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Happy Fair Trade Month!

Congrats Catherine! You are the winner of the Fair Trade giveaway!

Thank you so much to all of you who entered, there were some really amazing comments.


This month is Fair Trade Month!  No one wants to buy a chocolate bar made with child labor. When you see a product with the Fair Trade Certified™ label, you know that farmers got a fair deal for their hard work, have access to healthcare and education, and practice sustainable farming. The result is a product you can feel empowered by; you can truly make a difference with your dollar!

To earn the Fair Trade certification, farmers must meet the rigorous standards. This certification cover things like safe working conditions, no child labor, elimination of harmful chemicals, a voice in the workplace, equal rights for women, no GMOs and more. In many ways, Fair Trade is like a global farmers market. It’s a way to get closer to the people and places that make our products, and a way to support this Fair, eco, and fully transparent system!

Fair Trade USA now certifies over 30 different product categories. You can find everything from Fair Trade cocoa and sugar, to tea, spices, wine, produce, flowers, clothing and even home goods.

So in honor of Fair Trade Month we have a fabulous giveaway featuring a variety of new Fair Trade goodies.

  • This beautiful salvaged 100% cotton Sequin Pouf, made by artisans in India, is just one of more than 400 different Fair Trade Certified items now offered by West Elm. West Elm is the first home retailer to offer Fair Trade Certified™ products.
  • The long sleeve Herringbone Hoodie from Patagonia is just one of their 192 Fair Trade styles. It looks perfect to throw on when heading to a yoga class or for an evening walk.
  • Cozy up with an uber soft Fair Trade Certified™, Organic cotton Heavenly Throw from Under the Canopy.
  • Warm up with some Turmeric Tea from Numi Organic Tea. Drink on its own or use to flavor things like broth and rice to soak up the rich nutritional benefits of exotic spice.
  • Try this Fair Trade LÄRABAR for a yummy easy on the go snack.
  • Spice up your favorite recipes with Fair Trade Nutmeg from Frontier Co-op.
  • Support quinoa farmers in Bolivia by cooking with TruRoots Fair Trade organic Sprouted Quinoa Trio.

In order to win this awesome Fair Trade giveaway, leave me a comment below stating why Fair Trade matters in October and beyond! 

For more information on Fair Trade and this special month, please visit

I will announce the winner on Friday 11/6.

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  • Heather Spickler

    Fair trade matters because all children deserve a childhood

  • Katie-pop Evans

    Equality & compassion is something that starts at home & is each individuals responsibility for a healthier & promising future for humanity. We all need to step up! ♡

  • Lisa Gaska

    Buying Fair Trade matters everyday, most importantly to assure no child labor was used.

  • Jenny Grace

    Everyone matters and we all need to help one another. Life is gift and we are in this together.

  • Lizzy G

    humanity. treating each other as equals and nothing less.

  • Heather Hart

    Fair Trade is important because everyone should be fairly compensated for their labor and goods, no matter where they live in the world!

  • mandolin summer

    Fair Trade ALWAYS matters because the people that work to produce the products we buy ALWAYS matter!

  • mary

    Exactly as it says, “fair” and should be for all. Sustaining a good healthy life for all living things

  • Catherine Kingston

    Our world is so conditioned to the convenience of fast food, fast fashion, etc – anything we want, we can readily get. But so many people don’t realize (or even think to stop to think of) where what they buy comes from or the effect it has on the people and places those things come from. Companies move from country to country, trying to find the cheapest way to produce their products, and we’ve learned, often, that it’s at the expense of others (or our own) health and, in many cases, childhood. It’s important to make conscious decisions and share the importance of why we should all support fair trade!

  • David Cardona-Jiménez

    I need to be more mindful of Fair Trade products. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Suzy McGonigle

    Fair trade is super important to me because I believe children should get the chance to be children and all humans should be treated as fairly as their neighbors. ❤️
    Be KiNd.

  • Danielle Foxx Fritts

    We take goods and services for granted. Everything we touch or look at was made. Here, there, somewhere. We as humans need to do more, to think more about where these things come from and who made them. Reuse, repair, recycle. Small steps.

  • Sheila Ingram

    Fair trade is important all the time, it is the perfect example of compassion, kindness and equality… It’s what life is all about ! ❤️

  • Jessica Taylor

    Humanity does and should rely on fair trade to become the standard. Teaching this to our children and setting the example will lead the way.

  • Laurie

    Fair trade matters all year long because all workers deserve to be fairly compensated.

  • Carolyn Mae Ladas

    Fair Trade matters because equality is key. All lives serve purpose and should be treated as so.

