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Eco Resolutions for the New School Year

The Kind Life

When I posted my EcoTools back to school giveaway, I asked you to share how you plan to make this year your most eco-friendly school year yet. I was so excited by all of your answers!
Here are your top 25 eco resolutions for the new school year: good work people!!!

  1. Pack 100% reusable lunches by using eco-friendly, washable, resusable lunchbags, thermoses, and snack containers instead of plastic baggies and disposable lunchbags
  2. Go out to eat less
  3. Take on a leadership role in your fave enviro org
  4. Walk or bike to school instead of driving
  5. Share vegan snacks with classmates
  6. Plant a winter garden
  7. Take public transportation
  8. Start composting
  9. Teach kids to cook kind foods
  10. Host monthly clothing swap & potluck party
  11. Craft with recyclables
  12. Purchase tree friendly binders and notebooks
  13. Use scrap paper to take notes instead of fresh sheets
  14. Go completely paperless
  15. Volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter
  16. Give away unused or old items on
  17. Buy back to school clothes at consignment shops instead of brand new
  18. Make DIY household cleaning products and beauty products, for example, clean with vinegar and baking soda instead of going out and buying a bottle of household cleaner, or make your own lotion out of shea butter and essential oils instead of going out and buying lotion
  19. Stop buying bottled water and soda and carry a reusable water bottle instead
  20. Learn to cook a few new veg dishes
  21. Plan to sponsor a turkey at an animal sanctuary for Thanksgiving
  22. Make eco-friendly Christmas presents
  23. Use only reusable grocery bags
  24. Rent books instead of buying (if you want to buy used, that’s a good option too, but checking out books from the library is the most awesome, of course!)
  25. Go vegan!

I can’t wait to hear how this year has been going for you! What have you done to kind your school year so far?

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