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Forks Over Knives

A while back I blogged about how excited I was to see this documentary and I finally saw it! Thank god for this film!! I have dreamed about a film like this to exist for a long time. I thought I would have to make it, but yahoo it’s already out there! I truly feel that this film is SO good. It does a remarkable job of digesting all the nutritional and scientific information into something that’s comprehensible and effective.

If you have not seen this film, and are flirting with being vegan, you must see it! For all you veg heads who are already convinced, this is the perfect film to show your friends and loved ones. It’s chalk full of interviews with researchers, doctors, experts like The China Study author Colin T. Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, and Dr. Esselstyn’s son and author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip Esselstyn. It makes a clear case for the power of diet in prevention, healing, and reversing disease.

It’s not super long and you can watch it on Netflix or download it from iTunes and Youtube. Bring it to your parents house for a screening, host a dinner party, or share it on your campus. This is an extremely helpful and easy tool to spread valuable health research as well as to advocate a more compassionate lifestyle.

Have you seen it? What did you think?


  • Monica Dewart

    I would certainly say that it is one of the most important documentaries of our time – if not *the* most important. Solid, valid science behind everything they claim. They are saving lives! I’m very thankful this was produced and released, and that so many lives have improved as a result.

  • HealthyPipes

    I saw this eminently-watchable movie a year ago (free download on Amazon Prime, but then I bought the DVD, and then bought the extended DVD). Forks Over Knives, combined with watching Food, Inc., had a most profound impact on me – I now follow the whole foods plant-based diet that Forks Over Knives describes. I’ve never looked back, although I have slipped on rare occasions, always regaining my focus. It’s a great film for us, our friends, and our family to see even if we and they are not interested in changing their habits. Very watchable and a gift to us, I think.

  • Nicolien Maurer de Jager

    My family (husband, 6 children aged 16 to 8 and I) saw ‘Forks over Knives’ on May 1st, a week after starting our vegan lifestyle (after being vegetarians for many years) which we love and embrace wholeheartedly. It felt like a total endorsement of our choice and since then, we’ve shown it to my parents who are also very open to the plant based lifestyle, my mom at least applying it at home and my dad trying more and more vegan options (they weren’t great meat eaters anyhow) :-)
    Our 16 year old son has watched the film several times already, learning more details each time he watches it, and creating a great basis for discussion of the manifold benefits. The compassion in our household has greatly increased and we’re deeply thankful for that, as well as for the wonderful tasting variety of food which we’ve (re-)discovered since then. Another great bonus is feeling like we positively contribute to animal welfare, protection of the earth and world hunger at the same time. We feel HAPPY and HEALTHY! We’ll certainly offer other people in our surroundings to watch this film as well.

  • Natural Health Cafe

    Forks Over Knives connects the dots for people on the benefits of a plant-based diet for health and well being and for compassion for the animals and for a more sustainable planet. Great for discussion as there is no reason to deny the truth.

  • Céline

    I saw it a while back and, yes, found it very informative and interesting! Unfortunately, I also remember finding it a little too patronizing… even from my vegan stand point. I personnally prefered the more opened and respectful perspective of “Vegucated”, a documentary that follows three meat- and cheese-loving New Yorkers who agree to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks ( Also available on Netflix. Brilliant! :)

  • Colliemom

    I think all of America should see this film. The point is, many of us are overfed and undernourished. We have poorer health and can die young on the Standard American Diet.

  • Sof

    Alicia, thanks for posting this and I hope you’re having a great Memorial Day. We gave the Forks Over Knives DVD away with your “Kind Diet” book at our wedding, two essentials for a healthier and happier life! Three key things I took away from the movie were:1. We can do heart calcification scans to check for early signs of heart failure. Clinton talks about this in the movie which is a must see. 2. They also discuss the properties of plants that have an amazing ability to reverse blockages in our arteries! And like you mentioned about the China Study, 3. this is by far the most compelling evidence that animal protein and cancer are related. A really incredible movie that everyone must watch!