  • Kate Karan

    Before reading your article I was unaware of the Fair Trade certification. As a Labor and Delivery nurse I help to bring new life into this world every shift worked. I would hate to think that any of these beautiful babies would ever be subjected to child labor or unfair working conditions. Unfortunately one never knows the fate of another. By supporting Fair Trade I pledge to support fair, safe, honest working conditions. Thank you for opening my eyes to this

  • Joanna Lawler

    Fair trade certified empowers consumers to make responsible choices that help strengthen families and communities worldwide.

  • Andrea Saysrelax

    Fair Trade extends our compassion even further for humanity than being vegan alone. It guarantees the people working were compensated appropriately in all parts of the world and prevents child labour.

  • linda cobb

    Fair Trade allows farmers and workers to be active participants to build strong, thriving businesses and communities. I believe Fair Trade can go beyond October with linens and clothing this list is endless. : )

  • Jill Sobczyk

    Fair trade matters because no one’s appetite or fashion choices should come before another person’s livelihood.

  • Jen Cline

    Fairtrade is essential to be a peaceful society.
    Treat all living beings the same way you want to be treated! ❤️

  • LizandMike McDonnell MacDonald

    Fair Trade, supporting it, is super important! It helps to support and encourage economic growth in small communities, supporting small businesses, family runned businesses all over the world.

  • Julia Lett Cornish

    Fair trade because humane treatment of all beings should be our number one priority on earth!

  • Teresa Hershey

    Fair trade is awesome & should be rewarded. By buying fair trade your not only helping to keep it going but also buying good quality products that will not harm you or your family. It’s a win win situation :)

  • Steph

    Lovely!! Your giveaways are always great and Faitrade is important, because it shows that we care!!

  • Ardene

    Because we are all one.

  • Marisa Schmidt

    Fair trade allows me to expand my attempt to live with compassion. Being vegan helps me feel comfort in not hurting animals, but Fair Trade certification means I know I am not hurting humankind as well. Everyone should be protected, body and mind, as they work as well as be paid fairly for their craft.

  • Nancy Koshnick Dinsmore

    Fair trade so important! Everyone should be paid fairly for their hard work. Our purchases should always help the planet and all sentient beings who dwell on it.

  • Ericka B

    Supporting Fair trade companies gives us a voice, a chance to stand behind organizations that respect the rights and well being of all people, while sending a message to those whose practices are harmful. That is why it is so important to support fair trade products whenever possible!

  • Natishia McKown

    Fair trade should be the only kind of trade, good working conditions, no child labor, healthy environment and products!

  • Lori Leal

    Fair Trade matters in October because it’s Fair Trade Month! That means we can all do our part to spread information and awareness to others about what it means to buy Fair Trade, and how it helps communities around the globe. I’ve spent this month following Fair Trade USA on social media closely so I could learn about new Fair Trade brands. I also tweeted facts about what it’s important to #BeFair to help spread the word about Fair Trade. It’s important to buy Fair Trade year round in order to support farmers and ensure they receive fair wages for their work. Fair Trade also empowers women around the world, helps build communities and make schools better, and as you mentioned…ensures there is no child labor…ever. I love that buying Fair Trade means that I’m not only getting a great quantity product, but I am also doing something great for others and the environment. There are so many important reasons to buy Fair Trade to #BeFair!! :-)

  • Lesley

    I have a four year old son, Fair trade matters to me because I want every child to have the right to a childhood, and I want to teach him about humanity.

  • SecurityGem

    Fair trade matters to me because it’s a quality of life issue. Nothing I eat or wear is worth making someone else suffer.

  • Ja Mehwish

    Fair Trade is important because it ensures a safe
    & healthy working environment free of forced labor which in long terms helps improve the quality of life.

  • Betsy Thomas Garrigues

    Fair Trade is important for many reasons. It helps keep children in school and gives there parents a fair wage.

  • ProphecyRising

    Fair Trade matters because it supports sustainable practices, workers, farmers and local economies! It treats people like people!!

  • Michael Holloway

    Fair Trade is important because it is kind to animals and also supports human rights as well, and it’s environmentally friendly! Equality and humanity for the whole world is important.

  • Lisa Moring

    Fair Trade helps me to live by the Golden Rule.

  • Liz Gray

    Fair Trade is so important because no one should be exploited so that others can buy cheap goods.

  • Emily N.

    It’s important because it protects children and supports safe working conditions for all.

