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Dream The Future

Check out CuriosityStream’s 10-part original new series Dream The Future! Dream The Future transports you to the year 2050.
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Check out CuriosityStream’s 10-part original new series Dream The Future! Dream The Future transports you to the year 2050, calling upon visionaries hard at work helping build the future. In this series you will discover scientific and technological innovations destined to revolutionize our daily lives for the better over the next 30 years. Covering the topics of medicine, food, cities, homes, entertainment, sports and more—each of the 10 ground-breaking episodes dive deep into the issues affecting the world around us, innovations, and solutions for tomorrow. Narrated by the iconic and award-winning Sigourney Weaver, we encourage you to put Dream The Future on your radar!
We are particularly excited about the episode “Food of the Future.” Nutritional inequalities, animal agriculture’s impact on climate change, pollution caused by intensive farming, illnesses provoked by industrial food, feeding 9 billion people – the food domain is at no loss for challenges in the future. From visionaries such as Jaap Korteweg,  a former pig farmer turned vegetarian “butcher” that sells vegan meats, to Yasuyuki Nambou, a business owner revolutionizing urban gardening, there is much to take away from this episode!
Stream the series online via CuriosityStream, all ten episodes will available for viewing on March 15th! New users can start a free 7-day trial to watch the series for free 🙂

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