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Three Leaves: Eco Fashion for Guys

Three Leaves is an ethical menswear company that rocks! Christopher found out about this company during The Kind Mama photo shoot. He wore some of there stuff and dug it!

Three Leaves is an ethical menswear company that has respect for the environment, animals, and people. Their line is sweatshop free and composed of eco materials like Oeko-Texo and Organic certified cotton, hemp, recycled PET (plastic bottles) and faux leather shoes.  In honor of men’s fashion week, we wanted to give them a shout out! Brave Gentleman is another stylish and eco men’s clothing company that has great quality goods. Check out my post about them here.

Here are some stylish, eco, and ethical items from Three Leaves for you or your man!

Three Leaves

These classic slim chinos are 100% organic cotton with all fabric garment waste recycled into new garments.


Three Leaves

This blue & gray knit sweater is made from 100% organic cotton.

Brave GentlemanThis Brave Gentleman worker boot is made from faux leather and Italian microfibers. It’s also PVC free.

THree Leaves

This staple long-sleeve is 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton. It’s made in LA!

Three Leaves


A classic and super comfy USA made t-shirt that’s a hemp and organic cotton mix!

How do you guys find eco-friendly clothes and vegan shoes? Or ladies, where does your guy find them? What other eco companies are you a fan of??




  • LuckySar

    These are really great looks! I am so excited to see you taking on mens fashion as well, because it seems they’re often forgotten when it comes to ecofashion. At TTANTI we make ecofriendly wooden watches for men that would look great with all these looks! Our watches are made by hand (sweatshop free) from trees in Patagonia, Chile that have already fallen, and the bands are made from scraps from leather factories that would be going to the landfills. Every little bit helps!

  • Mama Grriimm

    The store is closing?!?!?!