  • Adrianna Dawn Chantel

    I weigh Fair Trade standards as of similar caliber to any
    other ethical movement. Fair trade is so important because it is yet another
    step toward a more conscious consumer; we should always weave compassion and
    ethics into every action and step of consumer goods, whether it’s for a cotton
    blanket that we throw on our couch, or a piece of chocolate cake. We should
    want to know where these things come from, how the workers lived and worked,
    how the environment was impacted and will be impacted, and the overall healthy
    energy that contributed to the manufacturing process. If a bar of chocolate is cheaper
    because a poor child worker had to suffer for it, then it just isn’t worth it
    and we have to create a demand for more ethical sources. The cost of suffering
    is much more intensive than a currency price tag, and compassion is key to a
    better world. I’m so glad that we have a month dedicated to Fair Trade!

  • Moya

    Fair Trade is important everyday, because we should think of it as, how we would want others to treat us, and that is (always) how we should treat others. 1 more thing, I always find it, (not really), but funny how there are (months) put to things like Breast cancer October. Really, my mom has had it 2 times, I have 3 daughters and I pray that they never have to go through it (and any woman) even them that I may never know, but again 1 month for things that are so important Sorry, but this makes no sense to me But thank you for listening

  • goatgirlnyc

    There is no such thing as cheap luxury when it comes to goods and services. If you’re getting a bargain rate deal on something (most anything really), if you’re not paying for it with your wallet, somebody somewhere is paying for it in the form of low and unfair wages, hazardous/toxic working conditions or living conditions, etc.

  • Cindy Williams

    Fait trade is a great thing because it helps the man or woman and not big corporations

  • Christina Moore

    Fair Trade should be the ONLY kind of trade. Human beings around the world deserve fair compensation for the goods they provide. End of story. An eye-opening coffee documentary about fair trade that really helped me realize where my money goes (for every cup of coffee I buy) is ‘Black Gold’. Thank you for shedding light on this important cause!

  • Elizabeth Renato

    Fair Trade is not just about people being appropriately compensated for labor. It is about ensuring that children are not forced to work to help pay family bills and often provides families with suitable living conditions. It is important that people are not taken advantage of and receive what they so desperately deserve.

  • Chickie Brewer

    Fair trade has awesome products, But what I love the most is how much they have assisted women to become self sufficient!

  • Rochelle Davis

    Fair Trade matters because every human being deserves respect and the opportunity to live a healthier life. Just as we would with the animals we help and respect.

  • Sarah Anne Dolens-Moon

    When you buy Fair Trade, you are taking stake in a movement. Everytime you buy a fair trade item, you are standing up to big box stores and demanding products that have been made by real people. Once we increase this demand, companies will seek out better practices and fair trade merchants.

  • Carissa123

    Fair trade is important to me because I know that the products I am purchasing really help provide an income for a family that needs it. While they might be a tiny bit more expensive for me than the alternative I know it is making a larger impact on those that depend upon those few cents. And that’s something we can feel really good about.

  • tammy

    It’s the Golden rule – Treat others as you would want to be treated – better for you better for the planet. If everyone would think like that it would solve so many problems. Peace

  • Katie Landrum

    Fair trade matters because we should never be blind to the suffering caused by many industries that make mass-produced items and food. Complicity is wrong, as is willful blindness. Let’s all put our money where are ethics are.

  • Amanda

    There is an eye-opening article on chocolate production in the December issue of VegNews – definitely one to read when you have a chance. Fair trade = fair treatment and pay, and that’s important for everyone!

  • Lara Dedmon

    I had just posted but when I checked back to see if it went through, my post wasn’t among the other 6 that were there prior to my initial post… So, I hope this is redundant, I just wanted to make sure that my comment does get posted at least once. I just wanted to say that I am thankful to made aware of and/or reminded of the fact that we should be aware of where we are getting our products. I have heard of “fair trade” before, but with all the busyness of life, I forget to be true to self and my children by purchasing our goods in a smarter and more compassionate way. I want to teach them and remind myself to make sure that I don’t benefit from unfair struggles that are inflicted on others. I never want to gain from someone else’s pain. My family and I are blessed and have been through our fair share of struggles, but we want to share blessings not pain with others in this world. Thank you, Lara D.

  • Ja Mehwish

    Fair Trade is important because it ensures a safe
    & healthy working environment free of forced labor which in long terms helps improve the quality of life.