  • ken

    Yes, Great Doc–where’ve ya’ been, Alicia? Busy or something? :) My 1st post in a year or two. I got busy, as well, but still Vegan….5 years later & I never backslid even once. Be 70 in Nov which just goes to show–it’s NEVER too late to Go Vegan & Stay Vegan. Bless you all,

  • ken

    PS: Just noticed above where you say “bring it” to your parent’s house….etc. How about a parent who’s VEGAN & children/grandchildren who aren’t? “Bring it to your kid’s AND grandkid’s house!” Yeahhhhhh, Baby!

  • ken

    I commented twice & see neither post? I did not use bad language or anything unworthy of posting…..what’s up with this? I have not posted in over a year–is that a problem?

  • DocHeather

    Forks Over Knives has ‘converted’ dozens of my patients and friends. It uses science to prove the benefits of plant based eating. I’m so grateful this film was made.

  • SunCAGirl

    After seeing Forks Over Knives 2 1/2 years ago, my husband and I went vegan instantly and never looked back (I had short ribs for dinner that night!). It’s the single most influential reason for us turning vegan. Now, it’s much more of an ethical issue for us too, but the health consequences of eating animal products startled me into cleaner and kinder living. Thanks for reminding all of us about this great film.

  • Gail Franson

    OMG!! This doc brought me to become vegan. I learned a lot and because of this doc, I had an spot with Dr. McDougall’s son. He is my doctor now. I’m blessed!!!

  • billy belshaw

    well i’ve got the dvd and it really is as good as everyone has stated. i found it both informative and motivational. thanks.

  • Libby

    It seems like everyone is talking about Forks Over Knives. Great doc, but what is even better are the cook books!

  • Rebecca Johnston

    I have not seen Forks over Knives yet, but did see Food Inc… I don’t eat seafood or fresh fish because of the taste and have never been a fan of pork or red meat. Just an occasional craving for a flat iron steak ( yes I know its bad, Kharma already has Dercums Disease with me for all THAT STUFF we did in life as youngsters we cant undo. haha) Chicken is about the only meat I eat, once a week, and here in Idaho we have a few great Organic small farms that do it right. I love Farmer Markets, but why do we have to pay so much for the best things from these pocket shops when it is not just us but them who want us to get away from all the unhealthy ingredients in a bar or lavender soap, or vanilla bean goats milk lotion. I think if the pocket shops tried to really ask their customers what a fair price would be to pay, then you wouldn’t see so many woman walk away, and keep walking to that bad for you same smell stuff

  • Anne

    Hi Alicia! Thanks for the great post and website! My fiancé and I decided to adopt a plant based diet after watching “Forks Over Knives” in January of 2013. My fiancé had recently been diagnosed with Type II diabetes (his mother went blind and eventually died from the same) at age 37 and 120 lbs. He couldn’t gain weight no matter what he tried. We didn’t suspect diabetes because that “normally” happens to people who are overweight. Well, after about 3 months of eating this way, he was off all meds and insulin shots! In 4 months his A1C was in the normal range! This was all amazing! Even more amazing was when he stopped eating crap food he gained 25 lbs! Thanks for all your hard work!

  • marianna

    Hi Alicia, thanks for sharing this, I just watched the dvd and it’s such a great resource of informations!!!!

  • Mark

    I watched FoK 1 1/2 years ago. The science impressed me. I started a vegan life and found that it wasn’t all that hard to maintain. In fact, my palate changed and I enjoy plant based foods. Oh and I lost 70 pounds and I’ve become very active. What a gift!!

  • Jennifer

    Motivating documentary. Just seen it for the first time last night (netflix)! I am just getting back on Plant based foods life style. I was new and fell of the wagon(for a year). It is a struggle especially living in South Dakota. This documentary is so simple but detailed and puts things into perspective. Today was so easy to get through. The strongest I’ve been!!