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behind the scenes of suburgatory

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I’ve just recently finished working on the show Suburgatory (Of course I took Bear to work everyday for some boobs in between scenes (I know, I’m lucky!) and I got to work with my Hideaway and Clueless acting mate, Jeremy Sisto. It was hard to work with Jeremy, Alan Tudyk and Gillian Vigman, cause they had me laughing my pants off! I messed up quite a bit just giggling. They are hilarious, and Jeremy is so playful and silly and fun. I would literally have to say, “Stop talking to me.” so I could concentrate. We loved working together again.

Also Jane Levy is adorable and lovely and strong and has it all together. I would stare at her, because I wanted to kiss her face, or squish it – she is a beautiful girl, inside and out.

I am such a fan of the show. Check it out and see if you like it too.

Photo Credit: The Daily What

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