The Real Heal Episode 6: Healing Through Nutrition With Dr. Angie Sadeghi


About the Episode

Welcome to episode 6 of the Real Heal podcast where my guest is Dr. Angizeh Sadeghi, a gastroenterologist and the co-founder of Planted In Health. 

Dr. Sadeghi is a top expert in this field. It was very exciting to talk with her and to learn about how much she has witnessed diet affect her practice.

So many health problems originate in the gut! It’s like our own internal root system where nutrients are dispersed and immunity is built. When our digestive system is out of whack, it can disrupt everything else.

But so many doctors in this field aren’t talking about diet’s role in gut health. It’s always music to my ears when a doctor lays it out like this. And Dr. Sadeghi had the courage to turn her whole practice vegan as a result of what she’s learned and experienced firsthand. She says a plant-based diet helped her to heal from chronic eczema, fibromyalgia, and lose 30 pounds.

When there’s anything wrong with our middle bits (the digestive system runs from your mouth to your anus) it can cause a whole host of problems in our bodies. For example, if you took a lot of antibiotics as a child (or as an adult!) that can cause chronic imbalances. So can a lifetime of consuming meat and dairy and highly processed foods. Dr. Sadeghi says it’s why whole, nurturing plant-based foods are so key to gut health. I couldn’t agree more!

I hope you find the interview as informative as I did. If you’re looking for more information, I discuss the best foods for gut health in the Kind Diet, and you can also check out these articles.

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