  • Rhonda

    I am so glad to see more awareness for the Fair Trade certification because it makes a difference to the people working in this industry.
    A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to hear Lauren Orneales speak at a Vegfest event and I was floored by her work and I continue to share her work because she is passionate about helping people and animals that are suffering. Here is a link to her page on Fair Trade chocolate and her free app so when you are shopping you can check to see if the company is on the list:
    I think this is very important to share this message about Fair Trade to help protect people and animals.

  • Michelle K.

    I just think of how I would want to be treated, or how I would want someone I love to be treated. It baffles me as to why fair trade is not just the standard everywhere in the world! This quote sums it up: “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that’s wrong with the world.” ~Dr. Paul Farmer

  • Holly E.

    Supporting Fair Trade is the right thing to do for so many reasons. When you buy fairtrade items you are getting great products and you are helping others to support themselves and their families :)

  • Linda Branham

    Even my Bible says that a laborer is worthy of his hire. If a person does a good job, produces a good product, he should be treated fairly and rewarded for his hard work. All persons should be treated Fairly whether in business, health care or life in general.

  • Kimberly Johnson

    Buying Fair Trade matters because everyone deserves equal rights and fair compensation. Vote with your wallet!

  • Becky

    I buy fair trade to support the farmers and their communities and to encourage more sustainable farming practices for the earth. Good for us, good for the world. I wish everyone knew about it!

  • helenlam

    It matters because it’s fair pay for the whole supply chain!

  • Leah E. Ward

    Fair Trade empowers workers and their families by providing safe employment at a fair wage, showing a value for human life and refusing to treat people as disposable.

  • Ann Martinez

    Fair Trade is extremely important & I’m so glad that it’s available. This is something I know about, because some of my family worked on these farms. Including my mother who worked at one for a summer for extra money. Back then they had no health insurance & if they got sick or hurt & had to see a doctor that came out of their own pockets. Even then doctors bills were high, so they spent as much as they made to visit a doctor! It’s honest work but also very hard work sometimes. Everyone working in these places should get benefits just like most other people making an honest living, because these places & people provide goods that the rest of us benefit from. So that’s only well…fair.

  • jtlittlelong

    October is national fair trade month ao of course its celebrated and important
    It is important to the child who is chained to the chair and forced to work or the child has to work to help earn money to support his family. It helps end child labor.
    It helps the mother who has to work for next to nothing to support her children. It helps her learn a new skill to sell items at a fair price to support her family.
    It helps the girl who has to ‘ sell herself’ to support her family. She can learn a new trade and gain respect for heself by selling items she has made for a fair price.
    It helps me because when i buy fair trade I am helping these people as well as farmers and know I am doing good in the world!!!

  • Anne Hueser

    Fair Trade matters because we should not take advantage of others.

  • Kristy

    Fair Trade always matters because it ensures fair treatment for the farmers and producers and a healthy environment for all of us. It is very important for me to support fair trade certified products as part of a healthy and sustainable life.

  • Madi Phelps

    Fair trade matters because we all need to treat each other how we would want to be treated. Also it matters because people are important and deserve what they work for.

  • Kelly Kneeland Steyn

    I want to support people and companies that have the same beliefs as me. Fair labor and conditions plus chemical free is the way to go!

  • Sarah

    Fair trade matters because it gives consumers access to some amazing products while giving the producers of the products opportunities they would not have if forced to sell the same things in a more conventional way.

  • Diane Callahan

    Everyone should be free to live while earning their wages anywhere in the world. Free Trade certified is one simple sign that items are produced in an honorable and compassionate environment for the maker, and the buyer.

  • Lauren Taylor

    Fair Trade is especially important in October because in the run up to the holidays, we are spending more than any other time of year. Often being able to treat all of our family, friends and ourselves means buying the most affordable gifts and food, but low costs can come at a price. Let’s remember our global family and friends and ensure we support Fair Trade where we can, so we all have a better holiday season!

  • Traci Sandler

    Fair Trade is super important to ensure proper compensation and ethical treatment across the globe!

  • Cas Z

    Fair trade matters all year long,, any type of slave labor should not be tolerated.

  • Robin Chesser

    Fair Trade matters all year long but it’s great that we are able to bring more attention to it by celebrating Fair Trade month in October. We as responsible human beings need to support others being able to make a fair and equitable wage for the fruit of their labors and we should do this to support our tradespeople in other countries as well as our own in choosing Fair Trade, we support farmers, craftpeople and give them a hand up, not a handout.

  • Amy Brown

    Besides October being Fair Trade Month it is beyond important to buy, give and live the fair trade way because it is truly the Golden Rule of Life or at least should be.

  • Monica Powell

    Fair trade matters because it helps local small businesses thrive and gives consumers access to some amazing products. All while giving the producers of the products opportunities they would not always have available.

