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Giveaway: Mayim Bialik’s New Cookbook & Recipe

Congratulations to the following recipients of Mayim Bialik’s new cookbook…

Kelly Anderson

Alina Celis

Nidhi J

Amy Marie

Nicole Whittekiend

We will be sending you an email shortly with more information on how to claim your prize.

Thanks to all of those who participated. This giveaway is now closed, but we will have more in the future so stay tuned!


Mayim Bialik has a new vegan cookbook – Mayim’s Vegan Table: More Than 100 Great-Tasting and Healthy Recipes from My Family to YoursThe book offers recipes, both simple and a little more complicated, for every meal of the day. She also worked closely with pediatrician Dr. Jay Gordon to offer more kid-friendly vegan meals, nutritional information and resources for raising kids on a plant-based diet.

Chickpea Burger

Today Mayim has shared her recipe for Dilled Chickpea Burger with Spicy Yogurt Sauce:

No one will ever know these burgers are made of chickpeas, unless you tell them. Shallots, chickpeas, tahini, and spices are combined and sautéed to crisp perfection for one of the most satisfying veggie burgers we’ve tasted. Here we’ve stuffed them into pita pockets and doused them with yogurt sauce, but they’re just as wonderful with ketchup and mustard, or raw onion and a little hummus. These are thinner patties that should be cooked until crisp. Handle them as little as possible, and let them cook well on the first side before flipping.


  • 1 cup plain vegan yogurt
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and minced
  • 1/2 teaspoon curry powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1 (15-ounce) can chickpeas, well-drained and rinsed
  • 1/3 cup fresh dill, finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup shallots, minced
  • 2 tablespoons plain dry bread crumbs
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons tahini
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground black pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
  • About 1/4 cup vegetable oil, for oiling the pan
  • 6 pita pockets or buns


  1. To make the burger, lightly mash half of the chickpeas in a medium bowl. Add the dill, shallots, bread crumbs, and lemon juice and mix well.
  2. In a food processor, combine the remaining chickpeas, tahini, salt, pepper and cumin until smooth. Add to the mashed chickpeas, mix well, and form into six to eight patties.
  3. Oil a 12-inch skillet over medium heat and cook the burgers until very crispy and dark golden on both sides, about 6 minutes. Don’t flip them too much! Drain on paper towels or brown paper bags on a wire rack.
  4. Stuff the patties in pita pockets. Drizzle with yogurt sauce.

To make the yogurt sauce, place all the ingredients in a small bowl and stir ­until blended thoroughly.

Mayim Bialik's New Cookbook

We are also giving five Kind Life readers the chance to get signed copies of the book! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling us what vegan ingredient you like to use most in your recipes.  We will select five of you and announce the names on Wednesday, February 26.

Good luck!






  • stellacadente

    Hands down, it’s nutritional yeast. Always something new to do with it.

  • Niki Gosso

    I love chick peas, and this recipe looks so delicious!

  • Rach Hosler

    Hemp seeds, coconut oil, avocados, cashews and nutritional yeast! <3 Just to name a few! <3 Thank you Alicia for speaking at the IIN conference last year! It was great to hear you speak! <3

  • Casey K

    My favorite vegan ingredient to add to everything is avocado! I just
    love avocado too much to not top soups, toast, stir fry, and basically
    everything with it. :)

  • Elizabeth George


  • Michele

    I love to put garlic in just about everything along with cayenne

  • Kelli Sullivan


  • Veganesq


  • Dawnielle Christine

    Oh my, choose just one ingredient? Well, I like to use daikon whenever I can…soups, hotdishes, etc. almost a potato like texture and gets done extra goodness in the meals for my little ones!

  • Lauren

    I love to eat medjool dates when making raw vegan snacks and desserts. It is the best natural, healthy sweetener to use in recipes.

  • Michele

    I love to put garlic in everything along with cayenne.

  • allycupe

    Chickpeas! They are a constant in my main meals.

  • Neesalun

    I love using spinach in salads and sandwiches and for cooked dishes I love using potatoes, onions, tomatoes and garlic.

  • Julie Carter Pearson

    I actually use vegetable broth the most. I make sure I keep stocked upon it!

  • Alexandra Pallas

    Cashews! (Cashew sour cream, cashew whipped cream…)

  • GK Okuma

    Savory = Kelp Flakes, Sweet = Cinnamon. Makes everything better.

  • Heather Forte

    I would love this cookbook! I love using tofu…it is such a versatile ingredient!!!

  • chigirl68

    Mushrooms! I love mushrooms in just about everything (almost:) ).

  • Jessica Cooper

    Hi, favorite food to use is cauliflower. :) I would love this book for my family of 6.

  • Beth Chmelik

    Well, we like using chickpeas in a lot of recipes – how timely!!

  • Shannon Yiv

    I love to use fresh herbs in my recipes, especially cilantro! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  • Lindsey Lumpkins

    Anything from my garden, right now loving my rosemary and the squash.

  • MarieJolie

    I’ve been vegetarian my whole life and vegan for most of my adult years. I can’t choose just one favorite, but I tend to use a wide variety of grains and seeds (like amaranth, millet, quinoa), and love to incorporate nuts like walnuts and cashews into many dishes. And yes, I love chickpeas! Mayim’s recipe looks great — I’ll definitely try it.

  • Rita

    Earth butter. I need my butter!

  • Amy Huron Schedler

    I love beans!They are great for tossing in salads,soups,chili’s,and casseroles.They are also great for dips,and hummus! :-)

  • Anna Garcia

    I love using tempeh! It’s quite an essential part of my meals nowadays. :) thanks for posting this freebie!

  • Ronja Holm

    I do love chick peas! They’re just so versatile :)

  • Rachel R.

    I would (and do) add avocado to as much as I can! I love it!

  • Natalie Hajdu Voakes

    Black Beans and any vegetable! I can never get enough of cauliflower! I eat a crazy amount – like 3-4 heads per week!

  • malfunctioned

    hmm what ingredient do I use most? I really do not know. Lately I think I’m a fan of using cashews to make sauces and dips! And nutritional yeast, white beans, chickpeas, onions, spinach and garlic are also some staple foods

  • Katherine Leachman Waller

    the vegan ingredients i use in my recipes are vegetables! i don’t use substitutions in recipes because i’m not that talented! i could sure use a good cookbook to help me out so that i could live the kind life the way i want to and should!

  • Penny Trudeau

    I love using hemp seed in recipes. We add it to everything from salads to pancakes!!

  • Danielle Lieberman

    That sandwich looks amazing! I’m really into using saffron lately.

  • Michelle Gennari

    I really like using lentils and chickpeas in a lot of my recipes. But mushrooms also add a lot of body to soups and stews and I find I use them a lot as well. :)

  • Duane Kennedy

    my favorite ingredient is bean curd(tofu). it’s a great replacement for meat. My favorite is to thinly slice some medium firm and fry it up, then put it on some homemade white bread with a little salt and some garlic on top… mmm, I just made myself hungry! 😛

  • Natalie Hajdu Voakes

    Black Beans and any vegetables! Cauliflower and I are best friends – I eat like 3-4 heads a week!

  • Stacy W

    I love all vegetables! I am starting to incorporate more nutritional yeast into my recipes too.

  • Adrianna Love Balog


  • Erica

    My addictions are chickpeas and tomatoes. I use them in everything!

  • Danica Smith

    I dont have a favorite ingredient yet… been a vegetarian for 9 years and now im trying to make the switch over. This book would be a great start!!

  • Alyssa Bell

    I always cook with mushrooms and miso paste. I LOVE them but then again I love to cook with veggies in general. Also love rice noodles.

  • jessica varela

    Awesome! We have done short vegan stints, but we need to make it more permanent for my husband’s health. This cookbook would be a great kickoffs.

  • Danielle Elderkin

    Chickpeas for sure!

  • Heike Obergantschnig

    tempeh for bacon

  • Casey Bassett

    My favorite ingredient in vegan recipes is nutritional yeast. Long live the NOOCH!

  • markjudge

    Mushrooms, Shiitake, Honshimeji, Oyster, Enoki!

  • Maranda DiSanto

    Our favorite is mushrooms- they are so versatile!

  • Lindsay

    Spinach! I can use it in anything and it’s super healthy. :)

  • dave kapsch

    We like beans low fat high fiber and easy youse in many recipes

  • Michelle Kessler

    Avocado! I love sneaking into baked goods, mashing it for a sandwich spread, or blending with potatoes for a super rich, creamy texture. And of course, guacamole is the perfect topping for quest Dills or a taco salad!

  • Lori DiMaio

    I prefer to make my own vegetable broth and chickpeas are my go to for many recipes, but I really need new ideas to add some variety to my diet.

  • Elizabeth Ann Carpenter

    I use black beans and chickpeas in almost every dish!

  • CTSmithie

    So excited to read and use her recipes! The above burger looks AMAZING!

  • Erin Hackathorn

    Yum! Brussels sprouts!

  • Amanda Sambrano

    Beans! I heart beans! Perhaps it’s the Mexican in me, but I pretty much never say no to beans in my vegan meals. My fave combo is kidney and pinto beans, which I season up and serve with quinoa and a fresh salad. It’s my go to summer dish when I’m in a rush. Now I’m hungry! Haha :)

  • Candice

    Avocado, Avocado, Avocado. This preggo chick cannot get enough of it! Oh and Miso. Love me some Miso.

  • Sienna 2Madre4

    Greek yogurt.

  • buffee

    Avocados make everything better!

  • Tabitha Kissig

    Nutritional yeast!

  • Laura

    Anything with coconut! Especially curry! Yum!

  • Heather ‘Miller’ DeZurik

    My family loved to use nutritional yeast in a ton of recipes. We love it for the health and for the nutty cheesy flavor. My 11 year old will sprinkle it on noodles and “eggs” and anything else that he thinks would benefit from the flavor. It’s amazing!

  • Kelsi Hattaway

    Quinoa! It’s delicious, healthy, and I haven’t found a veggie yet that didn’t go great with.

