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Animal Love

Animal Love: Deer and Dog Playtime

Look at how adorable these two are playing along with each other in the yard. They just can’t get enough of each other.


  • Julie

    Hi. Cute video. This isn’t related to this post but was interested in people’s opinions on following. My daughter recently asked for a pet bird and I said no as I don’t agree with birds being kept as pets – but we have a dog! Is there a difference? Should we keep any animals as pets? What do you guys think?

    • Veronika

      I think in a perfect world, the animals would all live in the wild, and people would respect and treat them as sentient beings. But unfortunately the world we live in is far from perfect. I believe it’s wrong to go to a pet store or a breeder, and buy an animal that has spent all its live in captivity, solely for the purpose of your own entertainment. BUT if you go to a shelter and adopt a rescued animal that was suffering and slowly dying, unable to survive in the circumstances it was in, take it home with you and provide it with the best care, love – the best life that you can, then you’re doing a good thing for the animal, and you get a companion to share your life with. Everybody wins. It’s not perfect, but for now it’s the best we can do. :)

    • Gina

      I have several parrots. I believe most birds are not happy as pets, but once they are born into captivity we must do our best to give them a nice life. Smaller birds are much easier to please. I agree with Veronika. There are so many bird rescues now, because most birds can live 20 – 50+ yrs, and people are not living up to their commitment to keep them. So try to find a local bird rescue, or go on Craig’s list and look for a free bird. Adopting a homeless bird is a lovely thing if you will commit to keeping him for the rest of his life. Please don’t ever buy a bird from a pet shop or breeder. There are more than enough adoptable birds. We don’t need more.

    • Rebecca Ratliff

      I tend to think that it’s wrong to have birds as pets, not because people are incapable of properly caring for them or loving them, but because of the nature of birds. They were meant to fly in wide open spaces high above us, rest on trees and tall buildings, socialize with other birds, build nests, etc. They aren’t able to do any of these things in a house, and so I always think it must be such a sad life for them.

      When it comes to dogs, we’ve heavily domesticated them. Dogs do have needs, such as being able to go out for regular walks, but the more wild parts of them have been mostly bred away long ago, and as long as humans treat them right and give them what they need, dogs seem to be very very happy living in homes.

  • FabFitBeauty

    Great video! Also really love what you are doing with the Kind brand :)

  • Dale Dupree

    never thought this was possible, glad i saw this.. great stuff