  • @littleislandstu

    Fair trade matters to every one on the planet! We are all connected and it is not right or healthy for some to live off the backs of others. Food Matters. Farmers matter. The planet matters – now more than ever before! Be Fair! (buy fair trade every single month of the year!)

  • Alex Hitchmough

    Fair trade matters because it ensures the sustainable, just, fair development of communities that need it the most. When this can happen, positive change and development happen elsewhere around the world too. Fair trade production and consumption is a simple way for us to work together as humanity for a brighter,more dignified and opportunity-filled future.

  • Anna Schilcher

    Fair Trade helps empower people in developing countries by paying them what they deserve so they can afford food, clothing, education, and healthcare for their families!

  • Anita Black

    Supporting low income earners is important instead of the rich getting richer!

  • christophersorel

    fairtrade is always important as gives fair price for their products and labor

  • Sweeper2000

    Fair Trade matters all year long because everyone deserves to be fairly compensated for their work so that no one lives in poverty.

  • Tyneisha

    Fair Trade matters because it the RIGHT way to consume!

  • Kristin Troska

    Fair Trade matters to me because I care for the good of the people of this planet!

  • Jenn

    I’ve witnessed first hand the immense changes that establishing fair trade plantations and craft shops create abroad. Quality products that dramatically improve the quality of life of others – that’s the most important.

  • AlannaB

    Fair trade matters because I believe that everyone should be compensated fairly for their goods and labor :-)

  • Jesse Magliari

    Apathy is not something to strive for. Fairtrade is a huge step in the right direction to fight apathetic tendencies and make the world a kinder place. Always support goodness!

  • Eddy

    Fair Trade is about equality for all living soles and representing Fairness in rewards rather than exploiting another human being.

  • Angela de Prairie

    When you buy Fair Trade products, you demonstrate love for the people who made them; you love the products more; and you love yourself for making that choice.

  • Lynn Shaw

    Fair trade goes beyond shopping and retail. It helps break down borders and barriers among people.

  • Naya Diaz

    Fair trade is important because it is a human right to earn a fair wage with dignity and respect where everyone can wake up in the morning and go to to sleep at night knowing that a life of quality will be earned through fairness and economic justice.

  • jillianzed

    Fair Trade matters because everyone should be properly compensated for they do, regardless of where they live.

  • yuree han

    In a perfect world, Fair trade shouldn’t exist because it is a right for people to be paid fairly for the work they do and be able to provide for their families. Children should be in schools and be allowed to play and not exploited for labor. Also, we should pay more for quality items.

  • Wendy Foulke

    Everyone deserves fair market value for their labor and goods

  • Cleo

    Fair Trade matters because it helps to create a more equitable and just world!

  • Alisha

    Fair trade allows hard work to actually mean a better quality of life!

  • victoria

    Fair trade is important because energy is everything! Artisans and craftspeople leave their energetic imprint on the things they make. Fair trade feels better for the consumer because it feels better for the creator. It is easy to consume without mindful consideration of the people and places behind the products. Fair trade promotes a more conscious and high vibe world through the exchange of quality, ethical goods.

  • Hannah Bingham Brunner

    Fair trade is important because it is the first step in making a better world for us all!

  • Jacob

    To help set us on a path to a political future where all workers are fairly compensated and protected.

  • steph oliver

    I read somewhere that if we keep producing “stuff” in the way we have in the last century, we will have enough to fill up the entire solar system in the next 100 years. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, it’s sad. Whether it’s true or not, the world needs to change the way we produce and consume goods. We need to make fair trade, quality products the norm, rather than “speciality items”.

  • Rebecca Dorn

    Fair trade matters every day. I would never want to buy anything that was a product of child labor and in today’s market, you can truly never know unless it is fair trade certified. I’m thrilled to find products that are fair trade certified! It’s so important to me to know that these products come from an environment with safe working conditions, equal rights for women, absolutely no child labor and all the other incredibly important things that fair trade certification represents. I always look for this when I shop west elm and I’m ecstatic to see these other companies that are participating. I hope one day every company will strive to sell products that are fair trade certified. It will be a much better world for us and future generations.

  • doris wood

    Fair Trade matters because it helps keep the industry honest.

  • Livernoi

    The FAIRTRADE Mark ensures rights for producers. Workers on cotton
    plantations can now defend their rights and join a union, and small
    farmers can form much bigger groups of producers.
    There is no forced or child labor and there are no dangerous chemicals
    due to health and safety standards.