  • Jamie S

    Broccoli all different ways! yum

  • Laura Saloiye

    Black Beans or Kale, I just love them in the cold weather months.

  • Kelsi Hattaway

    Quinoa! Delicious and goes great with everything! :)

  • crystal

    I love using nutritional yeast to create cheese-less pasta sauces.

  • Holly Lathbury-Wilson

    Broccoli what’s not to love? And my 1 year old loves it too

  • Dustin Hyatt

    I am a fun guy so I would have to say mushrooms. They are the meat of the vegetable world.

  • Aimee Porter

    Black Beans!

  • Lisa Romo

    I cannot get enough chickpeas lately so this recipe is getting made very soon! Looks SO good. :)

  • shana

    I love adding cranberries to every salad…it definitely perks it up! Lately, I have been adding avocado from our tree to EVERYTHING!

  • Liza Simpson Chiles

    Black Beans – surprisingly they can be mixed in savory or sweet dishes 😉

  • Viviana Writer

    My favorite vegan ingredient right now is quinoa. It’s so easy to use in place of any recipe with pasta or rice. I’m always looking for new recipes for my new vegan lifestyle.

  • Gina Carpellotti

    Nutritional yeast is the clear winner, although Daiya cheese is a close second.

  • Courtney E. Howard

    I’m using chia seeds and/or flax seeds in most everything lately :)

  • Miss_Diamond

    Spinach! It’s so tasty and full of goodness.

  • coloradogirl_11

    Mushrooms. I love them.

  • Joanne DeCray


  • Alison Leigh Evans

    I love AVOCADO!

  • joanna


  • joanna


  • Gina Bell

    I love love love using vegan cream cheese in taco, chili, etc. recipes. : )

  • Lani Strom

    i love butternut squash and red lentils and would LOVE to get this cookbook. I also use a kashmir curry to accent dishes..

  • Tiffany Lobner

    Cashews to make cream sauces and a “cheese” ball- it was so awesome!

  • Kristen Cyr

    Cauliflower. I made it into a rice for so many dishes.

  • Anna Rapotu

    Coconut cream for quick healthy deserts sweetened with dates, made a black forest pudding this way with fresh berries and raw cocoa, yummy!

  • Manda Neal

    My absolute favorite ingredients are fresh basil leaves + slightly sea-salted roasted chickpeas. Amazing and it makes life good :)

  • Christi York Flint

    Mushrooms are our go to ingredient. They can be used for so much!

  • Dora Villanueva

    Quinoa… can be used in so many recipes… hot or cold… Good stuff!

  • Betty Ben David

    My fiance and I particularly like to use flax seeds because they are
    rich with omega-3 and are used as stabilizers for pastries, cakes,
    pancakes and more. Also flax seeds are a fantastic addition to breads,
    smoothies and vegan yogurts.

  • Louise O

    I always use purple onions – love the taste

  • Lauren

    Chickpeas! They are so tasty!

  • Michelle

    Garlic! Or Nutritional Yeast, makes everything taste amazing!!

  • Ginfur

    My favorites are broccoli & curry! Would love to give this to my husband who cooks for our family!!

  • aapound


  • Adina T.

    I use a lot of quinoa! Love that you’re supporting your colleague’s work! :)

  • Betty Ben David

    My fiance and I particularly like to use flax seeds because they are
    rich with omega-3 and are used as stabilizers for pastries, cakes,
    pancakes and more. Also flax seeds are a fantastic addition to breads,
    smoothies and vegan yogurts.

  • Lisa Matthews

    I love organic ALMOND MILK! It is the best dairy alternative out there, in my opinion, & has helped me tremendously to cut out milk as an ingredient. And I would LOVE to have a copy of Mayim’s new cookbook!

  • Lee Hill

    Right now I would have to say amaranth. In my “Cream of Amaranth” or in amaranth/teff/quinoa cookies =D

  • Grace

    black beans rock my world!!

  • Benjamin Hill

    Sweet Potatoes. You can use them in practically everything and are amazingly tasty and nutritious.

  • Emily

    I love using earth balance for cooking and baking!

  • Dawn Aitchison

    My 11 year old daughter became vegetarian 2 New Year’s ago. I am so happy to say the
    whole family is now eating mostly vegetarian!! I am always looking for inspiration so went to my library for Vegetarian cookbooks. That is where I re-discovered the Kind Diet! I photocopied most of the kind diet recipes, but would love Mayim’s VEGAN TABLE! she mentions there are many kid-friendly recipes! PS the forward in the KIND DIET was what inspired the adults in the family to switch over to Vegetarian! Thank You Alicia!!!

  • Caroline Nguyen

    I love tofu – so good sweet and savory!

  • Lizzy K

    Lentils are my go to ingredient.

  • Julie Swartz-Maynard

    Lentils are probably my favorite.

  • Dawn Aitchison

    My 11 year old daughter became vegetarian 2 New Year’s ago. I am so happy to say the whole family is now eating mostly vegetarian!! I am always looking for inspiration so went to my library for Vegetarian cookbooks. That is where I re-discovered the Kind Diet! I photocopied most of the kind diet recipes, but would love Mayim’s VEGAN TABLE! she mentions there are many kid-friendly recipes! PS the forward in the KIND DIET was what inspired the adults in the family to switch over to Vegetarian! Thank You Alicia!!!

  • Sylvia

    Love chickpeas, nuts and avocado

  • Dawn Aitchison

    Beans. My 11 year old daughter became vegetarian 2 New Year’s ago. I am so happy to say the whole family is now eating mostly vegetarian!! I am always looking for inspiration so went to my library for Vegetarian cookbooks. That is where I re-discovered the Kind Diet! I photocopied most of the kind diet recipes, but would love Mayim’s VEGAN TABLE! she mentions there are many kid-friendly recipes! PS the forward in the KIND DIET was what inspired the adults in the family to switch over to Vegetarian! Thank You Alicia!!!

  • Tahini, when my favorite brand went on sale last week and I bought three jars!

  • Tamara Hosler

    Garbanzos – Yum! But we also love cashews, avocados and lemons!

  • Debbie


  • Stephanie Adams

    Really do not have a favorite, but use alot of chickpeas and broccoli. Slowly converting the rest of the family (4) over to the Vegan side :)

  • Rebecca Carnes

    Nutritional Yeast on everything!!!! Yummmmmmm:)

  • Bleeding Jezebel

    KALE. It’s so versatile and I eat it at least once a day.

  • ScottSnider

    Cashews make some many great sauces and add a taste even non-vegans enjoy.

  • Anders Rönnqvist

    chickpeas and spinach

  • Holly Cotter

    Lots of spinach in everything!

  • Ashley Szeremet

    I don’t know what I would do without mushrooms! Thanks for the chance to win – her cookbook looks awesome.

  • Kat Grimm

    Hummus! all the way, and guacamole

  • Laurel

    Chickpeas, all the way! I eat them plain, in Thai and Ethiopian dishes, in hummus… So yummy!

  • Krystle

    Black beans! It’s great added to soup, salads, and as a side with avocado and corn!

  • thelaurakz

    I love Mayim Bialik! She is definitely one of my heroes! :) I am planning on getting her book as soon as I get paid, but getting a signed (OMG SIGNED?!) copy would be AMAZING!!! Okay… hard to pick a favorite ingredient, but I guess I do kind-of have a top 3 –
    > “Nooch” – wouldn’t have discovered this if I hadn’t become a vegan and I love it because I’ve been able to turn some non-vegan friends into vegan flirts using the power of nooch in vegan mac’n’cheese! So, yay nooch!
    > Avocados – Delicious in salads, sandwiches, smoothies or just by themselves. Great for making lovely vegan cream sauces of all varieties. Plus, tons of healthy fat and great for your hair! What’s not to love?
    > Strawberries – I’ve loved these since I was a kid and they’ve never gotten old. As far as I’m concerned they are nature’s perfect food… I mean have you had a strawberry?! They are unbelievably delicious. No processing needed, just 100% amazing flavor! YUM.

  • Jennifer

    I just became VEGAN!!! so right now my favorite vegan ingredient is any good sauce i can find to put on my salads and vegi’s. I know its more of a vegan dish than ingredient but im new to this Vegan world so im learning.

  • Lindsey Cudlike

    I try to work kale in to as many dishes as possible. Kale is a great addition to smoothies, its easy to sneak in ‘meat’ balls, and delicious by itself as a salad! Yum

  • Adriano Tamanza

    Hemp seeds! I put them in almost everything! and absolutely delicious : Beyond Meat products!!!!!

  • amber

    I love mushrooms and put them in almost every dish! Yum!

  • danarsab

    tahini or cauliflower

  • Nicole Zwodeski

    Mushrooms! <3

  • Kyla

    What a wonderful cookbook! My favorite food to cook with (or eat straight) is avocado. It just makes everything more delicious :)

  • Kristen Percival

    Curry! I love love curry.

  • Erin Edwards Salisbury

    Red quinoa!!

  • Amy Winkowski


  • April Rollf

    I love garlic in pretty much everything :-)

  • Trezlen

    Dill. I can’t explain why I love it so much, but I do!

  • Kelly Anderson

    I love chickpeas. They are a low fat protein and can be used cold in a salad or in a sandwich (mashed with a bit of Vegenaise and pepper and a drop of Tabasco) or hot in soup, stir fry and pasta! I’m a new Vegan and always looking for new recipes.

  • Kerry Malott Huizinga

    beans ….any kind!

  • Katrin

    Chick peas are my favorite ingredient ever. There are so many things you can do with them. And I love Mayim! She rules!

  • Sara S

    I think it’s chickpeas! I just LOVE them :)

  • nathalie

    Nutritional Yeast and Seaweed snacks!

  • Nadia

    Tahini, so creamy, so yum and so much calcium for strong bones.

  • Sarah Metcalf

    It’s difficult to choose but nutritional yeast is an awesome ingredient that I discovered after going vegan and it helped me so much with cheese cravings.

  • Mike N Emily Ledford


  • Lizz Clements

    My most used ingredient is definitely garlic!

