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December 19th, 2018 | By Alicia Silverstone

Johanna is a writer, actor, and entrepreneur – she was able to successfully introduce veggie dogs at 28 out of 30 MLB parks! How cool is that? I’m thrilled to have her here today to share more about this big endeavor. If you’re going to a sports event and your curious about dining, you need to check out her VeggieHappy listing resource
VeggieHappy: Your go-to guide for plant-based food options in sports venues
By Johanna McCloy
Sports and entertainment venues have come a long way since 2001 when I launched a campaign to get veggie dogs into Major League Baseball stadiums. (Thank you Alicia for your support and endorsement!) When I started that campaign, it was difficult to find any vegetarian options in ballparks other than peanuts or Cracker Jacks. I’m happy to say that times have changed!
Sports stadiums across the country are incorporating more and more plant-based food options into their concessions. The audience and demand for these healthier, more planet-friendly choices are growing and the future for vegans is bright!
In June, I co-founded  VeggieHappy with my friend and partner, Chris Ardito, a marketing and branding executive who shares my passion and entrepreneurial drive. Together we built the first comprehensive online guide featuring listings of the plant-based food items offered at large sports venues –and where to find them. The guide covers all sporting leagues and features venues throughout the U.S. and Canada.

These Tempeh Vegan Nachos (with dairy-free cheese and guacamole) were recently introduced at Dodger Stadium during the World Series.
VeggieHappy is not only helping fans to easily find the plant-based foods they want, we’re also partnering with sports venues to help introduce and highlight tantalizing vegan options on their menu. Likewise, we’re helping these venues to capture a growing flexitarian and vegan fan base.
In addition to our listings, VeggieHappy hosts a blog featuring interesting profiles, articles, and interviews.

There’s more exciting news on the horizon, and we look forward to making those announcements soon! Please join the VeggieHappy team on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and subscribe to receive our blog posts and occasional updates!
Top Photo:  Antoine Schibler

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