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my husband on being a dad

This is something my husband Christopher wrote a few months ago when we were living in Brooklyn and I was shooting Gods Behaving Badly. This photo is a paparazzi shot from around that time, when Bear was between 2-5 months old. Bear is 10 months now. I will share more current pictures soon, but I wanted to share this one since it is from around the time that Christopher wrote this, he wrote it, then I forgot to post it, so it’s a little late, but I hope you enjoy it:

Wow, do I love being a father. Seeing my boy smile, play, and laugh is just the greatest thing in the world. From the moment we wake up, it is just a joy. I love hearing sounds from the other room when Bear and Alicia are hanging out. They talk to each other even though Bear is only four months old. Bear loves me, but he really loves Alicia. They have a crazy special thing. They flirt with each other like crazy.

When my head hits the pillow at night, I’m usually exhausted. I love that feeling – to be exhausted over something you love to do is one of the great feelings in life.

Our boy is a traveling man. He does not like to be still. He wants me to keep movin and see the world. When Alicia is working, he loves going with her to the hair and makeup trailer, because of all the lights, noise, mirrors, and the funny makeup artist. He is fascinated by TV when it is on, but Alicia just put the kibosh on him watching the tube.

I can’t wait to start playing sports and games with him. I can’t wait to teach Bear all kinds of things…but in the end, he is gonna have to beat me fair and square at whatever it is (jk). I can’t wait to bore him with my stories of how daddy used to be in a band. I am going to constantly grope his mother.

I really do just love it. When I carry him around, I feel so grounded and wonderful. I love taking him places with me. Going to breakfast with my boy is the best.

Babies are the true miracle of miracles.


I am one lucky mama! Do you have any cute daddy stories to share?

Photo Credit: GossipRocks

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