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Giveaway: Melissa Joy Manning Hoops

Congrats Morgan! You are the winner of this week’s giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who participated. So many great tips and suggestions.


I have been on the hunt for some seriously cute and eco earrings for some time now. Since the jewelry industry can be both insanely unethical and environmentally hazardous (from destructive mining practices, toxic chemicals used for leaching the resource, to being very water intensive) I usually purchase used or certified vintage on Ebay and Etsy as well as look for jewelers that incorporated environmental and ethical responsibility into their mission.

Recently, I came across Melissa Joy Manning and was excited to read about their certified Green U.S. based refinery, zero waste manufacturer, and transparent relationships with gemstone and diamond vendors who hold top eco standards. I was also pleased to find that their pieces are made from 100% recycled gold and silver.

I reached out to Melissa to confirm these practices and wanted to share her inspiring response with you all

What drove you to practice environmental stewardship?

MJM:  As an artist inspired by the environment I believe it would be disingenuous of me not to protect it. I grew up in Northern California surrounded by both nature and activism. They are both in my blood. For me, sustainability is a journey. I honestly started on my path when ensuring domestic labor practices in my business. It was when creating a community of artists that I realized my work could have an effect larger than creating beauty. So, as I grew I began researching how to incorporate environmental sustainability into my business. It is a continual path that challenges me as both a designer and entrepreneur. However, I believe the best design solves problems- having to push myself to create proactive change through my work just makes me produce better work.

Are there any other actions you suggest jewelry consumers do in order to shift the mainstream market?

MJM:  Demand better product. Consumers control the market- when they demand transparency in the supply chain by asking where and how things are made designers and corporations will have to provide it. If we pay more for a label why can’t we pay more for a belief?

Thank you Melissa! So grateful for your work and mission.

This week you have the opportunity to win this Gold Hugging Hoop from Melissa Joy Manning. This piece is made from 14k recycled gold in their studio located in Berkeley, CA.

Melissa Joy Manning

To enter the giveaway, please share a comment below telling me how you make an effort to consume jewelry consciously?

I will announce the winner on Friday December 5th

With Love,




  • Veronika

    Why no international shipping? It’s neither expensive nor difficult to ship a pair of earrings internationally. :(

  • Erin Kristine Ehly

    I mostly wear pieces made locally by hand. I also wear some that I have made out of hemp, shells, and crystals. I also was looking for jewelry made in a more conscious way so thank you Alicia!

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    I’m extremely picky about what jewelry I buy. For the more fun, less fancy pieces, I typically always look for stuff that is fair trade and made with natural and/or recycled materials. For example, one of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a simple silver bangle that is made from melted down pieces of bombs and landmines that were collected in Laos (dropped many decades ago). For nicer jewelry, I always buy pieces that are designed and made in America, and I need them to made from recycled metals. I also have no interest in diamonds due to the ethical problems with obtaining them, and even if those are removed, it’s still incredibly hard on the Earth to mine for them.

  • Erica

    I consume jewelry consciously by only purchasing locally hand made items or items made from reused materials, especially vintage items like broaches, lockets, keys, etc. There are so many great vendors on Etsy! I only buy items that I love and will wear for years to come! These MJM gold earrings are beautiful… thanks for sharing this awesome jewelry company!

  • Jeannie Cleaveland

    I always try to buy recycled metals and vintage jewelry, it’s not hard because I think they are just gorgeous and unique. The most important role I think I take is teaching my children, they are the future <3

  • CarolJean35

    Thank you for sharing on this topic! Who would have thought we have to ask for transparency when it comes to jewelry, just another one to add to my list. I am a very simple woman when it comes to jewelry, I have a few special pieces and they all come from consignment or Pigs peace sanctuary in Seattle, they have a couple darling necklaces I wear all the time. I am so excited to learn about Mellissa Joy Manning. I hope to enjoy a new set of hoops :) xo

  • La86La

    Hello! Your book, The Kind Mama, is energetic and lovely. Thank you for sharing your experience and research with us!

