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Are You Taking The 4Liters Challenge?

I’m sure all of you are familiar with the serious drought California has been facing. Even though we are in a historic drought  it’s insanely easy to be mindless to of our water use since we still have basic access. For this basic access, I am immensely grateful. It hurts my heart to think about the many people (nearly one billion!) around the world that lack access to this essential resource. Check out the film Flow, it’s one of my favorite documentaries.

This month, I will be taking the 4Liters Challenge to help raise awareness about this precious resource that we take for granted!! In Haiti people live off an average of 4 liters a day- in the U.S. it’s 550 liters!  I feel like we have trouble understanding this water poverty because it comes so easily to us by way of our markets and modern technology. The goal of this challenge is to give participants and their social communities new insight into the value of the water we use as well as the hardships faced by those without reliable access.

Challenge details:

Live on just 4 liters (a little more than 4 widemouth Mason jars!) of water for 24 hours, this includes your drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing water. If you do this successfully, you can challenge 4 more friends to join you via social media. During your challenge, you can also help raise or donate $40 by sharing moments from your experience. The money raised will go directly to funding community water projects in the U.S. and abroad.

If you want to join me taking the challenge, sign up here. It lasts until November 6th. If you do partake in this challenge, I highly commend you!!!! During your challenge, feel free to share funny, hard, or inspiring moments with me on the blog or via social media using #4liters



  • teresa

    Interesting but is this per person? I have two others ( a toddler for one) in my household. My toddler drinks at least 24 oz of special formula a day due to lack of growth/allergies! 4 liters for three people wouldn’t go far here!

    • Rebecca Ratliff

      It’s per person.

      • TheKindLife

        Yes! Per person.

    • Sarah

      I’m pretty sure it’s per person.

  • Colliemom

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if this idea became as popular as that ice bucket challenge? Even if one can’t manage on four liters, just trying it or thinking about those who do may encourage greater conservation.

  • dyannne

    4 liters! I drink that much in a day. Don’t think I can make that work. But I do conserve on water all year long. Short showers (3 minutes); water only plants in the yard, never grass, and have mostly drought tolerant plants; have low flow toilets. I can write my name in dust on my car. Doing all I can to save water.

  • Jill

    I try to do my part to conserve water regularly, but am nervous about taking this challenge even if only for 24 hours. Yet, and as long as this doesn’t include my dog because he drinks a lot of water, I’m willing to give it a go.