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Heading to New York City? These are the Must-Visit NYC Restaurants for Delicious Vegan Food


Traveling to a city where there’s excellent food can take your experience to a whole new level. And New York City is no exception. It has so much to offer, especially when it comes to vegan food. These are my go-to NYC restaurants!

Must-visit restaurants in New York City

ABCV is amazing! Jean Georges food is insanely delicious. Bear and I went three times last time we were in New York City. The beet Carpaccio is out of this world.
Avant Garden
This place has beautiful sexy chic vibes! The wait staff is kind and helpful and the food is the best of the best. I really enjoy two of their toasts, the smoked eggplant puree and the tomato jam with almond ricotta. Both are so, so good! Their mushroom dish with king oysters and leeks is off the chain and the beet avocado black sesame plate is absolutely delicious!! For dessert, the rice pudding is lovely. No sugar, just pure yumminess! Even more, the wine is great. I can’t wait to go back!
This Mediterranean-inspired West Village gem serves up the best locally sourced, fresh cuisine in town.

Babycakes (now Erin McKenna’s Bakery)
Last time we were there, Bear got a cinnamon muffin and I had a Thin Mint cookie that tasted like real deal Girl Scout Thin Mints!! It was insane. I also had some bites of a lemon pound cake and cinnamon coffee cake. Both were really, really nice!

Le Botaniste
Never been but excited to try!
Candle 79
Must try chic upscale restaurant. Perfect for flirts! I recommend: Seitan Picatta, Seitan Chimichurri, and peanut butter bliss…and the cocktails! Sangria! Rub owner Bart’s belly for me! Give joy a hug…and enjoy the really sweet staff.
Caravan of Dreams
This place is good. The smoothie with ice cream is great, and the burrito is terrific.
Delice & Sarrasin
Haven’t been here yet but looking forward to trying this French Bistro in the West Village. Everything is vegan here in recreated classics like Coq au Vin.

Double Zero
Insane! Their truffle oil pizza – so good.
Dunwell Doughnuts
Has ice cream now! Yum!!

This is HanGawi’s sister restaurant. It is good for flirts. The teas there are so good, and the savory pancakes are great. The sushi is also really good.
Gramercy Tavern
Amazing tasting menu.

Great Korean restaurant. There is a lovely zen, sexy vibe in there. Great place for flirts! I recommend the vermicelli noodles, the mountain roots, ginger grilled tadok root (SO good), veg dumpling soup and the desserts (pudding, rice balls). Tell them hi from me! I love the people who work there!
Integral Yoga Natural Foods
The counter service food is great here.
Marlow & Sons
It’s amazing but a little tricky to get a vegan meal. Sometimes you get luckier than others! The food is so good, check their menu or call ahead!

NY Dosas
This Indian food stand is sooo good.
Perry St
Amazing!! Jean Georges!
P.S. Kitchen
Excited that this place exists in Midtown!
Quantum Leap
This place has good buckwheat pancakes on weekends. Yum! They also have a good macro plate. Nice and easy. I would take someone non-veg for the pancakes, but not the other food. I used to eat here 10 years ago, all the time, when I did The Graduate on Broadway.
A lot of great side veggies.
This is paradise for superheroes! This is my favorite spot in NY…. They have great, simple, clean macro food. I recommend the squash, greens and daikon, and carrots with carrot dressing. I also like the kinpira, yuba soup, the black-eyed pea bean soup, the tempura, the maze rice, and the watercress salad. I’m obsessed with their soups! Some of my go-to dishes more recently include: amazing avocado kale salad, sautéed mushrooms, burdock root sushi, hijiki, and squash tofu dish. They also have really yum baked goods!
Sullivan Street Bakery
Great pizza. Flirts will like and vegans will rejoice!
The Mark Hotel
So nice! This place has the best bloody mary and food on the Upper East Side.
Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Amazing ice cream! A wide selection of great vegan options.
Vegetarian Dim Sum House
Great for flirts! Staff is grumpy but it’s a fun adventure. The food is yum. I love the pork buns and the veg soup.
Zen Vegetarian House
If you end up at Zen Vegetarian House, try the honey (I know, it’s not totally vegan) “pork,” plate of ginger greens, and “chicken” fried rice.
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