    I consciously consume jewelry by creating pieces at home – using recycled materials or pieces that belonged to my mother – and purchasing from some of the hundreds of local shops that feature pieces made by local artists.

  • 0796616

    i try to buy used :)

  • Carrie Anderson

    I rarely buy jewelry and if I do I prefer vintage or locally made.

  • Amanda Williams

    I only wear my wedding ring & it’s an heirloom. I love heirlooms.

  • Courtney Rose

    LOVE these! I support local makers who source ethical and recycled materials.

  • Melinda Richardson

    I make great effort to avoid the consumption of jewelry by using natural pieces. I’m a fan of things that can be crafted from “waste” such as wood scraps, animal bones, and recycled metals. I also enjoy fresh pieces when the seasons allow (flowers, leaves).

  • Amy B.

    I try to support local artists who source materials locally and ethically. If I don’t buy locally, I try to buy fair trade and, always, cruelty free!

  • Ashley Matthews

    I try to buy locally or from small businesses online.

  • Carrie Powell

    I always buy used jewelry from thrift or consignment stores, and I try to make sure everything I buy is eco-friendly.

  • Kelly

    I also like to buy vintage jewelry from places like antique stores and etsy! I’m glad I read this article and became more informed about the jewelry industry.

  • Courtney Cates

    Such beautiful earrings!

  • Leslie Becker

    These are beautiful. Simple and sophisticated. I have personally made jewelry from copper roof scraps.

  • lauraaragon

    I buy jewelry at resale stores and garage sales

  • Morgan Amber Blake

    I actually haven’t made any effort to consume jewelry consciously. I never even thought about it! That is why I love the kind life! Its about becoming aware! Thank you! I now will choose jewelry consciously!

    • TheKindLife

      Thank you!!

  • Lauren Ann

    I buy local or vintage! There are a lot of local shops that do the hard work- searching for metals to reuse and repurpose so I always love to support them. In addition, theres an antique mall we visit upon occasion. I get a few rings there!

  • Stacey

    I also try to buy jewelry that is made from recycled material!

  • Diana

    Love these!

  • BC

    I prefer to buy my jewelry from local artists. My absolute favorite is a friend of mine, Maria, of Adorn&Conquer in New Orleans.
    Locally made, heart and soul touched, jewelry just means more and is lovelier in my opinion. It’s so nice when you see a piece of art that you get to wear, that you can tell the artist put a lot of thought and care into the creation of. It’s just so much more meaningful.

  • Michelle Lee

    I am always conscious about what I purchase. Is it cruelty-free, is it recycled?… I love to support local artists. Handmade is simply better than anything mass produced.

  • Michelle Lee

    I am always conscious about what I purchase. Is it cruelty-free, is it recycled?… I love to support artists. Handmade is simply better than anything mass produced.

  • Tanya

    I shop recycled and local. I also don’t wear diamonds – ever. Years ago, my roommate in college traveled to Sierra Leone in West Africa and saw firsthand the devastation of the diamond trade. She came home and of course told me all about it. I later read an article about the violence and cruelty and saw the face of a toddler who had her arm blown off. I still remember her name and face. Diamonds are not rare, but they are marketed that way and the lies of “rareness” create the demand which creates the market for stones that are still mined by slaves around the world. There are “ethically sourced” and “conflict free” diamonds, as well as lab created and of course vintage, but these still add to the atmosphere of consumerism and the “status” of diamonds which is what drives the market.

  • Moya

    These are really cool looking!

  • Monique de Vasconcelos

    I never thought of jewelry as being ‘green’ but that’s certainly a GREAT concept. How do I keep green with my jewelry…well, I haven’t bought any thing new for a while and have re-used the same earrings for a number of years now. If I do find something, it’s usually ‘vintage’ or in my mother’s case, she found a great set (earrings, necklace, etc.)at a garage sale. It was quite the bargain!! If I were to win those earrings, I’d guarantee I’d say the ‘local’ name of the company and that they are eco friendly each time!! (that’s just the publicist in me!) ~M

  • Sandra W

    Confession – I haven’t given this much thought before – thanks for educating me to be more aware! I will definitely be more considerate with future purchases.

