How To Break Free From The Matrix

How To Break Free From The Matrix
Freeing oneself from the noise and chaos in our lives by truly following our hearts is the greatest path we can take.

Break free from the matrix by creating your own. Let God be your daily bread. Your paycheck. And stop saying ‘yes’ to the crumbling paradigm you don’t even want to be part of anymore.
That’s the theory. Beautiful. But it’s nothing without the tangible. So here we go…
The only way this actually works is by giving your *whole* life over. Every part of you. Surrendered. Open-hearted. To this unseen invisible force we call Spirit. The supreme orchestrator of all things.

None of this is happening *to* us. It’s all happening *for* us. It’s what we came for. So what story do you want to tell your grandchildren about these times?
Were you one of the rebels? Or were you one of the slaves?
By saying ‘Yes’ to a reality not aligned with the world you want to exist in slows down the creation process.
This means:
Any area where you’re living incongruently with your truth slows down the entire manifestation process of what you’re calling in. So you have to let go of everything that’s taking you out of alignment.
The work.
The lovers.
The environments.
Because it’s like going on a trip with more luggage than you need. Eventually, you get exhausted from carrying it all around. And that weight holds you back from moving forward. And physical weight is just a personification of energetic weight.
So this is how you break free from the matrix:
You stop opting in.
You stop saying yes.
And you quietly let go of any aspect of reality that’s not aligned with where you want to go.
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