Restaurant Review: Lemonade

By September 13, 2012Delicious

Recently, Christopher and I went to Lemonade for lunch, and we were blown away by our meal. They’re not a vegan restaurant, but they have lots of vegan options and the place was cute.

You order deli style, so I chose the plate of three sides. But instead of getting three big scoops of different salads, I asked if I could have six baby scoops. I can never make up my mind, and everything looked so good, I couldn’t commit to just three!

Here’s what I had:

– An amazing faro salad with lima beans, chickpeas, and kalamata olives
– A great lentil salad with apple and “voodoo” vinaigrette
– A great butternut squash salad with chili, lime, and a coriander vinaigrette
– Sweet potatoes and pistachio
– Avocado, cherry tomato and pine nut salad with lime
– Kale with mushrooms in a kumquat vinaigrette

Everything we tried was sooo good! Every bite, we were like oh my god, oh my god! And Christopher was feeling that way too.

Another great thing about Lemonade is they have a bunch of locations throughout LA. Yay for vegan food! Delicious…check it out next time your looking for a good lunch spot in LA. Seriously delicious…and remember to bring your own to-go container if you take it to go. Would be great for a picnic too.

What’s your favorite place to grab a good veg lunch?



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