  • Mythr33t03s

    We are really into to lentils right now! So versatile!!

  • Laura Knight

    Mashed Sweet Potatoes in place of ricotta

  • Michelle

    Black Beans and tomatoes are my favorite!!

  • Amy M


  • Audrey

    I love chickpeas! They are so versatile and tasty. This recipe looks delicious!

  • Tanja

    I love avocado (and refried beans) on pretty much everything, especially on pizza and wraps 😉

  • Shane Trimble Ⓥ

    I’ll have to say seitan. It’s a great and versatile protein.

  • Guy F

    Any kind of lentils

  • Heidi

    Lentils and dont forget about kale and spinich!!

  • nerdosaurus93

    Avocados! They’re great in/with everything!

  • Kelsey Thurman Burkemper


  • Megan Digeon

    I’d have to go with nutritional yeast and vegenaise!

  • Kerry Ocker Faler

    Kale. We adore the stuff! We use it in soups and salads and especially love to bake it into chips.

  • EldritchFire

    Kale and cashew cheese are my go-to. Together, they are unstoppable!

  • Shirley Held

    Tahini……love it! Especially watering it down a bit and seasoned makes a savory salad dressing or sauce condiment. :-)

  • Breanna

    Avocado! Use it as a dressing on my kale salads, and on sandwiches instead of mayo or butter! My toddler also just eats a half of one plain as a snack! Lol

  • Avi Strugo

    Tahini, Cumin & crushed red pepper flakes

  • TotallyRawMomma

    NUTRITIONAL YEAST all the way!

  • Barbara Lee


  • Barbara Lee


  • Katherine Payne

    Mushrooms are my favourite! I also love adding baby spinach to everything :)

  • Belen Molina-George

    I love using nutritional yeast!

  • Ciera Alvarez

    Hands down: lemon juice

  • Woody

    Yes…..Great looking recipe thanks for putting it on here…I have loved trying some of the new recipes that are on here.

  • Dewi Sarah

    Hard to pick my fave.. But I have to say chickpeas! SO gonna try the recipe above! Thanks :)

  • Kimberly Lemmon


  • Madison

    Such a hard choice…but I have to go with Cumin. It is a key spice in almost all of my favorite foods, and it just smells like home to me!

  • Laila Heidema

    I don’t know how to choose just one! Among those at the top are cashews, garlic and avocados – I can make anything with these.

  • Samantha Eve Kennedy

    I am fairly new to cooking this way (and cooking at all)…. Not sure what my favorite ingredient is as I have several I have really enjoyed trying for the first time: red quinoa, red lentils, radishes…. I really love tofu – will even eat it plain! (PS Love THE KIND LIFE cookbook and can’t wait to read/try Mayim’s new cookbook!)

  • Erinn Ahdel

    Tomatoes in virtually everything

  • Fiorella

    Teriyaki sauce!

  • jbender85 .

    I love avocado, so yummy!

  • susan

    Sourdough bread.I have been wanting to read this book for sometime.Very interested to see her recipes.

  • amber

    Brown Rice!

  • Megan

    Hmmmmmmm… I could add mushrooms to just about anything. So meaty and earthy and I hear just one a day drastically reduces one’s chances of developing breast cancer. I love the crimini variety for most dishes and shiitake in stir fries. Yum!

  • Katelyn Walls

    I absolutely love using tempeh. You can chop it, grate it, grill it, roast it, and many other things!

  • Jessica

    Avocados are really versatile as well as delicious.I even use them in a chocolate fude recipe to boost the nutrition!

  • Heather Hall-Ingalsbe

    Chickpeas! I use them for chickpea salad, chickpea choco chip cookies, chickpea beanballs, crispy chickpea “croutons,” chickpea “burgers,” and of course HUMMUS! Yum! =D I also use them as one of the protein sources in my dogs’ vegan food =D They’re as much of a fan as I am!

  • Liene J

    My best are onions…

  • Liene J


  • Becka

    Nutritional yeast!

  • TJ

    I love using CHIC PEAS! MMM!

  • Amanda Devison


  • Laura

    I love love love book Choy! And kale! I just love greens soooo much!

  • Lucy Stevens

    Just converted to vegan this week. I read the book (The Kind Diet) and am sold. Yay me! Right now I admit my favorite thing is avacado or pineapple.

  • foodteach

    I would have to say that beans are my base in so many recipes. I even have my non vegan family memebrs eating foods they normally would not given the nice texture and substance that beans give.

  • Vince Lorenz


  • Michelle Rangel

    Avocados! Best mayo replacement

  • Laurie

    Coconut oil.

  • Nicole Whittekiend

    I grew up eating a lot of Asian dishes so Shoyu is our favorite seasoning!

  • Kali Kennison-Szurgot

    Nutritional Yeast, Kale, Chickpeas, Black Beans, Quiona and many more !!! Thank you for giving me this opportunity !! <3

  • Stephanie


  • Stephanie

    Mushrooms or onions

  • Marie-Ève Côté


  • hotcoffee4me2

    Cumin, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Flaxseed …
    The list is endless ………….

  • Wendy Campbell

    Still deciding on a favourite, vegan for a few weeks, vegetarian previously. Spinach, tofu and avocado are definitely at the top of the list.

  • Bryana

    Like to sneak chai seeds into whatever I can

  • Amanda Selstad

    I love lentils!!

  • owsla

    I don’t know if I could choose just one, but beans are always great. =)

  • Corrine

    Almond milk!

  • GeeksWife

    Hummus, olives, plain soy yogurt, eggplant and lentils. Now I’m hungry… Lol

  • Nicole Selah Destrampe

    Chickpeas in my husbands words are a miricle he wouldn’t ahve ever gone vegan without them I don;t think!

  • Lauren U

    I think it would have to be either chickpeas or broccoli.

  • Devon Wilbur


  • Merrily Borman Seranian


  • Katrinka Van Hout Kuney

    Seaweed (wakeme)

  • Lindsay Kaye Wilkop

    beans and cilantr

  • Rhea Korito

    Avocados, they’re awesome with black bean burgers.

  • Elizabeth Sparks

    Avocado! Great way to get healthy fats into my babies’ diets (and mine, too, with a lil’ one on the way).

  • Ashley

    Avocados!! They are delicious, work well in so many different recipes and are great for you. My fave use is in smoothies or pudding.

  • Fabiana Gampel

    Macadamias make any food comfort food

  • Natalie Seaton

    All types of nuts! (Cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, etc…) <3

  • Cathy Onysko-White


  • KC

    Garlic makes everything better!

  • Paula Wansor Persky

    Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. LOVE <3

  • Nicole

    It’s definitely garlic, I add it to almost every savoury dish. Everyone loves garlic!

  • Cheryl Pinzone

    Daiya ‘cheese’

  • June

    sweet potato :)

  • Jennifer Moore

    Coconut oil :)

  • Liz Morici

    For the ❤️ of greens…kale!

  • Amy Tucker

    I recently became vegan and have been amazed at all the ‘outside of the box’ recipes you can create. I’ve also found that I’m truly enjoying the real flavors of food, so much more than ever before. I am ‘one of those people’ that thought you would only ever eat boring food if you were a vegan, but I have been so blown away at the combinations and new foods I am still learning of, and trying. I had my 1st Spicy Banh Mi this week and it was total bliss! I don’t know that I can name just ONE go to vegan food, and several things I used a lot of before I was total vegan, but I’d say: TOFU for my new #1, then… mushrooms, avocados, spinach, nutritional yeast flakes, potatoes and chickpeas are a must!

  • susan perea

    Zucchini, bell peppers and mushrooms are so versatile

  • IronMommy BabyEater

    Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to read the whole book!

  • Michelle M.

    Fresh tumeric root! I use it in my green smoothies every day. It tastes good and has great health benefits.

  • Nidhi J

    Tahini makes everything wonderful. Even beets.

  • Charlotte

    Pure maple syrup!

  • Jessica Danov

    MISO!! Miso gravy is hands down the best vegan sauce to put on anything and everything! :)

  • Topher Reeve

    red potatoes with parsley, roasted, peeled and blended with a little water in place of ricotta in my butternut squash lasagna.

  • Amanda Kathryn Scoggins

    Love may I’m on BBT!!!
    I can’t get enough avocado and also portobellos!!

  • ellen

    onions! Can’t live without them.

  • Heather Hall-Ingalsbe

    Chickpeas! I use them for everything =) They’re amazing for chickpea salad, chickpea beanballs, chickpea “burgers,” crispy chickpea croutons, HUMMUS, and even my own special chickpea chocolate chip cookies =D I also add them as one of the protein sources in my vegan dog food =) I would LOVE this book!

  • StacyAnn

    I actually love Nutritional Yeast and Nori!

  • Aimee Henley

    This may not sound very exciting, but my favorite ingredient is honestly rice! Rice bowls are some of my family’s most favorite meals. :)

  • Enid Jackson

    Ume Plum Vinegar! YUM! It complements everything (soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, veganaise, you name it!). Must….have….it. :)

  • Christina

    Maple syrup! Going to try this recipe tonight, looks amazing!

  • Melissa Tucker

    Cauliflower! I have long been a lover of cauliflower soup and mashed cauliflower and pretty much every recipe I have tried subbing cauliflower for potatoes, but I recently discovered an awesome recipe at Fat Free Vegan blog that uses it for texture in an awesome cheezy sauce. And now I’m adapting it for similar purposes. Love it!

  • Kristen Bifulco

    Coconut oil, unsweetened coconut flakes, unsweetened coconut milk

  • Amanda Trombley

    Cashews make everything better!

  • Rebecca Ratliff

    Cashews all the way! So versatile!

  • KimmycatM

    Dark red kidney beans! I put them in everything from breakfast dishes to quinoa and brown rice. It is the only thing that will make everyone happy…including my meat loving husband. He could eat nothing but meat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. :( After bad news at the docs office, he has agreed to try more of “my kind” of food. Dark red kidney beans are always on top of the list of foods he’ll eat…no questions asked. :)…baby steps with him.

