Debate Recap: Don’t Eat Anything With A Face

The results from the Intelligence Squared "Don't Eat Anything with A Face" debate are in. Check out the full video and poll results here.

Last week I posted to Facebook and Twitter about a debate that was happening on, a site dedicated on showcasing live debates on various topics. Since then, the results of the debate have been analyzed and I find them very exciting.
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the entire debate. It was wonderful to hear how each side agrees on a lot of matters: eat less meat, no factory farming, no GMOs…that’s progress.
I will say that the argument that plants have feelings too is a bit far-fetched for this debate. There is an undeniable difference between watching an animal cry, scream and see it suffer and fight for its life, as opposed to guessing if the plant has that reaction. There is no guessing with animals. You see it.
I don’t see how the feelings of plants and their “faces” relates to the topic at hand. I felt as though this was an amateur argument – just cheeky and silly and didn’t make much sense to the discussion at hand. Not to mention, that if you really do value the life of plants to the extreme that you don’t want to eat them, then you better not eat animals as well because they feed off of far more plants to create animal protein. So if you are a true plant-lover, you save many more lives by eating them directly.
Overall, it was a captivating debate with some very interesting results, more of which can be seen and explained here. But as the data shows, it looks as though with more education and information on the topic, more and more people are being swayed by the plant-based diet lifestyle.

If you missed the debate, you can watch the full broadcast right here. It really is worth watching!

What did you think of the debate? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the debate in the comments.

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