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The Sustainable Benefits of the Hemp Plant

Hemp can help our farmer and planet!
Ministry of Hemp

Hemp, the non-psychoactive strain of the cannabis family, was once one of the most ubiquitous plants in the world. First found around 8,000 BCE in central Asia, hemp spread across multiple continents through the ages and was a fundamental part of the agricultural revolution. Throughout several civilizations, hemp was used for food, textiles, oil, and industrial purposes. Yet, after getting confused with marijuana in the 1900s, hemp was soon outlawed and forgotten. Many of its benefits were lost in the modern world.

Daily CBD published an article back in 1941 with findings that hemp “can be used to produce more than 25,000 products”. In several other countries, hemp has continued to be used for food, textiles, and even in construction to build houses that are more energy-efficient than regular buildings

Hemp can help our Farmers and the Planet

The best part of hemp is that its applications are completely eco-friendly and sustainable.
Farmers can actually restore the health of their farmland by planting hemp as it eliminates the need to use agrochemicals such as herbicides or pesticides. Since hemp grows so densely and its roots are so deep, it kills off weeds naturally.

Planting hemp can offer an alternative solution to many of our current practices that are damaging this planet. With a growing cycle of only 4–6 months, hemp is a more sustainable option than trees for paper. Anything you can make out of fossil fuel, you can make out of hemp. This includes energy, plastic, or any other petroleum-based products.

Hemp has too many applications for us to ignore, especially as we fight an uphill battle against climate change. Bringing hemp back could be key to our sustainability efforts in preserving our soil and natural resources. Developing different applications of hemp and spreading it to the mainstream will help increase the supply of hemp and jumpstart a shift to a healthier society.

It’s time for us to take another look at hemp.

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits and uses of it by getting involved with hemp events in your city. This is a fantastic way to meet hemp enthusiasts in your community, while helping to grow awareness.

You can also support the hemp movement by writing to your legislators. Ask them to support the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to allow our farmers to grow this crop. Visit the National Hemp Association, to learn more.

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Gunhee Park is the founder of Ministry of Hemp. After learning about hemp at a local farmers market and realizing how little people know about this amazing plant, he founded Ministry of Hemp to raise awareness of hemp, showcase the greatest hemp products, and spearhead federal deregulation of hemp in the US. You can learn more about Ministry of Hemp by visiting their Facebook or Twitter page.

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