  • Josée Cyr

    Definitely avocados!!!

  • Shannon


  • Jessica Mays

    i looooove my earth balance soy free butter! :)

  • Amanda

    Bragg’s Aminos!

  • Neah van Slot


  • Tiffany Tweedie

    Hummus. I swear, I put it in and on just about everything!

  • krysti

    Coconut oil!! Almond milk too 😀

  • Carrie Royal

    I love Onions, green, red, white, yellow in every meal cooked or raw

  • Erin

    Black beans. I love mexican food…and margaritas!

  • Jenny Zi

    chickpeas :)

  • booklover

    sweet potatoes and baby spinach

  • Linda Smith Lewis

    Mushrooms and onions

  • Melissa C.

    Cashews are a favorite in this vegan kitchen!

  • Norm

    Avocados for sweet and savory recipes

  • Vanessa

    Toasted Sunflower Seeds w/ Shoyu! They make everything taste better: cereal, burritos, salads, rice. . .

  • Dolores

    Looooove avocados!!!!!

  • Lauren

    this is a tough one! i love nutritional yeast, avocados… oh, duh! GARLIC!

  • Amanda

    Beans! I love them all.

  • Ramon Rivera

    I’m not vegan but I want to be. My favorite ingredient is most definitely avocados.

  • Heather

    My favorite vegan ingredient to use is quinoa.

  • Lisa

    I absolutely love Kale, so much nutrients and flavour!!!

  • Chris


  • Crystal

    Quinoa is a life saver! Love it so much!

  • Anna Etherton

    tofu. its so versitle and yummy in small quantities :)

  • Paula Varon

    Lentils and hummus <3

  • acumich

    Me. Once my qi is added its all yummy.

  • PsyHead


  • Meg Hesness

    I agree with avocados. I also love to use kale in any way that I can!

  • Emma Holliss

    spinach I could eat it with everything

  • Nicole Weber


  • cindy

    Miso, this is the best seasoning and/or salt replacement ever

  • Chelsea Clem

    zuchinni is the my favorite, most versitle vegetable for vegan recipes :)

  • Dana Naya

    Herbamare! If you haven’t tried popcorn popped in coconut oil with herbamare and nutritional yeast… go! Make it now!

  • Nicole Zink

    I love adding spinach to everything.

  • Heather C

    Lately I’ve been working alot with black beans. But my favorite ingredient is always changing.

  • Jill

    Chickpeas. I thought I didn’t like them until just recently and just love them!

  • katiespitfire

    I have to say Kale, or maybe avocado….or almonds? I can’t decide!!! This recipe looks gorgeous.

  • megan norman

    Avocados and/or nutritional yeast – LOVE them both! =)

  • midwest texan

    Tahini! Love love love it!

  • Dillon Tisdel

    Umeboshi plum vinegar!

  • Andrea

    Any greens! I love them and crave them with every meal!! I also love to use nutritional yeast when I can!

  • Ivy Nelson

    Cashews and/or almonds! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Harriet Karsten

    Brown Rice, Lime, Cilantro, and Black Beans. Just had it last night again and love it. Second on my list are potatoes. Love me some good potatoes with Onions and Mushrooms.

  • Colleen Crawford

    My new love is without a doubt, chia seeds! They make quick healthy puddings, wonderful vegan brownies, and can be used as a thickener in almost everything. Not to mention all the great nutrional value found in these tiny gems!

  • christine marti

    Any Veggies with oregano, parsely and ciliatnro

  • marciferous

    Black beans, salsa, and nootch!

  • Sanna Haynes

    Black beans — so versatile!

  • Gaby

    My fave ingredient is quinoa! So many yummy ways to cook it! And for those of is who are more active, a great source of protein!

  • Alicia Dunable

    Lentils, chickpeas, or black beans to make sure I get my protein! And mushrooms are my favorite veggie :)

  • Danylle

    Unflavored rice milk. Same consistency as skim milk, much better for you

  • tmonsite .

    I absolutely love avocados and veganaise!!! Yum, Yum!

  • Kristina Roppo

    nutritional yeast!

  • Michelle Cutler

    I use chickpeas, cashews and lots of spices. I have lots of others too, to many to name!

  • tmonsite .

    I absolutely love avocados and veganaise! Yummy

  • Anna Mossman

    hummus and/or avocado! yum!

  • Ella

    Kale, nutritional yeast and the awesome avocado which I use to make pudding, smoothies, spreads and on and on!

  • Lori R Sacks

    Tahini hands down!

  • Sara P Allen

    Chickpeas! I can eat then with anything 😉

  • Molly

    Lentils! I have twin 2 1/2 year old girls and they absolutely LOVE any type of beans and especially lentils. They eat them like candy.. even though they don’t know what candy is at this point! 😉

  • Neu

    any type of BLOSSOMs! 😀

  • Sasha

    Pumpkin! Love how versatile they are…

  • cindy buteyn

    Nutritional yeast.

  • Kathleen

    Peanut Butter! A more awesome ingredient in the world, there is not!

  • Melissa

    Used Tahini last night for the first time to make a “cream sauce” and it was amazing! Generally I use avocados in lots of stuff too :)

  • Liana Weitz

    I’m big on avocados… I eat one pretty much every single day :)

  • Melanie

    A spice, definitely cumin. I also love avocado!!! Can’t wait to try this recipe!

  • Andi Perullo de Ledesma


  • Lynn Sheehan

    Absolutely Avocados!

  • Sarah Williams

    Lentils of all varieties!!! Also, avocado and lemon to cut down on the addition of oils.

  • Sarah Hubbard

    My favorite vegan ingredient to use in recipes is quinoa! :)

  • Kassi L.

    Chickpeas, avocados, any kind of fresh greens, & nutritional yeast. Also love vegenaise!

  • Jody Jarrett

    This will definitely be in my belly in the near future.

  • Nicole Sims

    I love young coconuts, mangoes, avocados, and persimmons.

  • alistaircrane

    I use olive oil for so many things!

  • Jennifer Thayer Knight

    Nutritional Yeast

  • marlayoung

    I love nutritional yeast. It is adds a cheesy flavor and it gluten free as an added bonus.

  • Samantha Avneri

    My favorite ingredient is nutritional yeast. I wouldn’t normally choose this as my go-to but my 22 month old daughter loves it on EVERYTHING. She calls it ‘this’ because it’s next to her seat at the table and when I put food on her tray, her next question is always ‘this! this!”….love having to not force a great product and healthy b vitamins on her!!

  • marlayoung

    I love nutritional yeast. It adds a cheesy flavor.

  • Kadra

    Avocado! It’s completely wonderful and incredibly versatile.

  • Ruth Mooney

    Garlic onions and chilli make everything so much tastier!

  • Sarah DiPier

    Avocados and chickpeas! My three year old son will eat either in any form. Avocado was actually his first solid food.

  • Cindy Judge

    I’m a new vegan but so far love Nutritional Yeast!!!❤️

  • Mandy Redwine

    Chickpeas and/or avocados. Both hubby and baby like them!

  • Lori

    Lentils and Garlic. The more garlic the better in my family.

  • Lisa Stemnock

    Country Barley Miso! I make homemade miso soup once a week. it is one of the most healing foods you can eat. I think every woman should include miso in their diet. It reduces breast cancer by 50%! I am now
    making it for several people now!

  • Peggy Lowe

    Herbs and spices add so much flavor to my vegan meals.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    Dill is an unexpected and delightful garden flavor and underappreciated herb that I love sneaking into dishes.

  • Tanya M. Bird

    I adore using avocado and dill in my recipes. I find their flavours really lend a lot of depth to a meal.

  • Charlotte Pierce

    Cauliflower – it’s so versatile! I can eat it raw as “rice,” sauté it, roast it with spices, puree it into soup, or just steam it for a quick meal. I love it!

  • Lynn Sheehan

    Absolutely avocados!

  • Gusto

    chickpeas (those burgers sound delish!)

  • Courtney K.

    Coconuts!!! From the young coconut “meat” to coconut water, coconut flakes & shreds, sweetened or not, and let’s not forget COCONUT OIL– this fruit/seed/nut is one of Mother Nature’s BEST ingredients and I’m in love with Coconuts 100%!!

  • Mandy Redwine

    Chickpeas and avocado. Both hubby and baby like them.

  • Jennifer L Ellis-La Pietra

    I love using nutritional yeast, tempeh and dark, leafy greens

  • Jennifer L Ellis-La Pietra


  • Adriana Alba

    Sweet potatoes and avocados. I make some delicious enchilladas with both of these key ingredients!

  • Nancy

    I love avocados, nutritional yeast, Veganaise and Earth Balance Butter.

  • Sally Rowles

    I love French lentils …they are great added to salads & just about any kind of cooked dish.

  • Nina Vecchi

    Thank you for sharing the news about this great cookbook!

  • AKM

    I could eat kale at every meal. Perhaps one day I shall be silly and do that.

  • Natalie McMonagle

    I would say garlic, because we use it in everything (our 11 month-old loooves it every which way)… But I’ll go with chickpeas! Roasted for snacks, curried, smashed and reformed, blended into dips, fried for salads… Protein! Fiber! Deeeelicious!!!

  • Cassie Vaughn

    Cumin, chickpeas or peanut butter! Yum!

  • Jikamin

    Cilantro! I can’t live without cilantro! :^)

  • Celia Barberes

    Gamashio! is the piece de resistance! for almost any dish. A simple but truely complex little sprinkle of goodness.

  • Jill B

    Avocados make everything taste great. But I also love spinach, chickpeas, tahini, the list goes on and on! :)

  • Cassie Pruitt

    In this cold weather I’m loving squash/pumpkin/sweet potato in pretty much everything! Also nutritional yeast. And kale!

  • Julie

    Red pepper flakes, I love my food spicy! :)

  • Diana Manzanares

    Avocados in the summer and butternut squash in the winter!!

  • Mama Kim

    nutritional yeast – really mimics that cheesy flavor I love

  • Tiffany Kastle

    My family has a new LOVE for all things curry!!!

  • Kimberly Malone

    I put garlic in almost everything!

