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16 Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Mom and Mother Earth Will Love


It’s almost Mother’s Day. I’m not a big one on more stuff. Personally, I would love a handwritten letter and maybe a day when I don’t have to leave my bed! But these are all things that I regularly use or need (or love as a treat!). Perhaps they would be nice gifts for your mom. If you love giving gifts, your mom will surely love some of these. And, because they’re sustainable, they’re gifts to Mother Earth, too.

Love, Alicia


1. Lettuce Grow self-watering, self-fertilizing system!

Great for patio gardens!
Find it here.

2. Miomojo bag

This cute spring bag is made from apple skin and food waste. I love the summery feel of the woven strap.
Miomojo is one of my favorite eco handbag designers! 
Dalila bag, Miomojo
Find it here.

3. Toning Mist

The prettiest-smelling and light toning mist. I’ve been enjoying this for years. 
Full Bloom Fog Toner from Garden Apothecary, $48
Find it here.

4. Ilia Mascara

A vegan mascara that doesn’t flake and looks incredible on!
Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara, $28
Find it here.

5. Hu Chocolate

Can’t go wrong with delicious chocolate! And, if you haven’t tried this, you are in for a serious treat! My favorite flavors aren’t featured here, but I’m in love with the cashews covered in chocolate, the hazelnut bar, and the raspberry almond butter bar.
Hu Kitchen Variety Pack, $40
Find them here.

6. Vegan Birkenstocks

A stylish vegan shoe for summer! I wore these to death! Time for a new pair. I love them! Live in them! Perfect with all sundresses. 
Vegan “Arizona” sandal, Birkenstock, $99.95
Find them here.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies: Everything You Need to Know (Plus 4 to Try)

7. myKind Vegan Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Delicious, organic apple cider vinegar gummies for the mom on the go! 
Find them here.

8. Mate the Label Sweatshirt

So comfy! I love mine! Organic cotton sweatshirt in a pretty soft color for spring! 
Mate the Label, $108
Find it here.

9. Two Dawson Sheet Set

The chicest and comfy linen sheets!
Two Dawson, from $120
Find them here.

10. Coyuchi Blanket

A pretty, organic throw blanket! Perfect for cozying up with your beloved child, no matter how big.
Topanga Organic Matelasse Blanket, Coyuchi, $128-$278
Find it here.

11. Hammock

I love an organic cotton hammock, perfect for the summer weather! $149.90
Find it here.

12. Stone Kit

All the good vibes for mom!
Love Stone set from Smudge Wellness (in a compostable paper pouch!)
Find it here.

13. Wearable Weights

For the active mom: wearable 2 lb weights that look super chic
Bala Bangles, $65
Find it here.

14. Flower Cookies

These vegan cookies don’t look real!
Shortbread cookies, $50, Loria Stern
Find them here.

15. Body Scrubs

A sugar scrub set for a little self-care!
The little market, $110
Find it here.

veron macaron

16. Verón Macarons

Treat your mom to the sweetest all-natural vegan macarons made without artificial colors, dyes, palm oil or corn syrup. Delish!
Verón, $55
Find it here.


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