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Guest Blog: 7 Easy Ways to Save Animals in 2018

Hello 2018! We hope you’re feeling as inspired and energized as we are to forge ahead into this new year.

Hello 2018! We hope you’re feeling as inspired and energized as we are to forge ahead into this new year.
A new year means new hope for animals and many opportunities for us all to create change!
As in 2017, there will be obstacles and challenges this year. But standing strong together today, we are building a kinder tomorrow.
So, without further ado, here are 7 simple actions (much more fun than “resolutions,” we promise!) you can take this year to help change the world for animals:

1. Go Veg

Each time we sit down to a meal, we can stand up for animals! Your compassionate choices truly make an impact for animals, the planet, and your health, whether you start with Meatless Mondays or by leaving animals off your plate each day!
Pro-Tip: Already vegan? Empower 7 people to go meatless on Mondays!

2. Help make vegan eating business as usual

Let’s put more vegan options on menus nationwide! Ask these major food retailers to offer vegan foods, making plant-based options accessible to millions of consumers:

  • Subway, sub meat for plants: Leave a comment to ask Subway to put a fresh, healthy new spin on its sandiwches in the new year by offering a vegan sub.
  • Use your Starbucks cup for change: Join Jane Velez-Mitchell in this photo petition by  using the coffee chain’s cup to demand “Vegan food, please!” at their cafes.
  • Ask Dunkin’ to roll out a vegan donut: Post on the company’s Facebook page asking it for a vegan donut we can dunk in our delightfully dairy-free coffee.
  • Tweet for vegan pizza: Tweet @LittleCaesars and ask the chain to ring in the New Year with compassion by adding vegan cheese to its line-up. Check out our sample tweet here.

3. Share the Love

Why not use the powerful tool of social media to be voice for animals? Sometimes the simple act of sharing a blog or petition can amplify a message of compassion — and you never know who you might inspire.
From undercover investigations to photos of adorable farm animals, share, share, share!

4. Sign & share a petition

It’s quick and easy to sign an online petition, but they have the power to bring together hundreds of thousands of compassionate voices for a big impact. Browse causes that matter to you today! Here are some of COK’s important active petitions:

  • Stop the blocking of the word “milk” on labels of dairy-free products: Urge the dairy industry to stop crying over spilled milk (and the soaring popularity of dairy-free drinks and foods) and label its own products “cow milk”.
  • End Tyson’s torturous rapid growth: Ask Tyson Foods to stop crippling birds with rapid growth —and become a true industry leader by shifting toward plant protein. Follow up with a polite call to Tyson at 800-643-3410,
  • Not so fast, USDA: Help us reach our goal of a quarter million voices against the USDA’s dangerous and cruel high-speed slaughter program.

5. Lend your support

Pick a compassionate charity that inspires you, and put your money where your heart is. Every contribution counts, so please give what you can. There are plenty of non-profit groups that will put your support to good use — and your donation today to Compassion Over Killing will help propel our hard-hitting investigations, innovative Legal Advocacy, pro-vegan campaigns, effective outreach, and so much more in the new year ahead.

6. Ask for vegan options right in your hometown

Restaurants and stores want to hear directly from you, the consumer! Just by asking for a vegan option, you can spark a menu change. Check out COK’s easy restaurant outreach guide for tips and order your set of our restaurant manager cards to ask eateries to add animal-friendly options.

7. Volunteer

From farm animal sanctuaries, to advocacy organizations, there are many inspiring causes out there that need your hands-on help! With so many ways to volunteer your time and energy, whether you pitch in online or in-person, you can find the cause and activities for you. We know you’re busy, so just give the time you can spare: it all makes a difference for animals in need. Click here if you’d like to get involved with COK!
Together, we can help make this a kinder year for animals, the planet, and our health! Every positive action you take has a powerful impact.
We’re here to help, so let’s take on 2018 together!
About Compassion Over Killing
Compassion Over Killing (COK) is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) animal protection organization headquartered in Washington, DC, focused on opposing cruelty to animals in agriculture and promoting plant-based eating as a way to build a kinder world for all. Since 1995, COK has served as an unwavering force bringing about positive changes for animals through undercover investigations, legal advocacy, pro-vegan outreach and corporate campaigns, and more.
Photo: Quidhitch

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