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December 27th, 2017 | By Alicia Silverstone

This technique is cheap, easy, refreshes the whole body and makes your skin gorgeous because…

  • it increases circulation
  • helps the fat trapped under your skin to loosen up and dissolve
  • opens the pores to release toxins
  • helps to circulate lymph fluid

If you’re an overachiever, do the body scrub morning and night. I try my best to do it but I mostly just aspire to doing it daily. Try it yourself, do it for a month straight and see the amazing results!
Here’s how I do mine:

  • Fill the sink halfway with hot, hot water, but not so hot you burn yourself. Alternatively, I use a hot water electric kettle to heat up the water first so I don’t waste water running the sink.
  • Throw in a washcloth .
  • Remove the washcloth from the water, wring it out, and starting at your feet, scrub yourself silly. Continually dunking and writing out the washcloth as it cools off.
  • Re-dunk the washcloth and scrub your face, your chest, your pits, down your arms, your hands, everywhere except your boobs and privates (re-dunking whenever the cloth cools off).
  • Make sure to get your groin area next to your privates to stimulate the lymph nodes there.
  • Be sure to tell yourself nice things while you do it. Admire how cute your feet are and how lovely your curves are! If you’re a man, how muscular or handsome you are. 🙂
  • Whenever the water in the sink gets cool, add more hot.
  • The whole thing should take between five to ten minutes!

Photo: malacosmetics

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