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book launch week in NYC

Hi there… had the best time in NYC. I was so happy and excited, it was ridiculous. SO much went on. Here are some highlights:
On the plane ride from LAX, Bob Barker was a passenger, he was so cute and dressed so nicely! He’s such a huge supporter of animals… encourages spaying and neutering. Met a really nice guy on the plane who has a daughter with arthritis. They cured her through her diet. So inspirational… would love to interview her for the site.
I loved my hotel. It was so sexy and beautiful but still cozy. I felt right at home. They use filtered tap water that they put into big bottles for guests, so no wasting all those little plastic bottles! SO great.
I love being able to walk everywhere. It’s one of my favorite things about being in the city.
On my first day there, I had a great NY Post Magazine photo shoot. The clothes were amazing. Rodale (my book publisher) sent me cupcakes from Babycakes. People at the shoot loved them. Photos to come!
I was on the Fox 11 morning show. My friend Joy (owner of Candle Cafe and Candle 79) joined me on there to do a cooking segment… although it was more of a food tasting… sooo yummy. Matthew Settle (who I’m told is on Gossip Girl) was there enjoying the food too.
Had my NY book launch party at Candle 79. Giada De Laurentiis came and looked so gorgeous. Robin Quivers was there too! She looked amazing… she has changed so much since starting a plant-based diet. I love her story and want to share it with you one day. Lake Bell was there too!
Went to HanGawi with a friend for dinner. I loooove HanGawi. Got to see all the employees that I’m friendly with. They are so generous and sweet. This place is a MUST in NYC. We had the mountain roots and greens, dandelion salad with avocado and wasabi dressing, vermicelli noodles, vegetable dumpling soup, grilled ginger todock root and a little sake. YUM.
Made a stop at Souen (twice). Good place for nourishing superhero meals. They have the yummiest carrot sauce poured all over kaboucha squash and kale.
Ate at Gobo. So impressed with their Swiss Chard & Sun Dried Tomato Rice pasta Lasagna. Also tried the Veggie & White Bean soup… and a salad with this super yum “chicken” type stuff on it.
Did my first ever cooking demo at the Food & Wine Expo. Not as easy as they make it look! Somehow I managed to cut my finger with a serrated knife… no blood though, thankfully, but it did leave a funny cut. I think I was just nervous in the beginning because after those first few minutes it was so fun. Everyone was so supportive, helpful, and organized. A big thank you to Rodale and to Pam (my editor) and Yelena.
Had my very first book signing. Thank you to all who came out. It was so nice to see your faces.
Spent my last night in the city winding down and enjoying all the last NYC food I could before heading back to LA. Went to Pure Food & Wine… had the master cleanse sake martini and the arugula salad with nut cheese and hazelnuts AND the Caesar salad. You should try them all. Went on to have the Dr. Cow cheese plate (to die for!!!)… tried the ice cream cone covered in chocolate and the mint ice cream sundae. So crazy and delicious.
Pure Food & Wine has the best vibe. Sat in a beautiful outdoor area and wrote in my journal, got organized and reflected on my trip. A guy named Doug asked me to join him and his friends. I did for a bit. He told me about his store, Organic Avenue that has organic juice. Also met a sweet woman and her husband from Atlanta. They were so thrilled to be at the restaurant.
New York was great as always! I just loved this trip!

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