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March 20th, 2015 | By Alicia Silverstone

Today marks the beginning of Spring!

To me, this bright, beautiful season is all about rebirth, rejuvenation, and inspiration. It’s when the natural world wakes from its slumber and starts to blossom. For me, longer days and bluer skies means taking stock, cleaning up, and cleaning out—from closets to mental clutter. So let out those stale vibes! Let in that fresh air! Fill up on fresh spring foods, plant a garden, get your toes in the dirt. To ignite your inner muse for celebrating spring, check out this post or my entry from last year.

Also, with spring’s increase in pheromones, pollen, and sunshine, love is literally in the air! If balmy weather has you feeling a little frisky, take a peek at the post I wrote on my favorite sexy-time tools, from eco-friendly condoms to everyone-friendly lube.

How will you celebrate this joyful season this weekend??


Photo Credit: Forest Wanderer

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