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It is a pleasure to share this short video with you all. It features passionate innovators speaking about sustainability and the eco-modernist movement... check it out!

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It is a pleasure to share this short video with you all. It features passionate innovators speaking about sustainability and the eco-modernist movement… check it out!

The innovators featured in this video, Kawani Brown, Larry Kopald, and Kip Andersen, highlight powerful and exceptional aspects of the eco-modernist movement, as well as emphasize that this is truly the direction culture and society are moving in.
Kawani Brown is the founder of the Natural and Holistic Baby Expo, a kind mama, and eco entrepreneur. Kawani’s leadership is greatly influencing families all over Southern California to go green and live healthier lives.
Larry Kopald has been a communications and branding professional for over twenty-five years, working at some of the world’s top advertising agencies. He’s also an environmentalist. His most recent project, The Carbon Underground, seeks to organize and educate the world about the powerful climate change reversing ability of healthy soil via regenerative farming. By converting industrial farms to no-till regenerative farms, studies show we can clean the air and restore the atmosphere to pre-industrial age conditions in a significantly short amount of time (in addition to healthier people, greater food security, and trillions of dollars in savings due to reduced healthcare costs and chemical inputs.) This is tremendously valuable and inspiring news that we want to get out, and hope it reaches all the environmentalists and the powers that be so he can make this a reality … Thank you Larry for what you are doing!
Kip Andersen is an entrepreneur and filmmaker, with his most recent film being Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. As a result of this film, suppressed research revealing the massive effects of animal agriculture are now in the light. Big environmental organizations that previously kept quiet on this subject are now starting to address it. The EPA recently requested a showing at their San Francisco regional office and separately, Amazon Watch is working towards serving only vegan meals at their fundraisers. That’s awesome! Go Kip!
Huge thank you for all that you do. You are truly making a difference!
When thinking about the eco-modernist movement, what ideas, technology, movers and shakers come to your mind?

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