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Green Your Dry Cleaning Experience

Have you ever picked up dry cleaning and felt astounded at the amount of plastic used to cover each clothing item? Every year 300 million pounds of single use plastic dry-cleaning bags are dumped into landfills!! This plastic does not break down for decades, can leach toxic chemicals into the soil, and get blown out of landfills where it can harm marine and wildlife. Cities around the U.S. have already started to ban single use plastic bags, so why not ban plastic dry cleaning bags??

My Green Garmento bag, is a reusable garment bag made from recyclable and water resistant materials. This bag is handy for travel and can significantly reduce our plastic waste footprint. You might have to do some explaining to your dry cleaners about what it’s for and why. You also might need to watch them with eagle eyes, seriously. When I first started using the garment bag the dry cleaners continued to put plastic on the items inside the bag or would toss the plastic before the pick up.

It might take some educating but in the end it saves them tons of money. If your dry cleaning company just isn’t with it, contact Green Garmento for advice and potential alternative cleaners in your area who are more open to being eco- they’re super helpful.

Green Garmento

Do you have a reusable garment bag? Has your dry cleaner been open to using it? What other ways can we reduce our footprint when dry cleaning?


Photo Credit: A Mom Less Ordinary


  • Denise O.

    I never really thought about how toxic dry cleaning services are. I don’t generally use them ever, but since I got married this summer, I need to get my dress cleaned! I have found a local eco friendly wet cleaner in my area which I will now go to because of this posting! Since I already have a dress bag (and it was a short non fancy dress) I will see if they can use my bag as well! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Zia Bossenmeyer

    I have one of these bags and they are FABULOUS! I’m glad you finally discovered them Alicia!

  • disqus_Sp3lBHvhvI

    I can do you one better Alicia. Use Dry Cleaner’s Secret to dry clean your clothes in your own dryer at home. No dry cleaner needed. You can find it at your local grocery store. I get mine at Jewel. I have been using it for years on my fine suits for work. They always come out clean and great looking. Just 30 min in the dryer on low heat and viola. No bag clean up or anything else needed.

  • Clinton Blake Squitieri

    Hi Alicia! I have been checking out the Kushi Institute website for their career training and healing programs. I think you posted about them when tkl first launched but I haven’t heard anything since. Looks like they have quite a few positions to fill including a head chef. When you get a chance could you post your thoughts or knowledge about their programs and overall status please? Before investing the time and money I would hope they are doing good financially and otherwise. Thanks, Blake

    • Alicia Silverstone

      they are great!
      i would go there and become a chef or councilor
      it will change your life for real
      i can’t speak to the people who work there personally
      but i love love many people who have come out of there over the years
      christina pirello, mina dobic, warren kramer, lino ,so i can’t imagine it being anything but amazing learning and tools to get you way way ahead of the game

  • Aneliya

    Hi Alicia,
    Thank you for the recommendation. I bought the Green Garmento bag from amazon and have been using it for all our dry cleaning. Our dry cleaner was open to the idea and I’m so happy not to take all the plastic bags home anymore, I have a collection of them already…