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Action Alert: Nike & Kangaroo Leather

Did you know that most soccer cleats are made with kangaroo leather? My Pal Chloe from Girle Girl Army sent me this info from her blog.  Millions of kangaroos are abused and slaughtered in Australia every year due to the drive for this industry. It is SO awful. I want to share it with you, my fellow Kind Lifers, to join me in taking action. Adidas and Puma are said to be cutting back on the use of kangaroo leather, yet, Nike is still offering it.

Help me in ending this cruelty by taking part in some of the following actions below:

  • Spread the word and educate your friends (especially those who play soccer)
  • Sign this petition.
  • Email Nike’s CEO demanding the elimination of kangaroo use: Phil Knight c/o Mark Parker, Nike CEO, [email protected]
  • Tweet Hannah Jones VP of Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike @hjones_nike

Many thanks for all that you do.

With love,



Photo credit: Love These Pics


  • Sarah

    I signed the petition and sent the email. I’ve never worn Nike shoes. I usually get Saucony running shoes. But I’ve been buying Nike Yoga and running gear. I will stop until they change!! Lole brand is better anyway!

  • Antonio

    I think clothing should not just come with a price label but also with what the product is made of come from source. Credit to you for opening peoples eyes spreading awareness :)