  • Etienna Wright

    My kids love beans – black, green, red, all lentils – whatever they can
    get their hands on! So we use a lot of beans in our house. I have a
    seven-year-old daughter and three-year-old twin boys and always struggle
    with finding kid-friendly vegan recipes. This book would be a blessing
    in our house!

  • suzi

    lately i am in love with lentils…. trying different India inspired dishes loaded with exotic flavor and lots of plant based protein. so warming in winter…

  • Rachel

    My favorite ingredient is nutritional yeast. I love the flavor it adds to my vegan dishes!

  • Melissa Sanchez

    Vegan Yogurt! I use it in everything!

  • Amanda Sileo

    Coconut Oil, and not only is it great in recipes but it also can be used for so many things.

  • Nicole

    I love to throw frozen spinach into everything – soups, stews, you name it. Tastes great & it’s a good way to add greens to your diet.

  • Meryl Mazin Ater

    Onions. I can’t eat potatoes with out them. Onions are also my favorite ingredient in stir-fries and on sandwiches.

  • Livomac

    Navy Beans, can’t get enough!!

  • Veronique Daoust

    I love using nutritional yeast to give that yummy, cheesy flavor to my soups, chilis and pasta dishes!

  • Kristy

    I love to use nutritional yeast and spirulina/chlorella!

  • Elissa Breitenstein

    I haven’t converted to vegan yet but am strongly considering it! I love to get ideas on how to have more of a plant-based diet on here. Avocados and asparagus are probably my 2 fav veggies!

  • Jennifer Russell

    Tahini, beans, cashews, I could go on forever!

  • Sarah Kamora White

    Almond milk is my go to milk for recipes


    My favorite is anything coconut and find coconut milk a great subsitute for any milk or cream ingrediants. Also Nutritional Yeast in place of cheese and great on popcorn!

  • Jessa Lytle

    Avocados make everything more delectable.

  • Cate

    Coconut Oil and sea salt add depth and richness of flavor to any recipe! Healthy, too!

  • jo ann

    Black Beans.

  • Josephine Zimmerman

    Almond butter is one of my favorites…it’s amazing the taste it adds to so many things :)

  • Robin Annette VanArsdale Kerst

    I can’t wait to try some new recipes.

  • Denise O.

    Coconut Milk or Coconut Oil. I just love the smell that they give off when I am making Pumpkin Curry! So delicious!

  • Jessica Minguez

    I am such a bean-eater! I love beans of all kinds, and eat them at 1-2 meals per day. I am also an avocado girl, being from Southern California, but they definitely aren’t local up here in Alaska and are really hit-or-miss.

  • karen

    love tahini , avocado, sprouts and different flavored hummus!

  • Katie Waller

    I like to make veggie burgers of various kinds (usually beans and sweet potatoes combined with veggies, etc.) I use them as they are… but often cut in small pieces on salads… over pasta or spaghetti squash or mixed into stir-fry, etc. So versatile with lots of kinds of seasonings! I also have a salt-less herb blend mix that I love to sprinkle on top of things! ( I’m newly vegan… ’bout time I cooked healthy for myself and followed my heart in relation to the animals at 66 yrs old! :) Very glad to have found your blog! Thank you! )

  • Elana Lavine

    Coconut Aminos. Its so easy to use for flavor with steamed veggies, stir-fry, salads as a dressing substitute, on an avocado, as a dip to vegan sushi, etc. Versatile, healthy and a great vegan kitchen staple. Thanks!!

  • shira levy

    Tahini, chick peas, kale, lentils, walnuts, cashews, lemons/limes, umeboshi plum vinegar (thanks to Alicia!), olive oil, quinoa, basil, parsley, mint…I could go on & on…love Mayim Bialik, saw her recently on Bill Mahr speaking about her book, very cool healthy lifestyle & attitude, was very impressed, would LOVE a copy of her book…thanks for doing this!

  • danielle

    I love to use lentils, any beans with tofu, I change it up, it could be Italian, Jamaican, Chinese it’s all in the seasonings and what you prepare it with.

  • Jennifer Gallant

    Nutritional yeast is a vegan ingredient I like to use the most. You can put it on anything. I love it in soups, stews, salads, etc. I also must give a shout to my beloved kale. :)

  • Lauren Gonzalez

    Quinoa <3

  • John Tegan

    Quinoa! So good! Soooo good!

  • longevità

    Seasoning well! It’s such a great way to enhance flavor without sacrificing nutrition (or animal).

  • Diane Upton

    Oh the joys of cashews! Recently been experimenting making “mozzarella”.

  • Rachel Beaudet

    nutritional yeast

  • Rebekah E.

    Garbanzo beans! They can be made into so many different things; tacos,mock tuna, slopptpy joes, garbanzo bean flour scrambled “eggs” (my favorite), and even vegan chicken. I could probably go on and on, I just love them!

  • Tanya Martin

    Garlic and Mushrooms…

  • Emiliana Ravenna

    nutritional yeast and cashew nuts :)

  • Brian Bradley

    Nutritional yeast!

  • Guest

    Shoyu! I love any ingredient that adds umami! I also love dino kale.

  • Mandi

    Love using the Avocado! I have been eating them for less than a year but I honestly don’t know why I never was eating it. One of my most favorite things!

  • Nora

    Oh yay, can non-americans enter too?? I love to use avocado, fresh basil and sweet cherry tomatoes, oh and butter beans. Yum!

  • Julie Wright Costa

    Shoyu! Anything that adds umami! I also love dino kale. :)

  • brandie

    Awesome!!! BTW, does anybody know what could replace the tahini? My son is allergic to sesame seeds.

  • Danielle

    I love black beans and brown rice! You can create Mexican or Chinese dishes. You can even make burgers out of these ingredients! You can’t go wrong! :) PS – Seen Mayim talking about her book this morning on the morning news! Can’t wait to try these recipes!

  • ShaiLee

    Chickpeas, I love them so much! A lot of quinoa is eaten at my house as well :)

  • Jess Erin

    Spices! Especially, cumin, tumeric, allspice, cardamom and thyme.

  • Angela Marie Bessette

    Tofu and mushrooms!!!

  • Celia Barberes

    Gamashio! is the piece de resistance! for almost any dish. A simple but truely complex little sprinkle of goodness.

  • Sarah-Jane Egan

    black beans, yum!

  • Jessica Young

    Earth Balance!! :)

  • Rachel Elizabeth

    I love garlic, cumin… and it might sound weird but Cilantro brightens everything for me! :) God Bless

  • Aimee Wilson

    I have been using a lot of squash right now. You can just use it in so many ways. Before deciding to live a kind life I just roasted it or used it in a soup. Now I use it as an ingredient in sauces, make roasted stuffed squash as an entree, filling in enchiladas, or replace noodles with spaghetti squash in Thai and italian dishes….just to name a few. Love your posts and your book has been so inspiring to me!

  • Joan Mazurek

    cashews and avocados

  • Steph

    Nutritional yeast and cashews. We love making ‘cheeze’ with them.

  • Charlene

    Love Avocados, vegenaise and sriracha on wheat toast! Yum:) Charlene

  • Shane Atkins

    Nutritional yeast! It makes a yummy, creamy sauce!

  • Martine

    Nutritional yeast… yum, yum, yum!

  • Courtney Harrington

    oooh! I love me some garlic!

  • Courtney Harrington


  • Chrissy

    Chickpeas. Cooking, baking, snaking- these are the best!

  • Johnna Hodges

    To too love crushed red pepper and tahini.

  • Julie Heerse

    It’s such a toss up!! Meyer lemons add so much sparkle, but first press olive oil is so silky with that little bite at the end. If I had to decide, it’s got to be those crazy lemons!!

  • Kelly Lina Rooth

    chick peas, shoyu, almond milk, avocados

  • Henrietta

    I love using Genmai Miso Paste x It’s delicious in salad dressings, nourishing soups and as a yummy dipping sauce :)

  • Maraiah

    The Bridge tofu, made locally in Middletown CT… It is the best!!!

  • Allison Litten

    White balsamic vinegar has become a staple for me–fabulous drizzled over massaged kale!!

  • Katie

    Avocados or sweet potatoes!

  • Jessie Conrad

    Almond milk is my saviour!

  • Kimberly Hattaway

    I love cashews! They are wonderful to add “cream” to soup, for non-dairy alfredo sauce, to make a decadent cashew cheese, and to add creaminess to salad dressings. I always keep a bunch of cashews in my fridge so that they stay fresh and are ready to go anytime.

  • Cat Robson

    Daiya vegan cheese makes even my least liked veggies a treat.

  • Candice

    I love using beans, carrots and ginger

  • D H

    love chickpeas – so versatile

  • L Boylan

    I love the avacado.

  • michelle

    Sweet Potatoes

  • Cheryl Capoocia

    I use a lot of red and white miso paste in my recipes. I also frequently use cubed butternut squash or sweet potatoes.

  • Monica Mansfield

    Nutritional yeast and vegetable broth get the most use in my kitchen. Though lately I have been obsessed with beets!

  • Teresa Woods

    Beans!! Without a doubt, beans!!!!

  • Juliette

    My favorite ingredient is cayenne pepper. I have others but I will restrain my impulse to post all of them :/ 😀

  • Raeyanna Boesch

    Nutritional yeast!

  • Hannah-Louise

    Tahini, because it is adaptable (you can use it in sweet and savoury recipes) and delicious. It has the distinctive tahini tang!

  • Marc Riggs

    Mushrooms and greens. In almost anything and everything.

  • Allison @ Clean Wellness

    Brown rice -grounding, simple and delicious.

  • Julie Fitzpatrick

    My favorite vegan ingredient is sprouts – alfalfa, red clover, radish, different lentils – I like the crunch and extra nutrients they add!

  • Adam

    I know this won’t be an original answer, but nutritional yeast makes everything better :)

  • Alaine

    Agave syrup! My partner and I use it for so many things from smoothies, to muffins, to ice cream topping to sweetening our vegan bolognese sauce :).

