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DIY Skin Rejuvenating Hot Body Scrub

This technique is cheap, easy, refreshes the whole body and makes your skin gorgeous because...

This technique is cheap, easy, refreshes the whole body, and makes your skin gorgeous. Some of the effects you might experience from this DIY body scrub include:

  • increase in circulation
  • helps the fat trapped under your skin to loosen up and dissolve
  • opens the pores to release toxins
  • helps to circulate lymph fluid

If you’re an overachiever, do the body scrub morning and night. I try my best to do it but I mostly just aspire to doing it daily. Try it yourself, do it for a month straight and see the amazing results!
Here’s how I do mine:

  • Fill the sink halfway with hot, hot water, but not so hot you burn yourself. Alternatively, I use a hot water electric kettle to heat up the water first so I don’t waste water running the sink.
  • Throw in a washcloth.
  • Remove the washcloth from the water, wring it out, and starting at your feet, scrub yourself silly. Continually dunking and writing out the washcloth as it cools off.
  • Re-dunk the washcloth and scrub your face, your chest, your pits, down your arms, your hands, everywhere except your boobs and privates (re-dunking whenever the cloth cools off).
  • Make sure to get your groin area next to your privates to stimulate the lymph nodes there.
  • Be sure to tell yourself nice things while you do it. Admire how cute your feet are and how lovely your curves are!
  • Whenever the water in the sink gets cool, add more hot.
  • The whole thing should take between five to ten minutes!


Photo: malacosmetics

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