamin C spray to go with it!

  • Rachel

    Wow!! What an awesome addition to your vitamin line!! I already take the multi and love it!! I would really love to try out the VitaminC Spray and the D3 as I know I’m low in both of these. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try them out!

  • KatieKaboo

    The prenatals! My husband and I have been trying to start our kind family, and although we don’t have good news yet, with our Kind Mama advice to follow, hopefully we will soon!

  • Scotlyn O’Daniel

    I love that you have extended your vitamins! I was hoping you would. These are so much better and they are organic. I would love to try the B Complex. Plant Iron and Organic Herbs is my next choice to get. Thank you so much for extending this line. I use the Women’s Multi-40+ vitamins and the Vegan D spray already and love them.

  • Kimberly fleming

    I am drawn to the B-complex vitamin. I really need to buy the complete product line…lol. Working retail, especially during the holidays, has my body in the slums. I’m totally exhausted and stressed everyday. Sometimes stressed to the point I’m in tears. Three weeks ago, for the first time in 4 years I caught a cold and it almost shut me down. I didn’t stop working (I’m not a quitter and I fight hard), instead I fought that cold with all the natural remedies I knew. I’m not one to go to the doctors to get unnecessary shot or meds. I believe there is something natural that you can use for just about everything. It took 2 weeks to get rid of the cold but I made it through Black Friday sales and now I’m getting ready for Christmas sales and New Years. I think I can make it. Pray for me!!

  • amf

    Over the summer I tried the B12 spray after someone gave me a coupon. Love it, yum! Being in Midwest, I take D in the winter and the one I use is junky so was soooo happy to see the D3 chewy as I cannot do pills! Yay.

  • Ginelle Leigh Showalter

    I currently use the vitamin D spray but I would love a chewable! The vitamin D chewable sounds yummy and more convenient then the spray.

  • Jessie Jury

    B-Complex for energy, brain boost & to help fight the effects of stress!

  • Melissa Taylor

    Recently I had to go on medical leave for stress related work issues. I had a hard time mentally wrapping my brain around how I got here….after being put on an anti-depressants/anti-anxiety meds, I began to try and take control of my body. I recently became a vegan (6 months now) and have changed jobs. With a brighter outlook on life, I want to start implementing these vitamins and continue on towards good mental health. I think the B Complex sounds like exactly what I need!! Thank you for your kind giveaway. Xo

  • Laura Mannino

    I am excited to try D3 Chewables. I am not outdoors as much as I would like and my blood tests have shown that I have low levels of of D. Especially in the middle of winter I could use a little boost of this vitamin.

  • Joan Elliott

    I’m interested in your B-Complex vitamins because they are vital to mental and physical health. Good luck on your Vitamin line. Exciting!

  • Michelle S.

    I’m so excited to see all these options now available. I find it perfect timing because I am currently looking for a quality Vitamin C supplement to help combat the colds going around. And sprays work best for me. Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Kishori

    Last March, my husband and I discoved My Kind Organics and have been religiously taking our women’s and men’s once daily ever since. I even had a friend bring me 4 bottles of My Kind Organics multivitamins to India when we run out during our trip there.
    I am thrilled about the chewable vitamin D, especially now that it’s winter. I’ve been a vegan for the last 4 years and a vegetarian since childhood. My Kind Organics supplements are the best in the market. Thank you!

  • susan mongeau

    Just this morning, my girls’ pediatrician confirmed just how important it is to have optimum levels of D3 to stay well…I would love to have these for my family!

  • COUPON4Vitamins

    I’m very excited about the B-Complex. I am always stressed out and fatigued during the afternoon. B Vitamins help me a lot. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!

  • Becca Z

    I am most excited about the B Complex because I always notice an increase in my mood and energy levels when I take a quality B Complex, and I want to go into the new year with high energy!

  • Terri

    I’m most interested in the B-Complex. Anything I can do to prevent Alzheimer’s is important, and it is important to take B vitamins for general health.

  • Marissa Kim

    I am excited about all of them! I love Garden of Life. I love the prenatal as a nursing mother but I would like the vitamin d because MS runs in my family and a nice dosage of quality vitamin d helps prevent this disease.