  • Emily Katz

    Cashews– can be made into a “creamy” base that is either savory or sweet.

  • Lisa

    Miso! It really intensifies the flavor of everything

  • Trena Gamel Howes

    Chocolate please!

  • Diana

    This looks great!

  • Rattle Heade

    Chickpeas, Yams & Sriracha…definitely my Fav’s.

  • Christy Werner

    I love my Earth Balance….way too much! lol

  • Whatever I can afford. Anywhere I eat out I like to go home and re-create the recipe. Saves money. But if I had to pick one it’d be rice flour. Shout out to being gluten free!

  • Christine Peckaitis

    love brown rice; am always looking for new recipes. just saw recipe for vegan sushi pizza – which looks awesome and easy

  • Sharon Gjertsen

    I love to add seeds (sesame, Chia, pumpkin, sunflower) to everything.

  • Crystal JeffreyPlott

    Sweet peppers, greens, beans, agave, lots of colors

  • Diane Anderson

    ~fresh herbs~

  • Sarah Almodovar

    Cashews– blended into sauces, they make plant-based meals rich and hearty, something I can appreciate especially during New England winters!

  • Samantha Genske-Condon

    Avocado, black beans, quinoa, and many herbs/spices make vegan cooking AWESOME! These are some of my fave, go-to ingredients :)

  • debbie clayton

    Stevia – I use it in tea, coffee & anything else I would normally use sugar – LOVE IT!

  • melissa

    i NEVER thought these words would ever come out of my mouth. i love TOFU. I have been a vegetarian and massive a vegan “flirt” for 2 months now and have never felt better, physically and mentally. I downloaded ‘the kind diet’ on iBooks and now i can go back and read it anytime i need some help – even when i’m travelling! Thank you Alicia for being an amazing inspiration! xx

  • lauraaragon

    I’ve really been getting into coconut milk lately. Sweet or savory, it’s a great addition to my cooking pantry!

  • Fabian Dorgan

    I love using pine nuts!

  • Nancy Rockwell

    I am in L- O- V- E- with oat groats. I kept hearing that oatmeal was so good for you, but a mushy bowl of oatmeal never satisfied me. I use oat groats as a change up for brown rice, barley, and anything else that requires a grain. I’m now an avid oatmeal eater!

  • Darcey Priss

    I’ve been using lime more and more.

  • Zília

    oil, flakes, you name it :)

  • Jennifer Offenbach


  • Dawn Lindsay Patten

    I have no idea….i am thinking about becoming vegan for all the health benefits and looking for really good cookbooks to help in my journey!!

  • Kimberly Yu

    Tofu or soy in all it’s magnificent forms! The versatility of this ingredient is unparalleled, because it could be used from the appetizers down to the desserts. Silken soy is great for salad dressings, pudding desserts or simply as a thickening agent for those amazing green monsters!

    Soft tofu can be used for scrambled “eggs” or homemade veganaise!

    Firm tofu being naturally adaptive to the flavors that it is bathed in, can be used to make flavorful home-made fried veggy balls, meatless spaghetti meatballs or as a meat substitute in stir-fried vegetables!

    It is a profoundly useful product, one that serves as a bridge between meaty and meatless diets, especially for transitioning vegans.

  • Erica Murie

    Sweet potatoes! I recently added them to a vegan black bean chili I made. They are amazing on their own, too!

  • Lynn Bonelli

    Beans…mainly garbanzo since they are so versatile but I love all of them…black, white, cranberry, kidney, navy, lentils, mung…etc.

  • Sue Stugan

    I am also loving the cashew cream recently.

  • Tanya

    Chia seeds. They’re so healthy for you and can easily be put in anything you make! I put them in my cereal, muffins, smoothies, loafs, breads, on avocado, in stir fries. I’m not kidding when I say I use them on everything.

  • J Miller

    Not-Beef broth bouillon, it makes a great base.

  • Alaina Driscoll

    One of my favorite meals is breakfast and I love me some bananas. They are the best smoothie ingredient ever!! Breakfast + Bananas = Bliss 😀

  • Christine Usack

    Beans…..simple yet transformed into numerous delightful dishes!

  • Terry Sutterman

    That recipe is one I would make, I need more simple and flavorful ideas. And who doesn’t love Mayim?

  • J Miller

    Not-Beef bouillon cubes, makes a great base.

  • J Miller

    Kale = yum.

  • Julia Dixon

    I am absolutely in love with goji berries!! My favorite breakfast is a goji hemp seed smoothie :) Recipe can be found here:

  • Adriana

    We absolutely love black beans. We use them in almost everything =)

  • Kristen Joy

    Celtic Sea Salt. Our bodies are oceans so high quality spring water and sea salt are essential. Celtic sea salt has so many of the vital minerals we need without all the pollution some of the ocean waters unfortunately have these days. Salt has a bad rep because table salt is dead and toxic. Sea salt is alive and helps us thrive :)

  • Christy Johnson-Reynolds

    Organic vegetable stock…

  • graygrrrl

    Vegan mayo is the best! I’ve even gotten my omnivore boyfriend to start using it & he likes it better than then the other stuff

  • Frances

    Hard to come up with one item, but I guess I will have to say beans of all kinds.

  • Tammy


  • Alaine

    Agave syrup! My partner and I use it on everything, from smoothies to muffin mix, as ice cream topping and to sweeten our vegan bolognese recipe! It is awesome :)

  • Lydia Torio

    So hard to pick just one… I guess I would say eggplant, just because I’ve been on an eggplant kick lately.

  • Mary

    My favorite is nuts, whether cashews, almonds, pistachios. They are so versatile, I like them in desserts, a side dish or in the main entree. They offer different benefits but most are a good source of protein, fiber & essiential fatty acids.

  • Dree

    Garlic. Goes into everything and loads of it!

  • Maria

    I love nori flakes on my salads and stir fry :)

  • Sue Gyomber

    Chickpeas. . . . . I am a hummus nut!!!

  • Belinda Cimo

    Any moment that includes fresh squeezed lime juice is so calming and mentally nourishing for me. I love it on shredded cabbage with cilantro, avocado, and it’s SO good for nausea, too!

  • Shelly Luckenbill Sevinor

    Avacado! Makes anything better.

  • pitbullmommy75 .

    spinach…love spinach!

  • Holly

    I use Kale almost daily. It is wonderful juiced or steamed or raw in salads. It is my favorite green.

  • Veronika

    For me it’s a tie between miso and nutritional yeast. I put at least a little bit of miso in almost every soup I make, and a sprinkling of nutritional yeast just makes every dish better.

  • Dawn R.

    I love superfoods! Since you only asked for one I will go with cacao. Who doesn’t love the amazing healthy REAL chocolate?!?

  • Simona Cat

    Could be chickpea flour, it is so versatile!

  • Kim Henrichs

    I love avocado!

  • Savannah O’Hara Curtis

    I use tofu pretty often. Both of my kids love it and get excited when I make tofu scramble!

  • Kate White

    I love quinoa. It’s such a versatile protein

  • Karen Weiss

    Nut creams especially macadamias not too smooth for a ricotta replacement. Also smoked paprika makes so many things yummy.

  • Meghan

    Lentils and chickpeas.

  • Debbie

    watercress…as part of a salad, in soups and sauces, on sandwiches…I use it as an herb as often as I do for a dark, leafy green…lots of chlorophyl and other nutrients…small and inconspicuous for kids who think they do not like veggies. 😉

  • Jana Fiorentino

    Beans ! Just love them in anything

  • Rania

    Chickpeas and avocados

  • Natasha Petersen

    I would love to read this book! But right now I can not get it. I wish her all the luck in sales with this book.

  • Sandra Lee Childs


  • Tiffany Plageman

    dates. dates for snacks, in smoothies and baked goods, etc. yay dates!

  • Roberta Michelle Miller

    I absolutely love pea shoots!!! I add them to so much. I love the spice and crunch. One of my favs! :)

  • Nicole

    Sundried tomatoes. I add them to everything

  • kristin morton

    I put Cayenne Pepper and Red Pepper flakes in everything! My husband thinks I’m crazy! Always love trying new recipes! Thanks for sharing this great burger one. Can’t wait to try it with extra Cayenne and Red Pepper flakes, of course!

  • Leah

    I love Kale in everything!

  • Stephanie Craft

    I love using cashews and tofu! I can’t wait to try more recipes from this book!

  • lmcstgn


  • Sarah Morris

    Probably vegetable broth, which I use instead of oil in almost every meal that I cook!

  • Jody Vencel

    I love spinach and tomatoes. I crave them on everything all summer long.

  • Rachel Cascada

    I put curry in everything!!!

  • Leonardo Fishman

    falafel!!! yeah

  • Amy


  • culryqueen

    Sweet potatoes as of late. Love them!

  • Rayne Mulherin

    oh please please please I love myaim and I need another good cookbook!!!!!!

  • Nicole EyeScream

    Garlic!! I like the stinky stuff 😉 Nutritional yeast is a close 2nd place…

  • dramaqueen09

    I love quinoa. So yummy and filling

  • Brent

    We use kidney beans quite often.

  • Amy Marie

    I LOVE ginger. In juices, in smoothies, in marinades, in stir fries. Fantastic for upset tummies, too!

  • Suzanne Storer Johnston

    Quinoa and sweet potatoes

  • Jenny

    Apple Cider Vinegar. From baking to cooking collards and making dressings (not to mention its medicinal value), this southern kid loves using apple cider vinegar.

  • Billie Bakhshi

    I am big on using chickpeas.

  • Joanne

    My favorite ingredient has to be avocado. Everything is better with some avocado!! =)

  • Samantha

    Lately I have been wanting to eat rice with everything!

  • Caleb Liber

    I love using my own spice concoction! It’s a blend of nutritional yeast with other organic spices. We have a Thai blend, Italian blend, Spicy Cajun blend, and a Sea Salt & White Pepper blend. Check them out at and let me know what you think! I can’t wait to get a copy of the new cookbook!

