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Tennessee Riverkeeper Fights for Clean Water With Downstream Music Festival

On February 27th, David Whiteside and I will be co-hosting “Downstream” – a virtual concert benefiting Tennessee Riverkeeper.
Downstream is a dream line-up of musicians, united by one thing – their love of clean water. 100% of donations collected through this incredible event will go directly to this wonderful organization. Lyle Lovett, Jackson Browne, Brett Eldredge, Chris Janson, the Cash Family, and so many other artists are donating unique performances to this exciting concert. Our friend, the beautiful, powerful and ever so talented Michael Franti will also be performing. These musicians and hosts are Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians who understand that clean water is a nonpartisan issue. We can all help unite our country by building a bridge over troubled waters. You can check out the full line-up below!
Tennessee Riverkeeper is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to protect the Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers and their tributaries by enforcing environmental laws and educating the public.

The Tennessee River is one of the most polluted rivers in the United States according to Erin Brockovich. Since the 1930s, the river has received more than its fair share of pollution from the Tennessee Valley Authority, an electric utility, as well as chemical factories, plastics, and a grim litany of other toxins. All life depends on clean water, especially humans as our bodies are comprised of more than 60% water. More than 6,300,000 citizens depend on this watershed for their drinking water.
At a time of growing environmental degradation, it is of the utmost importance that all of humankind has access to clean water. Think about all the countless ways you interact with water every day – its presence in our lives is so ubiquitous that we can even take it for granted at times. But when we can’t access it, or it becomes unsafe, we feel the weight of its absence. Unfortunately, those who are enabling these toxins in our lives are powerful corporations and their lobbyists who exert their influence over our government and public officials, persuading them to make bad decisions that negatively impact our water, food, soil, and air. Riverkeeper stands up for your right to clean water, which takes resources, wisdom, and strategy. The organization’s staff members work hard around the clock. Defending your environment also requires the power of the people and the collective voice of all those who depend on our water planet for life. We need your support!
This grassroots, citizen-supported organization works alongside the communities it serves to hold polluters accountable. The nonprofit organization was founded by David Whiteside in 2009. Whiteside has devoted more than 20 years of his life to fighting pollution and safeguarding communities. Despite being a small organization with a budget that pales in comparison to other environmental groups.
Tennessee Riverkeeper David Whiteside amongst the 1,700 pounds of trash removed from Browns Creek in Nashville. [Photo by Anthony Scarlati]
Whiteside founded some of the most successful Waterkeeper nonprofit organizations in the world, which prosecuted over 100,000 pollution violations while defending the drinking water for more than 8 million Americans.
David’s passion and resilience over the years has inspired thousands of people to advocate for clean water in their own communities – including many leaders in the music and entertainment industry.
– The organization has removed over 30,000 pounds of aquatic litter, mostly plastic, since 2018.
– Riverkeeper defended the endangered spring pygmy sunfish and its habitat, and is working to conserve over 1,000 acres to try to establish more habitat for this beautiful, rare fish.
– Tennessee Riverkeeper has addressed more than 45,563 pollution violations since 2009, often through legal actions against government and/or corporations.
– Annually, Riverkeeper investigates more than 600 pollution permits and their pollution in our relentless pursuit to monitor and combat pollution.
So check out the concert!!! Have fun … and maybe donate a dollar or two hundred depending on what you can do…every penny counts!
– Alicia

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