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The Kind Life’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day gifts

Love doesn’t cost a thing!

Quality time with loved ones is the most precious gift. A love letter is the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift and always has been! Really, what could be better than a deep meaningful letter from the one you love?

If you find yourself in the mood for some Valentine’s love, perhaps this guide will inspire you to enjoy your festive holiday but with conscious, thoughtful, earth-friendly, healthier gifts.

We still believe in love, goodness, and romance, right? Let’s celebrate love!

Want to go the no-waste route? Kids can make cards using recycled materials, and you can make a book of coupons (a massage, cleaning house – clothing-optional – ha!) for your amour, make cookies from the kind diet, or put together a candlelight dinner – even a silent dinner with only laughter allowed could be fun and sexy.

Thinking flowers? Only organic will do, my love (more on that below!)  Please choose kind chocolate as well – so much of it is made from child labor and using ingredients that hurt people and animals. (Read: Is Your Chocolate Fair?) Review my favorite chocolate blog for the best chocolate ever.

If you don’t find anything you’re in love with on this guide, consider choosing vintage from The RealReal for lifelong keepsakes like jewelry & handbags that will last way past next year’s trend.  Take a peek at my holiday guide because it’s full of fun stuff you may have missed that would work so well for Valentine’s Day gifts too!
Also: see the bottom of this guide for wonderful charities to donate to in your sweetie’s name.

To love 🥂,

Traditional flowers are flown from the nether regions of the earth, racking up quite a carbon footprint before they make their way to your sweetie. Local, organic flowers are the healthiest choice for you and the environment. Find out where to get them here.

You can also look at this site for more info.

Thinking lingerie? You can find sustainably sexy pieces here:

  • Anekdot uses upcycled fabrics to craft their elegant lingerie looks.
  • Brook There has cozy-looking sets made from organic cotton.
  • Aikyou has cute pieces made from Fair Trade Certified and organic cotton fabrics.
Idyl Lab Grown Responsible Diamond Studs, $348
Idyl Lab Grown Responsible Diamond Studs, $348

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.. but only if they are sustainably lab-grown or vintage. This is the perfect subtle bling, made responsibly.

MIA - triangle bra, €79
MIA – triangle bra, €79

This aikyou bra is fair trade certified, organic, and gorgeous.

Jellyfish Decomposition Book, $9,
Jellyfish Decomposition Book, $9

Love notes used to be chiseled into cave walls, now you can gift them a sweet recycled journal, perfect for waxing rhapsodically about your lover.  This gorgeous journal is made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Ethical Diamond Huggie Earring, $368
Ethical Diamond Huggie Earring, $368

These glittering huggies are responsibly made, and the cornerstone of every great ear story. Ethical diamonds, responsible craftsmanship, and traceable 14k gold.

Stone Diffuser, $119
Stone Diffuser, $119

Gorgeously set the mood with this diffuser which will emit calming scents all over your home. Perfect for that essential oil zen!

Iris Prima Linea - Apple Rosso Amore, €220
Iris Prima Linea – Apple Rosso Amore, €220

Made from AppleSkin: an innovative leather alternative with a high content of natural waste, from the skin and core apple waste of the food industry, this vegan red saddle bag will add such a POP to anything they put on. Plus – you’ll have a great story to tell anytime you wear it.

Cacao Magic Superfoods, $28,
Cacao Magic Superfoods, $28,

A treat beyond the usual box of chocolate – this chocolate superfood yumminess is made in LA, and woman-owned!  Vegan, raw, organic, goes well in coffee and smoothies!

Ultimate Wellbeing Bath & Shower Oil Collection by Aromatherapy Associates, $99
Ultimate Wellbeing Bath & Shower Oil Collection by Aromatherapy Associates, $99

Beautiful bath and body oils are always appreciated… even more so when they are kindly procured.

Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve Bamboo Lid - BPA Free, $15.99
Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve Bamboo Lid – BPA Free, $15.99

If you want to buy something sweet and useful for V day, we love this reusable drinking cup!

ChuckIt! Recycled Remmy Ball Dog Toy, Medium $5
ChuckIt! Recycled Remmy Ball Dog Toy, Medium $5

Rescue pets deserve a Valentine’s day treat, too.  For your four-legged love, a recycled rubber ball.

Rose Gold Drinking Bottle, 38.90€/ $47.96
Rose Gold Drinking Bottle, 38.90€/ $47.96

This rose gold bottle stays cold forever, and really elevates their water drinking game.

Always Pan, $145
Always Pan, $145

For the sweet chef in your life, a pan that looks as good as it works. Why clutter up their kitchen space with ugly gadgets when museum-quality pretty pans exist?!

Nuvo, $64.99
Nuvo, $64.99

Drizzle this delicious olive oil on ANYTHING to make it taste special. This gift basket would make most foodies squeal with delight! This is the yummiest California olive oil.

Winc Wine Of The Month Club (Choose Vegan), $60 and up
Winc Wine Of The Month Club (Choose Vegan), $60 and up

A monthly wine membership will make them think of you, fondly and boozily, for 12 months a year! These offerings from Winc are proudly sustainable from the bottling process to eco-friendly production and shipping methods. They are also vegan and made with sustainably farmed organic grapes that are grown without pesticides.

Rescue Rose, $25
Rescue Rose, $25

Each Bottle sold of this delish rose donates a portion of proceeds to benefit Love Leo Rescue to help save Animals in need in Los Angeles, California. Love Leo is a non profit 501c3 that saves thousands of dogs and helps them find forever homes.

Brushed Copper Swiss Army, $109
Brushed Copper Swiss Army Knife, $109

A chic Swiss army knife for the modern lass or fellow is useful for everything from opening bottles of wine to tinkering in the garden.

Wooden Love Card, $6
Wooden Love Card, $6

These lovely wooden cards are made in the USA from sustainably harvested birch wood, and are 100% biodegradable.

Plantable Valentine's Card, 25 cards for $31
Plantable Valentine’s Card, 25 cards for $31

These handmade kids Valentine’s Day cards are biodegradable and embedded with plantable seed hearts, which make them so much more meaningful and conscious than the usual mass kiddie school cards.

Consider a donation in your loved one’s name printed out and tucked into to your Valentine’s Day Card!

Nonprofits I suggest:

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