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The Real Heal Episode 7: Body Awareness, Self-Advocacy With  Taylor Wolfram


About the Episode

Welcome to Episode 7 of The Real Heal podcast where my guest is Taylor Wolfram, a dietitian whose work is centered on advocacy, shunning diet culture, and educating the public about veganism and eating disorders.

This episode is an eye-opener! Taylor’s dream is for everyone to have a healthy relationship with their body. If we’re not taking care of ourselves, how can we be expected to put our best foot forward to help others? We discuss how to process feelings of shame about our bodies and to learn to talk to ourselves in a kinder way.

While Taylor is not a fan of the word “naughty” when it comes to certain foods, I’m a proponent of it. I love using it because I recognize the difference between cake and kale; brown rice is so different from an ice cream cone! I enjoy calling those foods naughty because it’s not forbidden, it’s just naughty!

And that’s the premise behind The Kind Diet, too: we can learn to eat nourishing foods so that our bodies become more balanced, helping us to feel good more often than we feel bloated, sluggish, or downright icky from our food choices.

I know that when I have extra weight on my body it’s inflammation and that does not feel good. It slows me down. Our bodies are organic machines and it’s so easy to throw off our performance, or make the machine rickety and clunky if we aren’t feeding it optimally. 

Of course, we should love our bodies wherever they are and at whatever size. But it’s also important to remember that the cards are stacked against people because billions of dollars are spent to cultivate food addiction. They’re seducing us into putting stuff into our bodies that isn’t food, that isn’t nurturing. It’s complicated for sure but I’m here to say we’re stronger than that, we can take our power back. 

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