  • Megan

    i always buy my jewelry second hand! i also love that my aunts pass down their jewelry to me. i have received precious necklaces and rings that have been passed down for generations in my family and plan to pass all my jewelry down to my beautiful daughter when she grows up.

  • Martha Lawson

    I have not considered choosing jewelry consciously. I am just beginning to question where and how things are made. Thank you for highlighting this on your blog.

  • Stacy W

    We have a jewelry event every year for a group I am involved in, where we can donate our jewelry we no longer wear and purchase jewelry from the event from other members. This is great so it does not just get thrown in the back of my jewelry case and I am refreshing my collection for a fraction of the price!

  • christine marti

    I try to buy from handmade materials or from locall artists in the area.

  • Rachel

    I nearly always buy my jewelry vintage. Not only do I love the look more but a lot of times it will even cost less. I also try to buy from local artists that use recycled materials.

  • Billie C

    It actually isn’t something I’ve thought about before, but I certainly will now!

  • Mary Ellen

    I always buy from independent designers using environmentally safe practices,and recycle my jewelry either to Goodwill or friends and family.

  • Angelina Denson

    To be honest… I never really thought about it until now. After reading this article and what Melissa said, I believe I have so much more to improve on when making choices that effects a ‘bigger picture’. I hope to participate more on this site and in RL and maybe pick up a few books by you and other resources to really start being proactive. I can’t believe I always skipped out on these emails until now hah!

  • Amanda

    I share jewelry with friends and family to reduce the amount we buy so we’re not wasteful. Also, I love finding vintage or used jewelry – they are so unique!

  • Amanda

    I stick to the basic jewelry I have been wearing for years, instead of continuously buying new jewelry.

  • Jessica Seidel

    I buy my jewelry from local artists or small businesses. I like very simple pieces that are unique and personal. I am always interested in not just why the artist created the piece they made, but also how and where the materials originated. I find this information so much easier to get to from small companies. Transparency seems to be much more important to them.

  • Mandy B

    All the jewelry I have I have had for several years. I research everything I buy before I purchase it to make sure it is the most eco-friendly option I can afford. I also try to purchase as many items used as I can.

  • Debi Cole

    I try to only buy handmade! My favorites are when I find some jewelry artists on the side of the road in Hawaii!

  • saniel

    We have sensitive skin and have to be mindful of what we wear. So I always go to my mom- loved going in her dresser and trying on all the pieces at once.Thanks

  • Emily Meath

    Wow these earrings are beautiful! Honestly I tend to avoid buying new jewelry for these reasons, and usually purchase pieces vintage or borrow from my mom or grandma’s old stash :) New pieces are such a treat when you can feel good about them!

  • Patricia Waraks

    I usually get cheap jewelry and end up with green rings on my fingers and infectections from bad earrings.I need to be more careful what i purchase

  • Jess

    I chose not to buy jewelry.

  • Laura

    I try to purchase used, recycled, or local jewelry. I really love vintage, too! I think recycled is my favorite because it is so original and it is great that it is helping the planet!

  • jtlittlelong

    I have a of jewelry that is passed down through the generations. The only thing that isn’t is my wedding ring and honestly we bought that at a pawn shop for $25. I never buy new. reusing jewelry is the best way to consume. so many people just sell it or even throw it away when a back to an earing is missing or whatever. If I do buy its from a second hand store or someone who makes their own jewelry such as a native American or indian. I also make sure the pieces are classic when I do get them as I believe so much is wasted due to buying for fashion reasons. people buy it wear it once and donate or toss it. Its really just about not wasting and reusing.

  • Elle Gallatin

    I have never really been eco conscious about my jewelry purchases, until I met my good friend who makes beautiful and fun pieces. Her wares are not eco conscious, but it made me feel good buying from someone I know. In turn it got me thinking about being more aware where and who I purchase from. So, I’ve been on the hunt for eco accessories.