  • JoAnne Speechly

    One?! That’s hard but chia seeds are awesome, on their own or combined with linseed, they thicken dressings, smoothies, desserts and add a lovely creamy texture or mixed with water can be used as an egg substitute. It also helps that they are a protein, antioxidant powerhouse!

  • Kaylyn Mari

    My favorite vegan ingredient is coconut oil; you can cook, bake, fry, and just about anything else with it! PLUS I use it as lip balm, moisturizer, conditioner, lotion… The list goes on :)

  • Andrea

    Avocado is one of my favorite ingredients.

  • Alexandria MoonStar

    Fresh Cilantro/Coriander it makes everything taste SEXY.

  • Tracie Boyle

    I love to use beans in my recipes! They’re so versatile and can be used in tons of things – from a breakfast bean burrito to black bean brownies.

  • VeggieMountainMama

    Cumin in everything. Smoked Paprika is pretty awesome too.

  • Martha Brown

    Chipotle. It gives everything a smoky, spicy well rounded flavor!

  • Dawn Wolf-Spector

    i have been trying to sneak Chia seeds in a lot of things.

  • Christine Grosvenor

    Right now I’m obsessed with Greens! Collard Greens and Brussels Sprouts greens are at the top of my list!

  • NatMat

    I like to use quinoa and non-GMO edamame but need a great cookbook to help me use my CSA veggies, oats and spices to their fullest potential!

  • Monica Wright

    If we are to choose just one item, I’d have to say nuts… they can be included in both sweet and savory recipes, and nothing is better than homemade nut milk!

  • Chelsea

    I find adding just a few dashes of soy sauce, even to things you wouldn’t expect, really adds a lot of heartiness.

  • Honolulu_Girl_Suz

    Ok, I love the smell of mirepoix and garlic. I can throw in any other vegetable and veg organic broth afterward, and sometimes curry. My go to dish.

  • Chatell Douglass Wallace

    I love lemon massaged kale. So simple. So delicious. (no kale chips though, not a fan of kale chips)

  • Helenita Jacobs

    Avocado. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t use one in one way or another.

  • blogstalk

    Roasted garlic makes everything better.

  • Colleen Bowen

    Kale, Kale, Kale! So delicious and healthy, so many ways to eat it, and bonus! It’s my 3 year old son’s favorite!

  • Heather Dinneen

    Raw cashews!

  • Helen

    I use vinegar like I never have before. I use to only use it for cleaning but now that I’m vegan I use white or apple cider vinegar in most of my baking. There are NO vegan bakeries in New Zealand (I miss living in Vancouver :() so I have to make my own yummy cakes, cupcakes, and muffins.

  • Alyssa Patricia

    Fluff! Everything is better with fluff!

  • Betty

    Seitan is one of my favorites! It makes great Mongolian mock beef with lots of stir fry veggies!

  • Angela

    I love kale and avacado too!

  • Cherie Lanthier-Touch

    Roasted garlic with olive oil. Love it on toast and in hummus.

  • Shari Schmidt

    Tough to pick just one ingredient! My husband and I love to use Field Roast ‘sausages’ in our pasta dishes, and Smart Ground in many dishes as well.

  • Kelani Kline

    I use lentils for almost everything– tacos, “meat”loaf, fried rice and spaghetti! <3 :-)

  • MCGmandy

    Dates and cashews….especially cashews when you end up with Desserts, cheese sauces, soup, etc

  • A. E. Bischoff

    Personally I love coconut cream, it’s really turned into my go to ingredient for cream sauces and dishes such as risotto. ^_^

  • MelissaL

    Mushrooms! On everything :)

  • Shaun

    Chia seeds I love overnight porridge with oats and homemade almond milk. Great in smoothies and on salads for crunch. Please pick me I just started to eat vegan after being diagnosed with breast cancer in August at 33. I need an easy cookbook and inspiration from Mayim.

  • Fay Eastwood


  • claudia

    Bananas. I love them.

  • Jim

    I really like to put alfalfa sprouts in a lot of things…

  • Alina Celis

    I like chickpeas. I never used to before I looked into the plant based eating. I thought what are these weird looking things? They are so versatile. I love them now!

  • Marilyn Forget

    Avocado is my favorite :))

  • Sue Mazur

    wow, so hard to pick just one vegan ingredient! I use a lot of bean and spinach – and garlic in everything! can never have too much garlic. And I never got sick at all this winter, which I attribute to my pretty much daily use of garlic :)

  • Steve V Leinen

    My favorite ingredient is quinoa.

  • Kelly Kinsley

    Organic extra virgin olive oil. I add it to everything.

  • Robin

    Better Bouillon Powder by Massel. Great not just as broth but an overall seasoning, the “chicken style” is the best one.

  • Erin Marie Patenaude

    I add hummous to dishes whenever appropriate! A yummy protein punch to almost any dish!

  • Becky Soubeyrand

    I love chickpeas!

  • kuchehexe

    I think we use chickpeas the most.

  • VeganBadass_CO

    Only 1 ingredient? 2 came to mind, though not necessarily together. Beets (odd, but good source of vitamins), and qunioa…lots of self-madeup recepes but could always use more!

  • Erin Marie Patenaude

    I add hummous to dishes whenever appropriate! A yummy protein punch!

  • Missy Carling

    My favorite ingredient is cashews! I love making recipes creamy without dairy!

  • Geraline Holbrook

    Hemp and chia seeds!

  • Anna McDaniel


  • Danna Joselovitch

    Good olive or coconut oil

  • Erica Pasquale

    Cacao!!! Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better:-)

  • Christopher Gautrau

    Red potatoes, carrots and green peppers all sauteed in a wok with spices and coconut oil.

  • Tena Osborne

    Mushrooms! Yum!

  • Raina

    nutritional yeast!

  • Elizabeth L Harman

    Fav ingredient = hummus

  • Shana Roth

    Avocado! Being pregnant, I crave them. Raw chocolate avocado pudding is wonderful!

  • Shannon Stuart

    Nutritional yeast!

  • Waiting42Morrow

    I’d have to go with Garbonzo Beans; they’re just so versatile, especially as flour in nummy cookie dough…er…I mean cookies! 😉

  • Linda

    I just love Ethiopian foor and use teff to make injera to scoop up amazing lentil dishes.

  • Lindsey

    Beans! So many varieties, so delicious, so versatile!

  • Marie Stone

    Chia seeds! You can add them to almost everything.

  • Linda

    I just love Ethiopian food and adore injera made with teff to scoop up amazing lentil dishes.

  • Kim

    I love cooking brussel sprouts. My kids love them too!

  • Vince Hebein

    I like to use asparagus

  • Vince Hebein

    I use asparagus

  • Celeste

    There’s so many its hard to pick one. Right now I’ve been using all kinds of squash and lentils almost every day. In fact we just had dinner of butternut squash and lentil burgers!

  • Julia Fitzpatrick

    I love ume plum vinegar which I first heard about through The Kind Diet. It adds such a unique and delicious flavor to everything and it’ s such a pretty color too!

  • Megan Rawle

    Sprouts! Our little vegan family (myself, hubby and our little 3 yr old
    son) are all about sprouting what we can. We love to spend time in the
    kitchen together creating loving foods for our loving little family. x

  • Jessica H

    Agave nectar! In a world of dangerous artificial sweeteners and refined sugar, agave nectar is a better option. It is such a wonderful replacement for sugar and I love it in hot cereals and in my tea. Of course, every good thing in moderation. :)

  • positiveki

    For breakfast I love toasted sprouted bread spread with coconut oil,sunflower seed butter, hemp seeds topped with banana slices then drizzled with coconut nectars

  • Nella

    Recently discovered the yummyness that are dates! It’s opened up a whole new world for me. Love using them in recipes or just as a quick snack.

  • Nicole E.

    I’ve been incorporating Cilantro more and more

  • Mary A Schanze

    We use a lot of brown rice though I want to try quinoa

  • Robert White

    Kale! :)

  • Nella

    I recently discovered the yummy-ness that are dates. I now use them in many recipes or as a quick snack. Loooove them!

  • Kim

    Chick peas. They are so remarkbly versatile! Snacks, dips, pasta, main dishes, patties, etc…

  • Irene Denney

    Definitely chickpeas…from homeade hummus, to toppings on salads, to chickpea burgers, the possibilities are endless!

  • Anika

    Totally cliched, but I love tofu!! I’m on a serious scramble kick these days. I like to throw some kale in, too. Another favorite! : )

  • Roset

    I just ate vegan sushi with Nori, rice, avocado and veges.

  • mary houghton

    Loves me some garlic.

  • Rash82

    My favorite ingredient are Black Beans! There is nothing like it! Flavor and nutrition all in one!

  • Taryn Walton

    Quinoa!! :)

  • Megan Rawle

    Sprouts! Our little vegan family (myself, hubby and our little 3 yr old
    son) are all about sprouting what we can. We love to spend time in the
    kitchen together creating loving foods for our loving little family.

  • Sabina

    Spinach….because it can go with almost anything. :)

  • henare


  • heather

    I agree with so many before me… kale, avocado, sesame oil… mmm.

  • Shelley Cavin

    Avocado! Better than butter.

  • Jules Winer

    Almond and coconut flours are my favorite for cookies and crusts!

  • Connie

    I am new to the vegan diet for health reasons but I love avocado. I am excited to try many new ingredients and recipes!

  • Jamie Pitts

    onion, garlic and cilantro – something to make your mouth say – Oh Yeah!

  • Tiffany Gibson-Keeping

    My fav ingredient to use is mushrooms they always give a meaty flavour.

  • GirlWithWords

    I like using Cilantro. Fresh herbs are delicious! I also adore Dandelion. I know it may sound odd, but my 5 year old an I pick them on our morning walks and use them in teas and salads. They are very healthy, and we’ve made some wonderful Dandelion tea party memories. My little one says Dandelion tea “tastes like sunshine”. ^_^

  • decemberistsfam5

    Avocados or zucchinis! Id eat them everyday if I could

  • Nyes

    Lime juice on salads and other veggies, in soups, salsas, fish, basically everywhere!

