Valentine Goodies

What are your plans this Valentine's day?? Do you and your loved ones exchange gifts or indulge in sweet treats? For those of you who plan to do some giving, I hope you find these kind ideas below helpful :)
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What are your plans this Valentine’s day?? Do you and your loved ones exchange gifts or indulge in sweet treats? For those of you who plan┬áto do some giving, I hope you find these kind ideas below helpful ­čÖé
Yummm check out my chocolate post, lots of mouth watering delicious chocolate companies to choose from. Let me know below what your favorites are, I’m always on the look out for the yummiest!
If you can, put together a bouquet from flowers around your place or buy organic flowers from the farmerÔÇÖs market. Local, organic flowers are the healthiest choice for your body and an important ethical choice to support the health of your bigger home and other humans. Regular flowers are laden with tons of chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators) to achieve perfect flower status. Plus, if theyÔÇÖre shipped by plane from overseas (which about 70% of flowers in the U.S. are), think about that giant carbon footprint! And, when you shop local, youÔÇÖre supporting local businesses, which I love! You get the ideaÔÇŽ try for local, organic, Fair Trade flowers when possible.
If youÔÇÖre in New York, check out┬áGardenia Organic. If youÔÇÖre in LA, Silver Lake Farms is great.
If you’re looking to get them┬ádelivered, try one of these sites:
Organic Bouquet
California Organic Flowers
Healthy Candy
If you want to give your partner or loved ones a delicious sweet treat they can take every day that’s actually great for them, check out these gummies!
Anekdot uses upcycled fabrics to make their looks.
Brook There has cozy looking sets made from organic cotton.
Aikyou has cute pieces made from Fair Trade Certified and organic cotton fabrics.
If you’re not into indulging in sweets this year or don’t want to give anything material, there are so many awesome non-profits out there doing great work. Give the gift of compassion by supporting clean drinking water via Charity Water or sponsoring an animal at Farm Sanctuary.┬áFind more ideas on orgs. I dig, here!
I would love to hear from you! What do you get up to on Valentines Day? Do you give gifts or treats? What other eco-lingerie companies are out there and what kind of chocolate brands do you love??

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