East Village NYC’s Vegan Ice Cream Game is Strong!

While in New York last summer, I was thrilled to see vegan ice cream taking over the East Village! There were four great spots that we couldn’t help but visit often since they were all in our hood.

DF Maven's

DF Mavins  has almond, coconut, and soy based ice creams. There are so many great options for flavors. They also have a vanilla and chocolate flavor that are sugar free. My favorite is the green tea. Bear loved the rose water and strawberry.

Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream  had a wide array of vegan scoops! Flavors include: dark chocolate, salted caramel, Sicilian pistachio, mint chip, coffee bean, banana nut, and peanut butter chocolate chip. These are made of cashew milk, coconut milk, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. They also feature some local sourced ingredients. This place was amazing!

Sustainable NYC
The Kind Life
Ollie and Bear, Ollie volunteers with Chilis on Wheels too!

Sustainable NYC is an awesome store that features great vegan ice cream. Unfortunately I hear it is now closed, but we hope it re-opens!!

Blythe Ann's

Blythe Ann’s is located where Lula’s Apothecary used to be. They have soy, cashew, and coconut-based ice creams, soft serve, and house-made vegan toppings like whipped cream and hot fudge sauce!

If you are in the NY area, run to these places! Report back on your favorite flavor or if you find any other must try ice cream spots!