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Pumpkin Bread

My husband and I discovered this wonderful place called Laulima Farms while on vacation in Maui for our dear friends Woody and Laura. They made the best pumpkin bread! Here’s the recipe, from page 202 of The Kind Diet. Enjoy! NOTE: To use fresh pumpkin, cut the pumpkin in half and scoop out the seeds. Place the pumpkin, cut sides down, in a baking dish with

50 min cook | 8 servings | 15 min prep

Diet Categories:
  • Vegan


  • cooked pumpkin (fresh is best
  • but canned will do; see note at top) 5 cup
  • maple sugar 2 cup
  • "eggs": either 2 tablespoons flaxseeds pureed with 6 tablespoons water
  • or 2 eggs worth of egg replacer 2 na
  • almond milk or other nut milk 1 cup
  • safflower oil 0.75 cup
  • vanilla extract 1 tsp
  • spelt flour 4 cup
  • baking soda 3 tsp
  • baking powder 3 tsp
  • ground cinnamon 1 tbsp
  • ground nutmeg 1 tsp
  • grain-sweetened
  • nondairy chocolate or carob chips 0.75 cup
  • whole macadamia nuts (save a little bit of chocolate and nuts to sprinkle on top at end
  • if you want) 1 cup


  1. Preheat oven to 350 F
  2. Oil two 9”x5" glass loaf pans
  3. Combine the pumpkin puree
  4. sugar
  5. "eggs
  6. " milk
  7. oil
  8. and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl
  9. In a separate bowl
  10. combine the flour
  11. baking soda
  12. baking powder
  13. cinnamon
  14. nutmeg
  15. and most of the chocolate chips and nuts if reserving some to sprinkle on top
  16. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients until just combined
  17. Fill the prepared pans with the batter
  18. Top with the reserved chocolate chips and nuts
  19. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until the top springs back when pressed with a finger
  20. Let the loaves cool in the pans for a few minutes
  21. then turn out onto a baking rack to cool completely