  • Andrea Noble

    I’m excited about all of them but ESPECIALLY the B complex! My system has difficulty hanging on to B vitamins. As a result I constantly struggle cognitively and with energy levels. I’m picky about supplements and rightly so! They should be whole foods based, organic and easy to absorb. I’d LOVE to try these!

  • Michelle K.

    Oh I love your vitamins. Im super curious about the vitamin c spray & prenatal once daily! So glad you added more to the line! We use your prenatal, b12, d3 &mens 40 + in our home. I hope 1 day you can add kids vitamins to your line. Thank you for all of your wonderfulness! Happy holidays!

  • Brielle S.

    This post could not have come at a better time. I’ve been hooked on these vitamins ever since I tried the B12 spray. I wish I had more information about vitamins in general and exactly which ones to take. We hope to conceive our second baby in the year 2016 and before we begin to try I want to prep the baby house for a solid 6 months before hand! Such a beautiful. exciting time!!! Do you think you might add a kids line?!
    Is there anything I should really be taking now supplement wise other than a prenatal vitamin?

  • Debi Begallia

    I’m so excited about your new line of supplements. I live in Washington state were the weather tends to be pretty gloomy. Iam a 53 year old mother of five children( the oldest is 35 and my youngest is 12) I try to teach my children the importance of living a green life while substaning are environment. Iam a full time nursing student and I homeschool my 12 and 16 year old daughters. Recently my 12 year old had a research project to look into more holistic medicine. She found out that vitamin D is lacking in are society population. She was surprised since it gets very hot and sunny in are area of the state. Shelby is very excited to try your vitamen D supplement! Here’s to raising a more healthy and informed generation to substane are planet!

  • Breathing

    I currently don’t take any supplements except in a smoothie mix, however the B complex are interesting to me. I drink tea (Green, Black, Dandelion, and Herbal.) I try to exercise daily. Humor is healthy also, laughing increases endorphins, raise serotonin and dopamine levels and helps some people pee or fart. (Haha) Have a nice day.

  • Taylor Neal

    Where can we purchase these? I need the D3 stat! xo

  • Laura Cabrera

    I love these vitamins!! I have the D3 and the vitamin B12 spray. Love reading the ingredients and knowing that organic fruit and veggies are going in my body. Thanks Alicia :) <3

  • angela

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! #1 reason for your vitamins being CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE. You don’t understand how important it is for me and others to only have TESTED GLUTEN FREE VITAMINS. On top of that your vitamins seem like the best out there. Organic and all the other great things. Please send my my gratefulness to Alicia and the certified GF manufacturing people and the person who thought these vitamins need to be certified GF. I say this with great emphasis because my uncle has some form of schizophrenia that developed in his late 50’s. And one thing he needs to do is become certified GF in everything that he has. Vitamins is one of them. There has been studies shown how people with mental illness/schizophrenia are greatly effected by gluten/wheat. As for my self I definitely have gluten allergies as it all started with digestion problems etc etc. So I am effected by gluten as well but not like my uncle. And I don’t want to have what happened to my uncle happen to me, so that is why I am becoming certified GF. So, I just wanted to really thank you because your a top notch organic vitamin from what I read. Thank you for not having magnesium sterate! It really is important for people who have mental illness to be certified GF. So its just NOT for people who have allergies to gluten to be certified GF. I pray in the future your company will be certified by the Celiac Spruce Association that tests gluten to be 5ppm and under instead of testing for 10ppm and below like now. Its the highest standard of testing as of now. This ensures that the gluten is so low it cannot be detected in extreme testing.

  • angela

    Are your vitamins going to be sold in Canada? I have searched everywhere. I am very excited for the B complex, plant calcium and chewable vitamin D.

    I also hope you guys will come out with 1)digestive enzymes with papain 2) probiotic – that actually works 3) omega 3 oil -from sea algae 4) chewable Iron 5) protein powder – all being certified GF

  • Kristy

    Is the kindlife organics Plant Iron supplement safe to take during pregnancy? I am unsure because it contains ashwagandha.