  • Rosita Kennedy

    My favorite ingredient is celery. It add a special dimension to cooking and is often overlooked. And I have recently had success growing celery in my wee vege patch! So no more limp sad celery from the supermarket yay :)
    Thanks for sharing your recipe xx

  • Sugar Doll

    I am new to the vegan lifestyle so this book would be a great help. I’ve been really enjoying the addition of greens & avocado as ingredients in my recipes

  • gladys

    I love to use coconut oil. I also enjoy different types of beans.

  • Jane McCoy Murphy

    Legumes! They are so versatile, from savory to sweet. Loaded with nutrition & economical. I especially love the heirloom varieties.

  • Megan Maier

    Kale rocks!

  • Meg

    My fav ingredient is Chickpeas. Mostly because hummus is my air.

  • Sue

    Chia seeds are a favorite staple. They can be added to almost anything!

  • Liz Sullivan

    Avocados. They are great in so many dishes!

  • Nancy Hearn-Harvey

    Avacado!! Love it with just about everything!!

  • Chrystal Ann

    I would love to learn how to make more vegan soups from scratch!

  • Anna Schappert

    I’m a big fan of chickpeas!

  • hilary_d

    White beans – due to a tannin allergy, white beans (cannellini, Great Northern, navy) are the best vegan protein source for our family.

  • Lian Showers

    Black beans, bell peppers, garlic, brown rice…so many favorites. My family and I have only been eating plant based for 2 months so far, but we’ve been having a lot of fun finding recipes that are simple, budget friendly, and kid-approved.

  • Merry Shuart Stephenson

    I love scallions, avocados, and artichokes… Sometimes all together with garlic, couscous, and lots of lemon juice. It’s better than dessert!

  • Kristina Addington

    I absolutely love using coconut oil in my baked goods!

  • Brian Farley

    Nooch, nooch, nooch.

  • Alison

    I find that my favorite ingredient changes every few months (often with the seasons!) but one of my absolute life-long-loves is sweet potato. In fact, my mother claims that even when I was a baby I loved sweet potato – apparently it was the only flavor of baby food that I would eat at one point and my skin actually began to take on an orange tinge because of all the keratin! Sweet potato is a wonderful fresh ingredient in the winter months, and it’s so hearty and versatile. It just makes every meal yummy without fail! I had sweet potato for dinner tonight actually, in a delicious vegan tortilla lasagne with cashew cheese.

  • Ginger Elliott Smith

    fresh citrus (typically lime). It brightens everything up! :)

  • Fresh Spinach

    Hemp seeds are my latest obsession! I put them in everything!

  • Danielle Francis

    Nutritional yeast!

  • Valerie Headrick

    Chi chi chi CHIA!

  • Kelly Anderson

    Garlic it has so many different favors depending on how you prepare it for the specific dish. Spicy or sweet or bold….and the health benefits are wonderful.

  • Laura Stanton Rakitnichan

    I like black beans.

  • Ginger Elliott Smith

    fresh citrus (typically lime). It brightens everything up! 😉

  • Ivy

    I cook tofu weekly and give my kids Edamame with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt!

  • Laura Stanton Rakitnichan

    I like avocado.

  • Bryan Levy

    Garbanzo beans plain in salad, mashed into hummus, roasted for a snack or added to soups and stews!

  • Kimberly Ireland

    I seem to use at least some amount of turmeric in nearly everything I create. :)

  • Bryan Levy

    Garbanzo beans plain, in salads, hummus, roasted or in soups and stews.

  • Jessica Gelatt

    My favorite ingredient is chickpeas!!

  • Susanna Rönn

    Kickpeas are my favorite! I think I might’ve developed a slight dependency… 😉

  • Jessa

    I love love love lemon juice is almost everything!!

  • Angie R

    Oats. So healthy & good! And not just in oatmeal. I use it in
    waffles, ground up as flour in bake goods, as a binder for savory foods,
    raw as muesli or in 3-ingrdient cookies, etc. They’re really more
    versatile than you think!

  • Angela

    Definitely quinoa. So much protein.

  • Waiting42Morrow

    I was going to say garbonzo beans because they’re so versatile & make yummy cookies with the flour or quinoa cuz that’s become my go-to grain for starch with protein but all in all I’d say my favorite & the one I use most is coconut oil! :)

  • Gisele Hall

    Being limited to one ingredient that I use the most is tough but I’ll have to chia seeds. I use them in practically everything!

  • disqus_wlbQ7k3XFF

    I absolutely love avocado. I want it with everything!

  • Ron

    New at this, but avocado and mushrooms are my favorite.

  • John Bigaouette

    I’m trying to research a new way of eating and attempting to bring my very reluctant wife and son along with me. We seriously need to put the fast food monster somewhere far away. I have read multiple articles about you, by you and others talking about your life style and your life in general. I have admired your work on TV, and was very excited when you returned to TV. I knew that you would come out swinging, especially when I heard what you had accomplished during your time off. You must have had really great parents to keep you grounded as you became a child star and then to steer you straight though your teenage years. I don’t know if you really read any of these post, but I have to say just writing this has put a smile on my face. Good Luck in your future. If I don’t win one of your signed books, I will still be looking for it to buy. Is there anywhere to request a signed pic of you to frame and hang on the wall, just asking.
    John B.
    [email protected]

  • Stephanie

    Chia seeds! Love them in or on everything!

  • Sofia Darhed

    Well, there are plenty but I love garlic and tofu (both silken tofu and the harder one – so versatile!) But also avokado and nuts:-)

  • tracie carver

    I a new vegan and Im just learning to cook, this book would be helpful.

  • Christina Bopp

    Here in Germany we love something is called Almondcreme. I don’t know if its in USA too.I use it for sweetness in Cakes,Cookies,homemade chocolate, Müsli and also for Dressings, Sauce, Dips,Smoothies, etc Its such a greatful helper for vegan foods and gives everything a smooth and smart kick!

  • gea

    Our Favorite in My Home Filled with food allergies is Nutritional Yeast, My son has 18 known food allergies and it makes it super difficult to create healthy nutritional meals. But his favorite thing that makes everything taste better is nooch and he can add it himself,

  • Nils Walker

    Favorite vegan ingredient? Bragg’s liquid Aminos. A great substitute for salt that adds a lot of flavor that is entirely plant-based.

  • Nadia Fedortsova


  • Kate Rosenberg

    Vegenaise! It helps me make delicious vegan versions of some of my favorites… Vegan BLT’s, potato salad, “tuna” salad.

  • MadySophie

    Without any doubt my fav ingrredient is couscous! Perfect for fluffy meals and fits perfect to everything as a side dish!!”

  • puppies n kittens

    All types of nuts and seeds. They’re a good source of protein and make great creams.

  • Kendra

    My fave vegan add-ins are molasses to any nut butter for an iron kick and silken tofu to smoothies for extra protein!

  • Alexandra

    Spinach and cashews! :)

  • barry miles

    cumin is mine!

  • barry miles


  • Sharon

    Kidney beans. Because we all need a pulse!!! 😉

  • Anna Orzeł

    Definitely avocado! Always add it to salads and use it on bread, instead of butter or mayo :)

  • Bridge Lucey

    There’s so many ingredients I’m obsessed with but right now my general go-to ingredient is anything I can spiralize into noodles – zucchini, squash, sweet potato, cucumber, carrot, sometimes a cheeky melon for a noodley dessert! But if pushed to choose one I probably use zucchini noodles most as they’re great instead of italian wheat spaghetti or asian noodles so they’re super versatile. You can also make them on the cheap with a julienne peeler if you don’t want to buy a spiralizer. Go forth and noodle! x

  • Sabina

    I put mine in yesterday but I don’t see it…. :(

  • Chasity Grome

    It’s a toss up between nutritional yeast and miso!! YUM!

  • Rania

    love avocados

  • Nella

    I’ve recently discovered the yummy-ness of dates. I now use them often in recipes or for a quick snack. Looove them!

  • Pamela

    Kale! I slip it into everything, smoothies, soups and snack on it as kale chips!

  • Jennifer Paul


  • Maureen

    Love using light coconut milk for creamy soups!

  • Marcy

    Sustainably farmed coconut oil, because it has sooooooo many uses. Not just in the kitchen :)

  • Jennifer Arent

    I love adobo seasoning on everything!

  • Sherri Trumm

    Zucchinis and red bell peppers show up in many salads and stir fries of mine. Go veggies!!

  • Ali Jayne

    Chickpeas! Definitely Chickpeas… you can make them into anything – savoury, curry, stirfry, wraps, pockets, and you can make them into dessert! What? BEST FOOD EVER!

  • April Killian

    I loved Punky Brewster and want this book!

  • April Killian

    I love Punky Brewster and want this book.

    • Tana

      You are thinking of Soleil Moon Frye who played Punky Brewster on the show “Punky Brewster”. The person who wrote the cookbook is Mayim Bialik who played Blossom Russo on the show “Blossom”.

  • Jerry Schneider

    I like to use chickpeas. It’s the wonder legume!! Whole, diced, crushed, smooth, it’s all delicious.

  • Diane Richard

    Organic short grain brown rice

  • Mary

    I would love to use Garbanzo flour more! I read about using this as the egg substitute in omelets. I’d add some veggies, and perhaps the spicy yogurt sauce that Mayim created!

  • Ashley V Leslie


  • Jolanta Thorburn

    Quinoa, Chia seeds, cilantro, avocado…the list is endless…I love all veggies!

  • brandie

    I think I find an excuse to use maple syrup in most everything in my kitchen. I guess I’m addicted to maple!

  • Sarah Cotter

    i use nutritional yeast

  • Molly Pitcher

    I love using chick peas. They taste great and are very hearty! I love making my own hummus and soups with them!

  • Crystal O

    chickpeas, easy and delicious

  • Lynn Fallon Cornelis

    I love using fresh basil and avocado.

  • Judy Baker

    Beans of any kind. I have found I can never go wrong with beans, boil them, mash them spreadthem on toast, use as a meat subsitute and even make brownies. Yeah beans have never let me down.