  • Liz Santos

    I buy locally—jewelry made by local artisans are often beautiful, and you are helping a small business!

  • Aurora Parlin

    I buy a lot of vintage jewelry, and I have been gifted lots of wonderful vintage jewelry from my grandmother as well.

  • Megan

    I love local artists and hand me downs from family and friends.

  • Rebecca Hall

    I rely on a few heirloom pieces (my husband and I were both lucky enough to receive our wedding bands from different family members – which made us feel so special, gave the pieces a lot of meaning, reminding us of our families’ legacy and love, and being less consumeristic and more eco-friendly as a result) and don’t generally buy much, or really any, additional pieces. However, I think that consumers absolutely should “demand better product” as Melissa notes – buying local, small, and sustainable, as well as high-quality and versatile, pieces that will last for years to come (and turn into heirlooms for future generations).

  • Maria Slezakova

    I dont buy

  • Lea Schimming

    I have no found many sources of ethically made and sourced jewellery in my area so have a one pair of earrings and one necklace from a local lady I met at the weekly markets years ago, it has been 5 years since I have updated.

  • Dawn Knapp

    I wasn’t lucky enough to have any jewelry passed down through my family, so i own just a few pieces that I wear. I was glad to read this article as I was unaware of the hazards from jewelry.

  • Happy Vegan

    The primary jewelry I wear is my engagement ring and wedding band. My partner and I searched long and hard for an eco-friendly/human friendly option for both of us, and were lucky enough to find an estate piece that fit perfectly for my engagement ring. Our wedding bands are made from recycled silver and were found on Etsy. All three were affordable and I love telling people what motivated us to buy them when we receive compliments on them. Having a chance to educate others about the environmental and human destruction that occurs with much jewelry manufacturing is a definite bonus to our beautiful finds!

  • Kirsten Antony

    I was not really aware of eco-friendly jewelry until I read this post. Thank you for raising awareness Alicia. What a blessing to make a conscious choice in the things we consume. Although I don’t buy much jewelry, I will think about the choices I make and how it is made in the future.

    • TheKindLife

      Thanks Kirsten!!

  • Shruti Desai Sanghavi

    I share all of my jewelry with my daughters especially, but also with family members. We rotate, and then we each don’t have to purchase costly jewelry for our extravagant Indian wedding ensembles.

  • Summer Bonner

    I love to pass down pieces that were loved by another member of my family and given to me ..the story …sentiment…and history is so astounding…it is an honor to wear….and share the beauty and story of the Piece. Thanks for the Chance.

  • Deb Jackson

    I only have a few good pieces of jewelery and some fun stuff.

  • Charlotte Pierce

    I wear jewelry that used to belong to my mother, grandmother and great grandmother. I love hunting through boxes of old jewelry to find treasures!

  • nichole

    We come into this world naked and we leave the same way. Our jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed. It is something we can give and share that holds sentiment and history. It is time in the world to collect more moments than things.

  • A Lamb

    We bought our wedding rings at an antique store for $150 for both! I always scout out the second hand store jewelry sections when I am there for clothes. I also love love hand me down jewelry from my family. I am on the lookout for an antique locket if you see one let me know.

  • Sandy

    I don’t buy jewelry often, maybe once every 5 years or so, and when I do it is usually second hand :)

  • spanishlakelibrarian

    I buy used jewelry and LOTS of other stuff because it is environmentally friendly, usually has a good energy with it and everything is unique!

  • Eva

    I also recycle my jewelry..we exchange with my girlfriends or i give jewelry that i no longer want to charity bazaars…mostly for stray dogs and cats which are MY LIFE!!!! :)) I also get mine from second hand shops or charity events..the best place to give money away..

  • emilyhlfld

    I like to buy pieces with locally sourced stones, as well as locally hand crafted. There are so many beautiful Jewellers in Victoria BC. It makes for more unique and one of a kind pieces, which I absolutely love!

  • y2p

    the jewelry I mostly wear, were given as gifts, so they have sentimental value to me.

