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Tofu and Squash Kare-kare

really tasty and addictive recipe for squash

20 min cook | 2 servings | 10 min prep

Diet Categories:
  • Vegan


  • squash 2 cup
  • Firm tofu 2 cup
  • kare-kare mix 3 tbsp
  • clove garlic 1 na
  • piece shallot 1 na
  • eggplant 0.5 cup
  • pechay 1 cup
  • salt and pepper to taste 1 pinch
  • water 2 cup


  1. cut the squash in 1 inch cubes
  2. I don't remove the peel just wash it really well
  3. cut the tofu in 2 inch cubes and dry fry it in a non stick pan on all sides until golden
  4. set aside
  5. mince garlic and shallot finely
  6. cut the eggplant in 2 inch cubes and roughly chop the pechay. set aside
  7. saute garlic and shallots in very low heat.
  8. turn the heat on medium and add the squash
  9. saute until squash is brown on all sides.
  10. add water
  11. kare-kare mix and the tofu. cover and simmer until squash is almost cook.
  12. add eggplant and cook half way
  13. then add the pechay. season to taste.