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Kind Lifer Heather: Food’s Influence on Moods

Heather is sharing her story and experience with diet's influence on mood. Enjoy!
The Kind Life

Heather is sharing her story and experience with diet’s influence on mood. Enjoy!
My story of plant based eating and eventually writing Fix Your Mood with Food started almost 30 years ago when I gave up meat. Helping animals was my sole motivation and I had absolutely no interest in being healthy. Sugary cereals, Doritos, veggie Top Ramen, occasional overcooked vegetables, and white bread with sweetened peanut butter were pretty much all I ate. When you’re 15, you think you’re invincible.
Living off of junk food with zero nutritional value caught up with me quickly. I was often fatigued and very moody. So I made the decision to start eating tofu, beans, and more fresh veggies no matter how much how I disliked them. Luckily, my taste buds changed within a couple of months. I soon realized that not only eating whole plant based foods made me feel better physically, but emotionally as well. This epiphany led to my studying Chinese medicine and nutrition in graduate school. After ten a decade of treating patients and seeing such drastic improvements, I knew I had to share my clinical experience with a broader audience.
A majority of my patients come in with complaints of depression, high stress, anxiety, or insomnia, or all of the above. I did some research and found that psychiatric disorders affect more than 60 million Americans and few see lasting improvement using prescribed medications. As a practitioner of nutrition and Chinese medicine, I’ve proved that proper nutrition not only feeds the body, but it feeds the mind.
My goal of writing this book is to empower my readers into making the right eating choices and truly fix their mood with food. Fix Your Mood with Food uses the methods practiced in Chinese medicine and Western nutrition to improve mood naturally.
Whether you’re a constant worrier, easily agitated, stressed, suffer from panic attacks, or anything in between, you can take back control and return to emotional balance. Diet’s influence can elevate your mood naturally as you improve (and prevent) a variety of physical ailments, including heart conditions, high cholesterol, digestive issues, headaches, and energy problems.
Live natural. Live well.

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