I Interviewed Krysten Ritter about Vamps (and Living Kind)

I thought it would be fun for all you kind lifers to hear from my Vamps co-star Krysten (and star of the show Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23) about filming Vamps and life after our shoot in Detroit. During the shoot, I got to feed her yum veg food, and we had fun exploring lots of kind dining options in Detroit. Here are her reflections on the shoot and what she’s been up to since:
What was it like eating vegan in Detroit? Were you vegan before working on Vamps, and are you still? 
I loved eating vegan with Alicia on the set of Vamps. I remember when she asked me if I wanted to eat with her, and I was thrilled. I wanted to jump in  full-on. I read her book and learned so much about what we put in our bodies. Since Vamps, I didn’t totally stick with being vegan because I don’t cook, and it got hard for me to make good choices…
However, I’ve cut way back on animal products (especially dairy), and I try to only eat organic. Because of Alicia, I’m way more conscious of what I put in my mouth and also about how my dollar is spent. Her book The Kind Diet was a real eye-opener for me. I’m currently doing a food delivery program by Paleta, which allows me the convenience of eating very well. It’s organic, farm-to-table, gluten-free, dairy-free, and they do meatless Mondays. I opt out of the redmeat. It’s pretty amazing.
I definitely feel and see a difference compared to when I was eating burgers, pizza, and burritos for every meal. Increasing my fruit/veggie/grain intake has been very beneficial!
Are there any underlying “kind” messages in the movie?
Alicia and I play vampires who abstain from human blood. So we were very kind in that we weren’t killing people and drinking their blood! 🙂
Also to note, on set we didn’t have disposable plastic water bottles. Everyone was gifted their own personal water bottle which could be refilled. This was Alicia’s idea to keep the set green, and I should also note that since meeting Alicia I have a Brita and a SodaStream, so not one plastic bottle goes in or out of my house…
What was the funniest or most memorable moment that happened on set?
There were so many. We had the best time ever. I do remember many conversations Alicia, Amy, and Mona May were having while reminiscing about Clueless… and because I had seen the movie SO many times, I could totally contribute.
There was one other funny thing – I liked to leave the windows open in my hotel room, because I don’t love the feeling of being trapped inside. The hotel kept bolting my windows closed, and I kindly asked them to open them. One day, I came home and there was a pigeon hanging out in my room. He/she was so cute, and I named him/her Jamie. I got him/her out safely, and we all laughed about it. I guess that’s why hotels bolt their windows closed? Whoops!
What’s your favorite part about playing a vampire?
It was just too much fun. I love the whole look of it. All the people in my life joke that I’m vampire in real life. Not because I drink blood or anything but because I prefer to stay indoors with the blinds closed. I’m not really a SUN person. I come out of my coffin (bedroom) when the sun goes down.
What was it like working with Amy Heckerling? Were you a fan before?
I was a HUGE fan. Amy is an icon and an incredible female voice. I’ve been obsessed with her forever! So for me… getting to work with her was beyond. I adore her and hope we get to work together again.  I love her, I love her, I love her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thank you, Krysten! Vamps hits theaters this Friday November 2. Get your tix and grab your friends for a post-Halloween night out!
Do you have more questions about Vamps? Share them in the comments below, and I’ll try to answer as many as I can in a future post.
Photo source: imdb.com

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