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The Real Heal Episode 5: The Benefits of Eating Locally With Gabrielle Cerberville


About the Episode

Welcome to Episode 5 of The Real Heal, “The Benefits of Eating Locally” with Gabrielle Cerberville.

If you love food and nature, you’re in for a treat. Gabrielle Cerberville is a forager and self-identified “mushroom auntie”, and she shares tips and resources for getting into foraging and shopping locally. 

I love Gabrielle’s perspective on food. When we open our eyes and look around our neighborhoods, we find there are delicious foods and medicines available for us to forage (for free!). If you’ve ever plucked fruit straight from the tree and eaten it, you know the exhilaration of foraging!

Gabrielle reveals how tapping into your local ecosystem can deepen your relationship with your food, your community, and even yourself. One of the best things we can do for our health and for our planet is to source our food from within 200 miles of our homes. 

Once we develop a deep connection with nature, it’s difficult to see ourselves as separate from it. Eating locally can include foraging, subscribing to a CSA produce box, or shopping at a local farmers’ market.

We talk about how to forage locally (even in the backyard),  how to identify safe and delicious food in the neighborhood, and how to prepare that food. 

Connecting with our food in this way helps us to become better stewards of nature. And that has never been more important. I do hope you’ll find it as fascinating and empowering as I did! 

Below are additional resources to support your foraging and local food journey. And be sure to check out my Kind Diet book for more inspiration, too.

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