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World Water Day is today, March 22nd! This day has been celebrated since 1993 when it was born in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.
Every year there is a different theme for this day and according to the website this year’s focus is on raising awareness of water quality under the theme ‘Clean Water for a Healthy World’. There are many events happening all around the world that incorporate water as a theme and you can check them out HERE.
I want to highlight this day because I just feel so fortunate to have clean, safe water whenever I want it. According to the World Water Day people, an estimated 1.1 billion people rely on unsafe drinking-water sources.
Even those of us who have clean drinking water should do what we can do conserve water. Here are some tips for saving water:
-Don’t flush… Unless you have to!
-Make sure that your dishwasher is full and well stacked before running it
-Don’t keep the water running when you are washing your hands or brushing your teeth. Turn it off until you need it! Same with washing dishes.
-Take shorter showers and mindful baths, with as little water as possible
-Being veggie saves water!! One 16 ounce steak uses the amount of water that you need for 6 months worth of showers, so by just eating kindly we save sooo much water!
-Instead of pouring old water bottles, or cups of water out, use that water for your pets or plants
-Heat up water in an electric tea kettle in your bathroom instead of running the sink until the water gets hot
-If you soak beans overnight, use the soaking water for your plants
Make your toilet more eco friendly
-By planting native flowers and plants in your garden, you save water because they require less water to survive
We have to remember that water is so important to our survival, and we must respect it.
What will you do to celebrate World Water Day or to raise awareness in your community?
Stay tuned, because I will be posting blogs about water all week long!!

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