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April 12th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

Recently I got to cook with my dear friend Aleeza. I met Aleeza through her husband Marty Callner. Marty directed the Aerosmith music videos I was in 21 years ago and ever since we became family. Aleeza is the most warm, charming, and loving mama. It is SO inspiring how she loves her kids, family, and friends. When their son Jazz was about 15 years old he was still kissing his parents and loving them so much- and now still is (in mid 20’s)! There truly has never been a time without love oozing out of one and other. She is also a phenomenal cook!!

Bear is in love with their daughter Tess, who I have known ever since she was a little girl. So now whenever we bring him over there, he is in heaven: he plays with Tess and Jazz, dances with Aleeza and I, and is surrounded by food. Every time I leave their house I am soo full, its almost as if  I’m drunk off food with a happy belly.

Just a short while ago I had a super fun and long crazy day of cooking with Aleeza. We also had help in the kitchen from Dahlia, she is so sweet and a really good cook. Over the course of the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing moments from this fun filled day with you. For now, here are the two Passover dishes we made, matzo ball soup and charoset.

Stay tuned for the Challah made with the help of Aleeza’s dear friend Cookie. Cookie also baked the yummiest cookies and other sweet treats! We will also be showing you tons of tasty dishes from the “the egg” bbq. So many sweet treats and savory yum to come!

P.S.- In the video you will notice my book, The Kind Diet, on display in their kitchen- they keep it there all the time, how sweet it that??

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