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Children’s Books Bear & I Love

We recently have been really into the book Vegetabibbles by Kathryn Warren. It's about all kinds of vegetables and being health. The illustrations are fun. It's so cute!! What kids book do you love?

We recently have been really into the book Vegetabibbles by Kathryn Warren. It’s about all kinds of vegetables and being healthy. The illustrations are fun. It’s so cute!!
Here are some other books we’ve enjoyed reading over the past few years:
I am a Bunny by Ole Risom , I love the pictures- it’s so sweet!
I am a Bunny
Babies On The Go by Linda Ashman , about all the amazing ways animal parents carry their little ones.
Babies On The Go
I Can Fly by Ruth Krauss is fun and silly. The images are also really nice!
I Can Fly
Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown is soothing and cute, perfect right before bed.
Goodnight Moon, BrownWhat Is A Vegetarian? by Debra Stewart is sweet and simple (no intense explanations or mature concepts.) It also has great illustrations.
What Is A Vegetarian
Hug by Jed Alborough is sweet! The story changes each time as there are so few words.
Hug, Alborough
Baby Bear by Kadir Nelson is a great story on many levels! A cute tale about a bear finding his way home with the help of his animal friends. On another level its about listening to your heart, trusting yourself, and finding your home within.
Baby Bear
Our Farm by the Animals of Farm Sanctuary , the pictures are lovely!Our Farm, Farm Sanctuaty
Catching Falling Cradles by Dara Lovitz is a warmer version of classical nursery rhymes.
Catching Falling Cradles
Little Fur Family by Margaret Wise Brown , Bear really likes this one!! Great images and cute story.
Little Fur Family

Bunny’s Garden by Apple Park is a cute story about gardening with friends!
Bunny's Garden
 Forest Child by Marni McGee has really nice images and nice story. There is one part where an animal gets stuck in a trap and the little boy sweetly takes him out… but I just say the bunny needs help and the little boy helped him, without saying what really happened (I think he’s too young for that sadness.)
Forest Child
 Bee & Me by Elle J. Mcguinness is very sweet.
Bee & Me
 Stone Soup by Jon J Muth is a great tale with beautiful watercolor images.
Stone Soup, Muth
Amos & Boris by William Steig is our newest fave – though it makes me cry! I also adjust the words for Bear as I don’t want to over stimulate him on concepts of the adult world.
Amos & Boris, Steig
The Organic Adventures of Tucker the Tomato by Rey Ortega & Amanda Moeckel -the concepts are a bit mature so we make up a lot of it for now.
The Organic Adventures of Tucker the Tomato, Ortega & Moeckel
Where In The World Is Away by Michael Franti, we love this book!! The message is standout and the images are fun.-again a little mature concept for 3 but images so fun and easy to make simplified version. It will be a great book for growing into over time.
Where In The World Is Away, FrantiLittle Sweet Potato by Amy Beth Bloom, I just make up the story since the lesson on rejection is a bit premature for Bear’s age (3) but he still loves it!
Little Sweet Potato, Bloom
You Wouldn't Eat Your Doggie
 Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey is a fun read, especially around Thanksgiving! Good for 4 years and up.
Dav Pilkey
If We Could Find Another Way by Helene Defossez is great!! Bear and I loved it, must read!

You can purchase these books at your local bookstore or used online. What about you? Have you and your little one read any of these? What else have you guys been reading these days?

Top Photo Credit: Design Mom

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