  • Lainey

    My very favorite eco-friendly piece of jewelry is one that I bought from a man in Maui who had become a jewelry maker late in life. He said that making jewelry was his very favorite job of all, and that he’d had a lot of jobs. That alone, I feel, is a wonderful thing to support. But it’s the way he creates the jewelry that for him made it his favorite job of all. He discovers pieces of seaglass or interesting stones or seashells all over the islands of Hawaii, lovingly brings these bits of nature back to his studio, where he creates pieces of jewelry that he sensed the artifact wanted to be made into. Like a jewelry whisperer! He was the coolest and I bought a piece of sea glass that he’d made into a necklace with hemp rope (or something like hemp). Super eco-friendly and literally, making nature into wearable art. It’s the one piece that I continuously go to in my collection (of otherwise mostly vintage costume jewelry) because it truly represents everything that I hold dear to my heart.

  • shana

    My father is an auctioneer, i grew up going to/and helping out at estate auctions. This gave me such an appreciation for old things, things with a piece of history, whether its an antique piece of jewelry or a useful knick knack or piece of furniture- these things each have their own story which makes them soo special. I love vintage jewelry for this reason and the plus side of that is we are helping the environment by reusing and recycling these things. I hope to spread this joy of vintage with my children. And by increasing everyones awareness of more eco friendly companies, we can make a difference in eliminating toxins and waste in our environment. This company sounds fantastic and i’d love to win this giveaway!

  • Marianne

    I dont buy much jewelry. What i have i’ve owned for over 10 yrs. i have some that are handmade and some from my mom and mother in law.

  • Sonja Hilton

    I kinda forget to wear it…. however i would put some to good use if I had some

  • Lisa

    I don’t really purchase jewelry often, I prefer to recycle it! I have a few pieces of my mom’s that are my favorite to wear. Also, my engagement ring is a conflict free diamond.

  • Ivonne Rubio

    Alicia, I was really excited to see this article! As a vegan and environmentalist I’m always looking for ways to be kinder to the earth. I absolutely love jewelry, but I never buy any of it brand new anymore because of all the environmental damage it creates. I stick to buying jewelry from thrift shops and “borrowing” mom’s jewelry. I am so excited to see that the jewelry industry is also moving forward in creating a cleaner environment. You go Melissa Joy Manning.

  • Nichole H.

    I wear my wedding ring which was passed down from my husband’s grandmother and a pair of earrings that were my mom’s.

  • Eva

    And something else..not very relevant to the give-away thing but i feel like mentioning it..I live in a small town in central Greece where terms like “vegan”, “cruelty-free”, “enviromentally friendly”, even “recycling”, make others look at you like you are an alien!! Local artists do not exist anymore…Everyone buys from stores like H&M, Zara etc. Pure and quality jewelry gave its place to faux stuff…financial crisis offcourse..but at the same time “quality and ethics crisis”..Everyone buys the made in China stuff from sweatshops..So, your conversations, your comments and all this “Kind life” page and philosophy are such an inspiration!! You give hope for a better world. Congratulations to the winner of this give away whoever that will be and to the winners of all the other so interesting and up to date give aways that amazing Alicia organizes. However, i personally feel that i am already a winner for finding this page that has literally changed my life.

  • Ivonne Rubio

    Alicia, I was really excited to see this article! As a vegan and environmentalist I’m always looking for ways to be kinder to the earth. I absolutely love jewelry, but I never buy any of it brand new anymore because of all the environmental damage it creates. I stick to buying jewelry from thrift shops and “borrowing” mom’s jewelry. I am so excited to see that the jewelry industry is also moving forward in creating a cleaner environment. You go Melissa Joy Manning.

  • Jenaya Dauk

    I make various beaded jewellery, wear for awhile, take apart, and create new pieces :) endless creations!

  • kj69

    this was something totally unexpected I leaned something new that I never really thought of. It really make me realize just what gifts are handed down from above take care and godbless

    • TheKindLife

      We are so grateful. Thank you!

  • Sara Dalton

    I try to shop for the old and forgotten and repurpose as much as possible