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Easy Vegan Tempeh Reuben Collard Wraps

Thank you Lizz from sharing this delicious recipe! I met Lizz over a year ago when I was in Portland.
Heirloom Commons

Thank you Lizz from sharing this delicious tempeh reuben recipe! I met Lizz in 2016 when I was in Portland. I tried these wraps and they are SO good, had to share with you all! Enjoy.
Love, Alicia

Tempeh Reuben Green Wraps

by Lizz Brommarito of Heirloom Commons

Tempeh Reuben green wraps are a perfect light, yet filling way to get a complete meal. Full of naturally fermented, probiotic-rich veggies, plant-based protein, and greens, they also travel well!
Makes 4 wraps
4 big collard leaves, bottom of the stems sliced off
1 TB olive oil, or other high-quality vegetable oil
1 cup mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 cup onion, thinly sliced into half-moons
4 oz tempeh, thinly sliced into strips (approximately 1 heaping cup)
1/2 teaspoon caraway seed
1/4 cup sauerkraut
1 TB whole-grain mustard (stone ground or spicy brown would work too!)
1-2 teaspoons shoyu or tamari, to taste
1 medium tomato, thinly sliced into half-moons (approximately 3/4 cup)
1/4 cup cucumber pickle of choice, finely diced
Heirloom Commons
In a large pot bring about 3 inches of water to a boil. You will be using this to blanch your greens. If you prefer to save water and have a steamer, you’re welcome to steam your greens instead.
While you are waiting for the water to boil, you can sauté your tempeh filling. Begin to heat a medium to large skillet on high, on the stove top. Add your olive oil. Next, add your mushrooms. Brown the mushrooms, stirring frequently for 4 minutes. Now add the onion and mushrooms, and sauté 4 more minutes, on high, lightly searing the tempeh. Reduce the heat if it begins to burn. Add the caraway seed, mustard, sauerkraut, and shoyu or tamari, stir well. Continue to cook for 2 more minutes. Place a lid on the skillet, reduce heat to low, and allow to cook for 6 more minutes. Turn off heat and set aside.
Have a colander or strainer, that can fit in your sink, handy. When your blanching water is boiling, submerge the collard greens fully, allowing to cook for 2 minutes. Remove from hot water, and immediately place in the strainer. Run cold water over the greens till they no longer feel warm and use your hands to press out any extra water. Be careful not to rip the greens as you press.
Heirloom Commons
Lay one collard green flat, horizontally on a cutting board. Add one-quarter of your filling, as well as 2-3 slices of tomato, and one-quarter of the chopped pickle. Wrap like a burrito, by folding each short side first, then folding the bottom over the filling. Continue to tuck and roll to the edge, tightly. Repeat with the additional three wraps.
Serve as-is, or slice in half, and secure each half with toothpicks. The filling keeps about 5 days in the refrigerator, making it a great make-ahead item.
Heirloom Commons

About Lizz:
Lizz Bommarito is the creator of the produce-centric blog Heirloom Commons, a vegan chef, Esthetician, and Herbalist.

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