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kind treats for valentine’s day

I’m featuring some groovy Valentine’s Day goodies in my OpenSky store right now, so I wanted to share them in case you’re on the hunt for the perfect eco-friendly V-day gift. Check it out:
Vegan Divas Treats
Just in time to give to your favorite Valentine, Vegan Divas is offering their tasty treats in a pretty tin.
Order here.
Eco iPhone Cases

I’m so excited about these little iPhone cases – it may sound silly, but I truly am. I was on the hunt for a super cute and ideally eco iPhone case, but I couldn’t find one until these showed up in my life. Yay! It feels good to touch, and it makes me so happyevery time I use my phone. So excited to share this find with you all.
These cases are made from up-cycled plastic (100% recycled and all post-consumer waste). Each one of these guys contains at least one recycled plastic bottle. How groovy is that?
Plus they say you can fit your credit card or cash into the back for quick errands. Another model has a little pop-out tripod for making movies and such. All of the iPhone cases are shipped to you in biodegradable packing peanuts and come in boxes made of recycled paper.
Oh, and did I mention they’re cute? That, too.
Order here.
Sneak Peek:
Next week, I’m featuring Hair By Kiss Rosewater Foundation, which was created by celebrity hairstylist Martin Kiss. I don’t normally use a ton of product in my hair, but this spritzer feels and smells nice ,probably because it’s made from actual roses from Bulgaria. I also like that it’s made from purified water, so it doesn’t feel heavy or stiff in your hair. The idea is to spray it in your hair eachmorning to lift up your roots and moisturize your hair. It’s also SAID TO BE good for people with thinning hair, as it promotes growth and thickness. It’s super low-maintenance and really smells great.
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What kind of gifts are you giving this Valentine’s Day? And what else would like to see featured in my OpenSky store? Let me know in the comments below.

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